As one of the millions of “nobodys” out there, I would prefer not to have anyone who was pro-lockdown, pro-mandate, pro-jab “endorse” an anti-censorship declaration. People who say things like “fuck your freedom” are not the kind who truly believe that censorship is a problem. But hey that’s just me. I also don’t think that Elon just “let” the Twitter files out because he’s a swell guy. An “everything app” sure sounds like it has great potential to censor and control its users. But like I said, I’m just one of millions of nobodies. Hope the Germans aren’t getting you too down CJ. Offspring of the diaspora so I can say that 😉

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"The simple fact is, playing by the rules of the system and the “reality” you claim to be opposing a recipe for failure."

Exactly! The rule to maintain status these days means you MUST go along with the sick and twisted narrative or be bullied, cancelled, accused, jailed, disappeared. Those of us without high status (except for the status we enjoy by being decent people with integrity) aren't subject to this manipulation. The idea of trying to get big names on the list is a strategy that speaks to the cluelessness of Shellenberger's plan. Just have the people sign....the millions of us that make this world go round and get the entire nightmare picture. There is no reaching the compromised at the top of this nightmare (they care too much for their big name reputation), but millions of us 'common man' MIGHT influence the other 50% of the population that we really need to reach.

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The Canadian trucker convoy was a perfect example of a groundswell of support that quickly grew out of the control of any of the organizers. They repeatedly spoke of their amazement that their rather spontaneous and loosely organized plans for driving to Ottawa drew such a massive groundswell of support as people came in droves to cheer them on from the roads and bridges all across Canada. The authoritarians were legitimately threatened.

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"the masses are not your employees. And they aren’t CGI extras in your narcissistic movie. They are actual living, breathing people, people who do not need us to lead them. Basically, the masses don’t give a shit what Richard Dawkins and Slavoj Žižek endorse."


The dystopia that is planned for us is not going to be resisted by a petition signed by Richard sodding Dawkins. It's going to be resisted by actions like this:


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While it’s good that both Matt and Mike are waking up, it’s still early for them. It’s like they sometimes forget that it’s not just that things have changed, it’s that they were never what we thought they were. Matt will ask “what happened” and “how did we get here” but he forgets that the past was a lie and he’s asking the wrong questions.

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The proof of Michael’s foibles has been staring everyone on Substack in the face for months....

I’m sorry, but if you are genuinely interested in building a movement, that anyone with his obvious intelligence must realise needs to be grassroots as it can be, you do not implement 100% paywall, as he has been for quite some time now. How do I get anyone else interested in it if they can’t engage with the material without forking out first?

At least Taibbi, Aaron Mate, Lee Fang etc, if it is a real humdinger story and of genuine importance to humanity, they unpaywall with a fair amount of consistency. Or, release enough of the story to get a decent feel for it before the paywall kicks in.

Public is like a coin slot peep show - just enough to pique the curiosity before the meat and potatoes are shown, when down slams the latch.

Plus, his opinion of the little people is self evident in his writing on homelessness, which literally makes you feel like he’s talking about a cockroach problem in SF.

Noble intentions, paving and the lake of fire. Mike hasn’t caught on that how you do it is of equal import to the end result, if not more. But then, he’ll have been taught eyes on the prize all his school life.

As always CJ, your honesty is deeply appreciated. Can we have an old school giggle.....?


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Maybe Shellenberger needs to control the movement in order to control who receives the praise for the movement?

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Well, just your average US citizen here who cares a whole lot about freedom and doing what I want and feel is right for me with my own thoughts and body. Thanks for updating us on this, CJ. There are way more of us than I realized as I get out more and more and really listen to people. I think we keep speaking the truth where we are. It is not one grand movement that is going to save humanity but millions of micro movements woven together. We live in a quantum universe after all.

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“The simple fact is, playing by the rules of the system and the ‘reality’ you claim to be opposing a recipe for failure. Or, worse than failure, a diversion, the simulation of success.”


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"Mike is just the “facilitator,” who explains the objectives, makes the final decisions, polices people’s speech, and excommunicates suppressive persons whose dissension-sowing threatens to disrupt the atmosphere of mutual respect..."

Some folks are really a fan of Michael Shellenberger they consider him the real deal, however, my Stench-O-Meter smells a bit of bullshit. It could be because I'm not a fan of constructing a bunch of nuclear power plants throughout the US which inevitably will wind up in middle-class neighborhoods resulting in another East Palestine Ohio disaster. That's just the nature of our sucky predatory reality.

Furthermore, I don't believe cozying-up to a "good billionaire" will lead to anything advantageous for the powerless. Especially, one who intends to turn X into WeChat a Chinese-style social platform which when combined with a central bank digital currency and a social credit score will have the power to control who "can" buy and sell, or simply function within civil society. "X" will certainly mark that spot.

