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It's really depressing that I have to reiterate this, again. If you post anti-Semitic slurs or any other type of bigoted garbage in my Comments, I will ban you with extreme prejudice. There are many venues on the Internet where people are free to post anti-Semitic/bigoted garbage for the creeps who enjoy that kind of thing. This is not one of them.

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A request to those readers sending me furious emails and demanding to be "taken off my list." Please post your furious responses here in these BTL Comments (I will read them) and use the "unsubscribe" button at the very bottom of the Substack email. Many thanks to those readers already doing that.

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I am Dutch, but I do not want to be held responsible for the actions of prime minister Rutte, or any of his cronies in The Hague. Likewise, one should not hold Israeli people responsible for the actions of Netanyahu. God knows they would've like to get rid of him. (Fat chance this will happen now), or Palestinians for the actions of Hamas. That's why I mourn all loss of lives in these conflicts, be it Israeli, Palestinian, Ukrain, Russian etc etc. They are all somebody's son, brother, sister, father, mother. Also, it's never actually Netanyahu's life, or Zelensky's, or Rutte's, that gets lost, isn't it?

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We were on the same page — as usual. It took me three days to write the beheaded baby story and people on twitter have accused me on holocaust denial and more but war propaganda always

makes things worse. The BB story was used to take the guardrails off an Israel response and virtually everyone, including Biden has used it. Echoes of 9/11 and I feel sick too, as I recall my then-idol Christopher Hitchens going off the deep-end with his support for the Iraq War. I couldn’t believe what he was writing. We should do a show.

Warm regards as always — BTW people I used to admire are making total asses out of themselves.It seems the more money an INDY makes — the more difficult it is for them to think clearly. I'm sure you know who I am talking about. So stay broke and think critically......Txx

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Thank you for writing this. It must have been hard to do. Thank you.

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I'd like to initiate November as the "Be kind to the people the media tells us we should hate month."

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This is so perfectly written and conveyed I have nothing to say. I have cross posted this on my substack. Thank you for taking the words out of my mouth. As I hear often, "I side with humanity"...

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Darkness cannot drive out darkness.

That's like trying to drive out spike proteins by forcing the body to produce more via injection (and compromising the immune system in the process).

Lose-lose-lose scenario.

Stop participating.

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You are correct. My heart is heavy.

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I’m not going to call you names. This is mostly regurgitating a bunch of over simplified, fundamentally incorrect 1960’s Marxist anti-colonialist gobbledygook. This is not 9/11. Stop it. Israel isn’t invading a distant country. They are stopping murder and mayhem on their border. There are 2 million Arabs who live in Israel, not in the West Bank or Gaza. They like it in Israel.,They are judges, parliamentarians, soldiers. Many were murdered by Hamas recently. But the dead Bedouins and Arabs will get no love from CJ. No salute for those indigenous peoples that you stand up for. There is no wiping out of the indigenous population by the Jews. Jews are the indigenous population too. More bullshit. A German, snatched a Palestinian flag? Wow. That’s right up there with Auschwitz.

Nobody on the Israeli side takes pleasure in killing civilians. Which is why they are giving people time to get out. Ask Egypt why they lock their doors on their own people and have for 17 years. Like most Lefties you prefer to see the world in absolute terms that don’t correspond to reality. What is the reality of living with Hamas for decades and their terror attacks?

What is it like to have homicidal maniacs lurking in your backyard 24/7/365 waiting to kill you because they hate you. The land issue is bullshit. This isn’t about land. This is about wiping out the Jews. Grow the fuck up.

The dead babies are real, comrade and they were killed to show that they want to wipe out the Jews. Stop sanitizing genocide. You’re too invested in 1960’s boomer utopian thinking with a little intifada thrown in to spice things up. I’ll tell you something else. Hamas would be only too happy to wipe out secular humanists in Europe too because you are a nonbeliever. They hate you too.

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This is good. This is as reasonable a response as I can think of to the question of how to assess people’s reactions to attempted genocide. You are going to get a lot of shit for this.

