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Well, because you read and enjoy my political satire and commentary, and maybe you want to want to support my work. You don’t need a paid subscription to get access to my columns, which are all available on the Consent Factory blog, and in various other outlets, but a paid subscription on Substack is one way to support my work … and, yes, I do actually need the money. Subscribers will also receive my formerly-monthly, now irregularly-published newsletter, which is somewhat entertaining, usually.

Why Substack?

Corporate censorship (and the deplatforming of dissident writers) is intensifying daily. Substack, unlike many other platforms, is committed to freedom of the press, and thus is much less likely to abruptly disappear my political satire and commentary from the Internet, or attempt to bully me into conforming to official ideology by threatening to destroy a significant portion of my income, as some of those other platforms are doing. To find out more about Substack, visit Substack.com.


CJ Hopkins 
Novelist, playwright, political satirist