Nonetheless, one as intellectual as Shellenberger can't deny Musk's direct connection to the NSA. Even the chimps who were chipped with the Neuralink and died a torturous death knew that. 🦧

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The Five Rules of Propaganda

1. The rule of simplification - reducing all data to a simple confrontation between 'Good and Bad', 'Friend and Foe'.

2. The rule of disfiguration - discrediting the opposition by crude smears and parodies.

3. The rule of transfusion - manipulating the consensus values of the target audience for one's own ends.

4. The rule of unanimity - presenting one's viewpoint as if it were unanimous opinion of all right-thinking people: draining the doubting individual into agreement by the appeal of star-performers, by social pressure , and by 'psychological contagion'.

5. The rule of orchestration - endlessly repeating the same messages in different variations and combinations.

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The problem that you have so beautifully articulated which a great many people are not getting is that dissent is a pathology now. I AM Russell Brand, I AM Joe Rogan. There is no other way I will not be perceived in a growing culture of Totalitarianism. Why bother trying to fit in with that shit. Fucking love you man.

Here I offer the lyrics to my latest rap in support...

Winning a war with Meme’s is weird

Mr Serious your looking scared (sceered)

Culture die in don’t talk mode

Vulture try to swoop hawk-low

Now i gotta say what’s socially sanctioned ?

Come here, make me, big money mansion

I’m a say what’s what, guess what? what’s up and I

really, really really don’t give a puck

Hockey-stick hitting’ Rhymes I’m spittin’

Nice off-stage but up here my teeth gritting -

you gotta be shitting?

i love my chickens

but I killed the ducks

Never feels good but so delicious

Murder on my farm I’m a bit Sid vicious

I wish it was diff’rent this prepper- malicious

Gates on a plate I’ll spit you wash the dishes


I won’t shut up, I won’t shut up

I won’t shut up, I won’t shut up

paid to rhyme why would I

Stand aside while they lie, no no I


Verse 2

Censor me like Canadian Truckers

sinsemilla they smoke I bring Ruckus

mess-information don’t toke, don’t suck it

Toxic shit you know you gotta chuck it

No more Netflix - I ‘Stack’ all night

Shoulda let me be I’m a dog in a fight

I fudged the Nudge-unit they better push

Better send those drones down a hole in the bush

And Robots never ever ever ever come back again

I got killer bees ’n’ bats for friends ’n’ while we’re at it

No Bat and Pangolin screwin’

When Money fucks Science you know what they’re doin’

Own it baby don’t deny - the ruling class do nuthin’ but lie

And when they hide to balance the books

They send out the Kraken and all the spooks But…

I won’t shut up, I won’t shut up

I won’t shut up, I won’t shut up

paid to rhyme why would I

Stand aside while they lie, no no I

won’t shut up

Made to gag yourself in the dark

Here’s da playbook told by a nark

You’re being racist,

Or you hate gays,

The silence- settled - media saays

It’s not the argument - It’s who you are

A deviant taking a thought to far

No Assange you won’t leave your hell cell,

Reporting on facts not going so well

Vee have penetrated zee cabinet

won’t shut up I keep it candid

yeah you just demanded

I zip my lips keep my assets stranded

I’m not a Turkey voting for Christmas

But look around everyone did this

Killing’s caring, should be shared

I never understood how much we all cared

I won’t shut up (sung) oooh the room getting HOT

Class war’s on but people think it’s not - What?!

Is everyone getting’ private jets and yachts?

Read the tea leaves - don’t trust these fools

People I love you but I got popcorn too

You wanna hurt yourselves then you do you

I stand up Talk loud, proud of it wooooooo

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Bravo CJ! Keep up the 🔥‼️

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You hit the nail on the head in this piece. In trying to get the " right VIP's" and perhaps due to the world Michael inhabits, he is not fully aware of the fact that he is creating a more establishment adjacent version of the anti censorship movement.-- or one that has some sort of approval from some sector of the establishment. In the final analysis, a large grass roots movement is what is needed. A group large enough that their failure to fall in line, will create fissures large enough to put a dent in the control system. I have greatly appreciated CJ"s tendency to stubbornly follow his own instincts. These are the sorts of people we need most in this world full of trained followers and fragile status seekers.

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Oh dear, typical ego-battling over purity tests and the resulting fragmentation of another mainstream-critical movement?

I agree with CJ, "The irony is, when you’re “building a movement,” when you know you are succeeding is when you lose control of it, when the movement doesn’t need you to “lead” it, when it starts moving in directions you never imagined and starts doing things you never intended."

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Thank you for calling Mike out; his control freakishness was evident and also called out publicly on stage by Brand during that London meeting, which was delicious and appeared to phase Mike not at all. More indication of a disorder. What was surprising was no pushback from Taibbi, whom I actually DO consider the 'leader' of the Twitter Files / anti-censorship movement, stung though he may still be by Musk. ~ I'm also a genuine nobody to Mike who didn't deign to respond to when I reached out with an offer to assist his efforts when he put out the call for assistance. I've got a growing list of times I'm relieved I failed.

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