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Here's another take:

"I think that the great philosopher George Santayana got it exactly wrong. I think it is precisely those who insist on remembering history who are doomed to repeat it. For a subject with so little substance, for something that is really little more than a set of intellectual interpretations, history can become a formidable trap— a sticky snare from which we may find it impossible to extricate ourselves. I find it impossible to read the texts of Tisha B’Av, with their great themes of exile and return, and their endless sense of longing for the land of Israel, without thinking of the current political tragedy in the Middle East. I write this at a very dark moment in the long and bleak history of that conflict. Who knows what will be happening there when you read this? But I think it’s a safe bet that whenever you do, one thing is unlikely to have changed. There will likely be a tremendous compulsion for historical vindication on both sides. Very often, I think it is precisely the impossible yearning for historical justification that makes resolution of this conflict seem so impossible. The Jews want vindication for the Holocaust, and for the two thousand years of European persecution and ostracism that preceded it; the Jews want the same Europeans who now give them moral lectures to acknowledge that this entire situation wouldnever have come about if not for two thousand years of European bigotry, barbarism, and xenophobia. They want the world to acknowledge that Israel was attacked first, in 1948, in 1967, in 1973, and in each of the recent Intifadas. They want acknowledgment that they only took the lands from which they were attacked during these conflicts, and offered to return them on one and only one condition— the acknowledgment of their right to exist. When Anwar Sadat met that condition, the Sinai Peninsula, with its rich oil fields and burgeoning settlement towns, was returned to him. And they want acknowledgment that there are many in the Palestinian camp who truly wish to destroy them, who have used the language of peace as a ploy to buy time until they have the capacity to liquidate Israel and the Jews once and for all. They want acknowledgment that they have suffered immensely from terrorism, that a people who lost six million innocents scarcely seventy years ago should not have had to endure the murder of its innocent men, women, and children so soon again. And they want acknowledgment that in spite of all this, they stood at Camp David prepared to offer the Palestinians everything they claimed to have wanted— full statehood, a capital in East Jerusalem— and the response of the Palestinians was the second Intifada, a murderous campaign of terror and suicide bombings.

And the Palestinians? They would like the world to acknowledge that they lived in the land now called Israelfor centuries, that they planted olive trees, shepherded flocks, and raised families there for hundreds of years; they would like the world to acknowledge that when they look up from their blue-roofed villages, their trees and their flowers, their fields and their flocks, they see the horrific, uninvited monolith of western culture— immense apartment complexes, shopping centers, and industrial plants on the once-bare and rocky hills where the voice of God could be heard and where Muhammad ascended to heaven. And they would like the world to acknowledge that it was essentially a European problem that was plopped into their laps at the end of the last great war, not one of their own making. They would like the world to acknowledge that there has always been a kind of arrogance attached to this problem; that it was as if the United States and England said to them, Here are the Jews, get used to them. And they would like the world to acknowledge that it is a great indignity, not to mention a significant hardship, to have been an occupied people for so long, to have had to submit to strip searches on the way to work, and intimidation on the way to the grocery store, and the constant humiliation of being subject— a humiliation rendered nearly bottomless when Israel, with the benefit of the considerable intellectual and economic resources of world Jewry, made the desert bloom, in a way they had never been able to do. And they would like the world to acknowledge that there are those in Israel who aredetermined never to grant them independence, who have used the language of peace as a ploy to fill the West Bank with settlement after settlement until the facts on the ground are such that an independent Palestinian state on the West Bank is an impossibility. They would like the world to acknowledge that there is no such thing as a gentle occupation— that occupation corrodes the humanity of the occupier and makes the occupied vulnerable to brutality.

And I think the need to have these things acknowledged— the need for historical affirmation— is so great on both sides that both the Israelis and the Palestinians would rather perish as peoples than give this need up. In fact, I think they both feel that they would perish as peoples precisely if they did. They would rather die than admit their own complicity in the present situation, because to make such an admission would be to acknowledge the suffering of the other and the legitimacy of the other’s complaint, and that might mean that they themselves were wrong, that they were evil, that they were bad. That might give the other an opening to annihilate or enslave them. That might make such behavior seem justifiable."

~From Alan Lew's book, This Is Real and You Are Completely Unprepared: The Days of Awe as a Journey of Transformation

Thomas Merton said this:

“You do not need to know precisely what is happening, or exactly where it is all going. What you need is to recognize the possibilities and challenges offered by the present moment, and to embrace them with courage, faith, and hope.”

