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February 8 - So, I just woke up and discovered that some spammer/hacker/bot got into my Substack, and Charles Eisenstein's, overnight, impersonating us and spamming various posts with hundreds of phishing-type replies. It looks like Charles or someone reported it and Substack cleaned it up. In any event, please stay on your toes, and never respond to anything sketchy-looking like that. I have been getting an inordinate amount of malware/phishing/hacker attacks since I published my columns on Desmet and Musk. I imagine there will be more to come.

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Never change, CJ.

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I think Greenwald comes across as he does (your shot at him is fair, I'm just playing explainer/devil's advocate) because- like a few other people like Vinay Prasad and sometimes Berenson- he's a devout Democrat apologist that can't completely condemn his "side," which leads to framing things with both-sidesism and cherry-picking of context. Or it may just be that he/they are afraid of scaring off employers/money by going all-in on anything.

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CJ, you'll have to work a little harder to alienate me. Disparagement of the sainthood of Elon Musk won't do it. You'll have to ... oh, I don't know, say bad things about my late mother, maybe. Something like that.

Meanwhile, I suppose I should open a Twitter account. Who knows how much life enrichment I'm missing by not checking my phone every couple of minutes to see how many new Fleeps have come in?

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I love that I can always count on you to serve up generous helpings of unminced words, CJ. You are a master chef of bitter pills (red and black with the occasional white delicacy), which are far more nutritious than sugar placebos.

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Your 257-tweet thread of headlines from the mainstream media that you compiled is a jaw dropping bullseye. You're officially a wise man in my black book. Thank you.

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Wait...what? Covid wasn't just a big mismanaged misunderstanding?

And Elon isn't a knight in shining armor, riding a little blue savior bird?


Next you're probably going to tell me that the government doesn't have my best interests at heart.

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The World Health Organisation has been corrupted by allowing it's main benefactor, Bill Gates, to pull the strings = redefine Policies, create artificial 'Pandemics' and Mandate deadly injections (called VACCINES). The WHO is now obsolete and divisive and no longer a benefit top mankind!

The Covid 'man-modified' virus was created to justify trillions in profits and to reduce the world population.

We no longer respect the medical industry, doctors, hospitals, injections ("Vaccines") and most over-priced medicines.

The World Economic Forum is out of control and needs to be terminated! Their lunatic image of how the world should run is designed for the continued benefit of the Elite. For their increased CONTROL of us MINIONS - soon to become SLAVES! The WEF is undesirable and the WHO is Dead! As are those that subscribe to authoritarian mandates to CONTROL Man.

For decades Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine and other re-existing anti-viral medicines were all 'Approved' for Human health treatment until Big Pharma realised these SAFE & EFFECTIVE proven medicines had to be made to 'disappear in order continue to remain disgustingly profitable. They had to pretend to 'prove' that "No other anti-viral medicine exists' in order to justify new rushed (DEADLY) 'vaccines' onto the market. This was the only way Big Pharma could obtain a 'Temporary' Emergency Use Authorisation (EUA) LICENCE for their supposed Covid Vaccines that appeared in miraculously quickly after Covid was modified for release. The FDA/CDC/NIH had to go along with this scam so that the 'experiment' could commence!

FDA/CDC/NIH knew the aforementioned medicines had been used successfully for decades and that the World Health Organisation recommended Ivermectin was on the WHO most essential medicines for every country in the world. Ivermectin won the Nobel Prize for medicine - but Big Pharma had to dispel this fact by 'rubbishing' any pre-existing anti-viral cures as "ANIMAL MEDICINES".

The conspiracy between FDA/CDC/NIH and Big Pharma is probably the most egregious act of crime against humanity in history, along with those same organisations hiding or/and ignoring the ineffective and dangerous nature of the ill-conceived and hurriedly released injections (incorrectly referred to as "VACCINES".

Liability was a TEMPORARY concession for a similar catastrophic 'vaccine' EDXPERIMENT in 1976 - for Swine Flu. The experiment was abandoned after 50+ US citizens died - POST VAX. The Covid Vax CULL has killed millions world-wide but FDA/CDC/NIH turn a blind eye because of financial arrangements the continue while deadly jabs flow into unsuspecting humans.

IMMUINITY from LIABILITY, was 'TEMPORARY' 46 years ago and must now be regarded as a DELIBERATE CRIMINAL oversight. The jabs kill humans so it continues as an act of MURDER!

Reintroduce LIABILITY and Covid will cease to be a serious health issue and those injured by the last two years of unwarranted deadly injections will force the main offenders like Pfizer, et al, out of business with the levels of compensation they are currently protected from having to pay.

