I love you, brother. You are an actual dissident, in the most old normal sense, :) There are few left of this rare beast, and you are one of them, and beautifully so. Thank you, CJ.

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I really needed to read this today. I mean, like, really, REALLY, needed this. I feel so alone. "Am I the one that's crazy?" I ask myself on the days it gets on top of me. No, I just have to stay strong, and remember there's a CJ Hopkins in the world who is also staying strong, and even under prosecution, doing it with wit and satire. Thank you.

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Beautifully and skillfully said CJ. As a Jewish Israeli, I know from my own personal experience with the unbelievably cruel, inhumane, violent, ruthhless & arrogant supremacists in the israeli government exactly who the actual N*zis are here..

I know intimately their insane supremacist beliefs and ideology,

I know the false nationalist mythologies and stories of morality that they tell themselves (and hammer into our head) over and over and over again from birth, inside the SRCTARIAN BUBBLE that the vast majority of supremaciat zionists (and their gullible misinformed fans across the world who blindly repeat their false slogans) are hermetically closed in,

I know the fake nationalist "god" that their fearful violent brain invented for itself to justify their brutally cruel inhumane (and anti-God) project of dispossesion against the local people,

I have seen with my own eyes and am intimately familiar with their century-long brutal ruthless cruel traumatizing project to disposses, eliminate, throw out, take over, dehumanize and ERASE the local prople in Palestine (you can see much of it in great detail in this shocking documentary https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=3psMGQE0iW4 which I can confirm is 100% true from my own personal experience),

I know how they corrupt & twist the Holocaust to justify the UNSPEAKABLE INHUMANITY AND GENOCIDAL HORROR they are inflicting on the local people in Palestine, and to silence anyone who dares mention what they are doing (labeling as an 'antisemite' and 'Hollcaust-denier' anyone who dares point out their GENOCIDE against the local people, anyone who stands for human dignity and exposes their life-destroying dispossesion & erasure project and security-destroying nationalist sectarian ideology of "it's either us or them")

'Antisemite' is another term the cynical supremacist zionist murderers, abusers & torturers completely corrupted, twisted, turned on its head and emptied of meaning, and are cynically using it as a political weapon to attack and silence those who expose the profound unspeakable horrific inhumanity criminality and cruelty of their erasure project against the local people (cynically and manipulatively claiming that such a person supposedly hates Jews for pointing out this genocidal horror).

Pretty much anyome who isn't a right-wing Jewish supremacist or who blindly supports right-wing Jewish supremacists is today labelled an 'antisemite' by their cynical PR and censorship machine

I know who the ACTUAL Nazis are..

PS. The wise and brilliant Chris Hedges wrote about exactly this much better than I ever could. This is a MUST-READ piece https://chrishedges.substack.com/p/exterminate-all-the-brutes

PPS. I'd also highly recommend listening to what this wise Jewish Holocaust survivor has to say about the right-wing zionist aupremacists and their similarity to the European right-wing fascism tha persecuted Jews, about their cynical corruption and political weaponization of the Holocaust to justify a genocidal dehumanization and dispossesion project against the local people in Palestine, and about what the term "Never Again" actually means. https://twitter.com/caitoz/status/1718048169781797080?t=IPJzkf9jdqFvMABvfW5ung&s=19

PPPS. I mentioned above that their actions and ideology not only do not and cannot bring about safety & security (for anyone, neither Jews nor Muslims nor anyone else) but is actually the very cause of INSECURITY. I have a lot to say in that regard, and I think that is the root issue (and the root solution) that sectarian nationalists are unable to see. A lot to say about this but space here is limited so I'll do that in the comment/reply below

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I feel a bit sorry for your lawyer though... ;-)

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Personally, I think we should be able to "relativize the Holocaust". Or even minimize it. It should be legal. And we should be able to discuss it like any other historical event, like Gaza, like whatever. Posting swastikas should also be legal. It's just a symbol. Like the Israeli star. Or the Hamas flag.

As for the rest... I kind of understand both sides in the Israeli-Palestinian question, but, right now, it's time we just stop sending money to Israel to randomly bomb hospitals and schools as if it was some sort of strategic objective (?!!?), and just force everybody to work on a solution, either a one-state solution or two-state solution, whatever. It's difficult, because the original 1947 partition is not good either, I'd just divide it halfway, one gets the North, another the South. Or just make one state, Palestine, with all people with equal rights independent of religion. Although that is going to be very, VERY hard to make it work, because neither side wants it.