I said this:

"In considering my own cycle of early childhood abuse, when I make poor choices, I then feel bad about it, beat myself up, act out on those closest to me in anger or blame, feel bad about that, beat myself up and repeat. I have developed awareness around this. I'm not sure what else I can do except continue on the path that consists of: listening, looking, being present, practicing non-reactivity, discerning between the dark thoughts that arise from the cycle of abuse (the past) and present moment awareness, making healthy choices and refraining from making a case for or against... all from a place of softness, kindness, respect, gentleness and love. When I'm clicking on all these cylinders of awareness, I feel okay. When I veer off the path, the sensors often go off and I can re-adjust."

It starts from the inner and works outward.

We've all seen this movie before and it's mostly in our own minds, our homes, and our own communities. It's happening all around us. Sometimes we get jolted by events like what's happening now in the Middle East. The problem is the jolt usually leads us right back into the cycle of violence. Time to turn that movie off and lead with our hearts.

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In 2019 some Israeli minister advised Qatar to transfer some billion $ to Hamas. That was only 4 years ago. Hamas provoked a bloody attack that supposedly, despite warnings by US an Egyptian agencies, Israel was not prepared for. Reminds you of something 9/11ish?

What was the expected reaction by Israel? To set in motion the long ago formulated plan to oust both the residents of Gaza and the West bank to clear Israel of Palestinians. What about htis as a moment of clarity. After all, Hamas is a creation of Israel, and always played right along with it to the detriment of the Gazan population.

I link this here: https://simplicius76.substack.com/p/israeli-conflict-takes-eschatological

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None of this matters in my opinion. War is wrong. Preach peace, preach equity, preach, preach, preach. We the people want peace ☮️ The regimes of the world 🌎 apparently want to keep funding wars and selling weapons....The United States 🇺🇸 has a lot of blood 🩸 on its hands.

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I look forward to your arguments CJ. You’re a good, smart guy. I just can’t side with Palestine/Hamas on this one. The Left & Right here in America know Hamas uses its own people as shields and any honest person would know that Israel pulled out of Gaza in 2005. Hamas was voted into power in 2007.

The Golan Heights (an imperative military location) and the West Bank (where Hezbelah is) settlements that possibly violate the Fourth Geneva Convention are on the opposite end of Israel. Hamas’ attack was on Israel proper. There is no gray area in this specific case that Hamas breeched International Law first in targeting civilians of uncontested area (I know, that’s pretty loaded since contests for the area span millennia) since 1948.

Does Israel play by the rules? No, it smudges them a little but tries to be a good nation state. Just like America’s Desert Storm (which displaced 400k Palestinians), Iraq, & Afghanistan. Collateral damage is terrible but recognized in International Law.

Does Palestine play by the rules they signed to play by in 1949 when the Holy See, State of Palestine and Cook Islands signed the Geneva Convention? Hell bloody no.

So if I took a non emotional stance and just looked at the Law: I think it favors Israel guys. At least they’re trying or alleging so. I’m just a commenter on the internet though. Even if I played the emotion game, it wasn’t Israeli’s attacking the Bataclan in France (2015), nor in planes on 9/11, and calling for worldwide Jihad in a recent video (which caused every police station in America to call everyone in this Friday & a French teacher to be stabbed).

If Israel liberates Palestine from Hamas it would be better for the world & Palestine. Their Arab-Israeli neighbors enjoy a much better life under Israel. Don’t believe me? Khaled Kabub is such a person serving on their Supreme Court.

“But Israel told Qatar to send them billions-“ the Hamas leader lives there I think. He doesn’t even live with his own people. Not only that, but the entire world has been giving Gaza (which Hamas intercepts) or their patron Iran aide. This whole “it’s only Israel’s fault” in comment sections on the issue is nonsense.

How many Israeli’s serve in Palestine’s government or Supreme Court? None. How many of Gaza’s own leaders are in Gaza? Few, the big guys are in Qatar living like millionaires. So spare me.

Sorry if I turned your comment section into a warzone CJ. I’m just like everyone else who wishes none of this even started. Maybe we agree to disagree? Looking forward to your work.

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DejaVu all over again!

"Well, my point is, at times like this, everything conspires to keep everyone from seeing things clearly and thinking critically. Everyone’s selling you a narrative and punching your emotional buttons to force you into joining their side...

In the meantime, everything is going by the numbers. The nations of the New Normal Reich are marching in lockstep. This is “Israel’s 9/11.” Democracy is at war with “evil” again! The demonization and criminalization of dissent that was rolled out during the “Covid pandemic” in 2020-2022 has gone into overdrive... "

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