Mick from Hooe (UK) Unjabbed because I joined the dots!

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I'm with you C.J. Please note, if you haven't already, that Glenn Greenwald's young healthy husband became suddenly catastrophically ill several months ago, from unknown causes. This fact did not wake Glenn up, so he either can't or won't.

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Your principled, honest hard line is the whole reason I have a paid subscription with you, CJ. If you change you are no longer worth reading, imo. Please keep it up!

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You're awesome CJ. Have you been following Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai since the Musk Twitter take over? He's been calling out Musk as the shill that he is for all sorts of obvious reasons, but with an emphasis on how Dr. Shiva was the first to actually expose the secret portal that the government has into Twitter from a federal court case from over two years ago when he was crnsored from twitter while running for office in Massachusetts. If Musk was truly about free speech, this portal should have been exposed and shutdown as one of his first action items. Instead, we get complete silence. The official court documents can be found here:



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I like your work so I'm not deleting you. 😊 I agree on the Twitter thing. I do not trust Musk any further than I could throw him. However, I also think Demet is misunderstood. I've read the book, too. I have worked with cult members as an alternative psychologist who trained in that sort of programing. So I've read many of his resources in my training and could follow his logic.

There is no question that we've been undone by a political psyops with propaganda and programing and indoctrination and whatever over decades of deliberate preparation for "just the right time" which COVID was. Either intentionally (so I think) or accidentally and just used (which I do not think but it's still possible, I suppose.) And I understand that Desmet believes this, too. What I interpreted in his book and his collection of theories from works of others (he admits most of this isn't original to him but taken from other observers of human psychology) is that our psyches have us set up to have these things done to us. You cannot have a psyop in a person who is not already pre-programmed to accept the psyop. Or led down the psyop path to its final conclusion. That is, after all, what a psychological operation is. I was programed at one time, myself. But I went through a cult de-programming with my psychologist at the time (decades ago) who thought it would be helpful to detangle and unravel the indoctrination caused by the catholic church and my father and probably teachers as well since I went to a private, catholic church. I needed help to untweeze what my father did from the insanity of all the forgiveness and the father is the authority God wants me to give in to and all the other nonsense that was impairing my recovery process. That did the trick. And I don't entirely trust any authority anymore no matter how much I might initially like them or even agree with what they might be saying. After a bit my spidey senses and red flags often (not always and I pay attention to that as well) start to pop up and when they do I pull back and start to research the person or what they are saying. It doesn't take long for all of that to happen at my age. I've been an alternative psychologist and natural healer for a very long time and have see a lot of nonsense over the years. Including the ground work for what Desmet is trying to say. Which most of y'all won't get because in many ways, you are still programmed. At least not able to hear those observations which is all that they are, by the way. There is an inherent blindness to the psyche to discount anything that might undo it's basic set of beliefs. And an anger that occurs when one finally finds out one is indoctrinated. You have to work through that initial stage and it's messy. Then you have to take responsibility for what you might have done while indoctrinated and that is where the psyche gets really pissed. Because "what do I have to be responsible for when someone else programed me to do whatever I did (such as give in to the evil father for instance and not fight back because one is programed to not say "no" to one's father.) It's very complicated and very messy and engenders quite a lot of hostility as one plows into the untweezing and unraveling of the messy ball of yarn and neuropathways and such. My second suicide attempt occurred during this time and as I've worked with others, suicide is always a danger in that process. If you aren't working with someone while being deprogrammed, the psyche will see that that information is dangerous to itself and find ways to denounce and attack such ideas. Which folks are doing all over the place. And maybe it's a good thing, overall. Most folks are not ready to hear these ideas but those ideas will reach some folks. Some will be undone. Some will understand what he's getting at and it will help them move forward. The rest will ignore it all.