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Tis hard to be joyfully sane in the angry asylum.

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Heartbreakingly well-written.

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Will I get in trouble for liking your post?

What I meant was: I agree! There's nothing out there but what the State says is out that, and dissent isn't appropriate or civil, and maybe not even legal.

I feel better now.

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Just want to share this with you, CJ. I was showing a (left-leaning) person your book and saying what an interesting author you were. The initial reaction was visceral toward the mask art. I tried to get them to read an article of yours to better understand your style. They literally did not understand most of your literary / cultural references. They just couldn’t. And did not want to try either. I’ll give them this: they’re young and stopped school during Covid, and more of a math person than a reader. But it sure gave me an idea what we are up against. Quick judgements. Don’t read. Don’t care. Don’t want to learn. Hot tempered. Believe their sources. No interest in expanded views. Yikes.

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The world is silent about October 7th?

Does this guy live in a sensory deprivation tank?

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I think you finally got it. Good on ya. Hypocritical-absurd is a hard language to pick up.

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I'm sick and tired of Judaism being used as a shield for the national security state's fascist agenda.

Today, I almost barfed listening to "Morning Joe" as the Warmongering propagandist ghoul, Joe Scarborough, spent hours talking about how the House and Senate must send billions in "aid" to Israel to keep it safe. The word "aid" sounds humanitarian, however, don't be fooled, aid means bombs. The implication is that Israel will only be safe if it massacres every Palestinian man, woman, and child in Gaza and the West Bank.

The rationalization is that this Palestinian slaughter is justified because of the October 7, 2023 attack where Hamas a group created by the CIA and the right-wing Likud Party killed 1,400, the largest slaughter of Jews since the Holocaust.

But if we look closer at that attack and the extremely delayed response by the IDF one can become very suspicious, as such a security failure of 15 terroritorial breaches seems highly impossible in a country that prides itself on its surveillance technology which it happens to sell on every continent.

In addition, isn't it odd that it took the IDF more than seven hours to respond after the attack took place. Something is rotten in Denmark, or rather in Netanyahu's government.

Did crook Netanyahu think triggering a Palestinian/Israeli bloodbath would save his chubby ass. Just something to think about.

Meanwhile, Zionist fascist monsters have hjacked Judaism along with their criminal international financalist buddies and of course the arms industry who are all licking their chops at the cash that'll be extracted from another military slaughterhouse.

The most despicable fascist trash use historically persecuted groups like Jews and Blacks as human shields to commit the worse crimes against humanity.

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Free Speech should be free. We should be allowed to discuss freely the horrors of the Third Reich in order to hopefully prevent the “fourth reich.” An open discussion of current events shines the light on truth, half truths and lies. Your essays are thoughtful and the comments section illustrative of the diverse readership. However, discussions of who owns any land historically in the Mideast, Americas or Europe, are tiresome because it’s irrelevant. One could make the arguments back to Pangaea days and they would be equally useless.

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Much more than blatant hipocrisy, the declarations of the zionist ambassador reach the cumulus of plain lies. 1st, Hamas didn't kill any babies and didn't cut throats as the zionist stupid propaganda insists. The list of victims from the Hamas attack desn't include childen under four. 2nd, the zionists want to pretend they are the victims when they are the opressors and the assassins. 3rd, they declared that there isn't a humanitarian crisis in Gaza. 4rd, they should be compelled to answer a simple question: if 7000 aren't enough, how many more would be enough?

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Too funny. The hypocrisy is so thick on so many levels a lot of eyes are being opened I think. The US, captured by the neocons, is a terrorist state and their vassal European chums can’t find their voices to cry ‘Enough’. But the people are yelling and screaming and demanding, ‘free speech and cease fire’. So far we are ignored. The power-hungry narcissists are incharge.

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You will find a kindred spirit in the works of Norman Finkelstein‘s Beyond Chutzpah: On the misuse of Anti-Semitism and the Abuse of History. A truth teller whose own parents suffered in camps during WW 2. He sees the Holocaust industry and use of anti-Semitism for what it is - a cudgel to block all rational discourse about the occupied territories. He even lost tenure due to attacks by Dershowitz a Harvard lawyer who is part of the Holocaust industry in the USA which he expands on in this book. Finkelstein has written other books and one on the Gaza situation specifically. When I have trouble understanding what Israel is doing to garner world favor I turn to this author for clarity. Best to you.

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