I don't think it was a good time to bring those theories forward, overall. Helping to deprogram people seems to me to be the better course. I'm not sure how that can be achieved at the massive levels we need that to occur, however. We don't have enough therapists who know what they are doing for one thing. The raw data and manipulated and graphed and otherwise presented data as proof isn't working. For programed people it rarely does as he also points out and as I saw first-hand working with cult members. "Proofs" and data just don't undo the indoctrination.Which is why y'all are running into so many mental brick walls. If and when that does start to unravel, the psyche is lost in space for awhile as it finds new threads and truths to pull into itself and create a new world perception and order from. It's tricky. And most go back to the old programs in the end. Some do that in new cults that are a bit more benign. Some try to attach to the therapist who must unattached them. Most give up and go back. And that is what the majority of folks are facing right now. They do hear your data and proofs. But in order to accept those as truth they must also accept that their docs are liars and their governments are monsters, which means their parents and teachers were wrong, and that science can't be trusted anymore, including those proofs and truths and that this has been going on for a long time. It's why Desmet says the bad guys may, indeed, win, because getting folks to let go of what they "know to be true, now" just isn't going to be easy. And by the time they do, the bad guys will own them and then the real horrors in those minds will begin as they realize someone, back when, was correct and why didn't they listen and help to fight it. So remorse, anger, self-anger and the whole business will set in and what is left of humanity will just go insane for a bit. There seem to be a small group of folks, in the overall population not inclined to be so programmed either completely or at all. There are psyches that naturally do not accept any authority on anything. Others who are natural rebels. And so on. Humans present not as a homogenous sort of thing but as a messy bell curve-like thing with all sorts of anomalies - anything you can think of, almost. So, be kind. Be very grateful that you can see more truth than most. Keep learning as much as you can and don't ever, ever think you have it all tied up in a pretty red bow because some other bit of data will come along, eventually, and untie that bow. And if you can handle that, be grateful for that as well. And patient and nonjudgmental for those who can't. You, and others like you, are an anomaly in the overall human condition which means that there will be many of us lurking in the underground working to undo what most will accept. Star Wars may have been more future-seeing than we all knew at the time. Have a peaceful rest of your holiday and thank you for all of your hard work.

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I fully agree with you, there was no debate and they trully rolled out the global cop surveillance system. They used army, police and forced everyone to stay at home. It's visible from the headlines and I fully agree.

Anyway, where are we now? They (atleast here in Europe) didn't succeed with permanently made the changes. Pandemic law has expired and the covid pass will be abolished soon as well as mandatory vaccinations. So yes, they used every arsenal they had. Still, the other platforms pop-up and now most of mainstream sources are not trusthworthy anymore.

So what you predict now? I will as a citizen for sure still push for courts and legal actions against those who allowed that. Also with support for alternative media via donations, try to organize similar networks of people refusing to follow this process and push with political power to change this people and media. It's long term process but mostly I think the people understand what happened, even when they refuse to admit it to them self's.

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"If you want to believe that Elon Musk is rescuing Twitter (and perhaps the world) from corporate censorship, or Wokeness, or whatever, or that the new pathologized global-capitalist totalitarianism was caused by “mass hypnosis,” or whatever, or that the last three years have been a “debate” about a virus, or a series of unfortunate “mistakes,” or an “overreaction” to a “crisis,” rather than a globally-coordinated PSYOP … go for it. Believe whatever you need to. But don’t expect me to make it easy for you."

I'm with you, CJ, as far as the last 3 years being the culmination of a grand PSYOP (not THE culmination, as there are countless ongoing PSYOPS). But I do think the "mass formation" of much of humanity is real. Isn't that what the crafters of a PSYOP count on, to be successful?

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Thank you for channelling my inner rage.


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I've been suspicious of Glenn Greenwald for a very long time. In addition, his writings are simply too long and deal with issues that from my point of view were settled long ago. If I read his writings, they simply divert me from more important and recent revelations. He stuck with the Intercept long after they proved themselves to be a limited hangout, and only resigned when their censorship started to affect his own work. His more recent writings have done little to relieve my suspicions. That said, perhaps you're misinterpreting "questions about Covid devoid of politics." I think he was referring not to questions that actually were devoid of politics, but questions that should have been devoid of politics. Clearly, Dave Smith pointed out that those questions should have been devoid of politics. It's much more likely that GG used an ambiguous phrase than that he completely misinterpreted the video he re-tweeted. Still, what I said still goes and I shut down emails from System Update just prior to seeing this post from CJ.

Regarding Desmet, I believe he and other observers of totalitarianism are correct about "mass formation," though I don't believe in "free floating anxiety." The mass formation is a result of the simple manipulation of fear, similar to starting a stampede by firing guns in the air. Later, shame is used to to keep people within the mass. Sticking with the herd has dangers of its own, but nowhere near the danger of being a solitary cow vulnerable to top of the foodchain predators. Thus, "free floating anxiety" is an overly complicated theory to replace the manipulation of fear and shame, but in no way does Desmet shift blame to or from those who succumb to the "mass formation."

Of course, none of my agreements or disagreements with CJ about details have any bearing on his ultimate conclusions that debate was never allowed, that "mistakes were made" (or not) or that there has been no "overreaction." I am in total agreement that this was a giant psyop, and I don't think Desmet would disagree with any of that, even if his concept of "free floating anxiety" is totally unnecessary to explain what has occurred.

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