Hi, CJ Hopkins here. Welcome to my “About” page. Here’s who I am and what I do.

I’m an award-winning playwright, novelist, and political satirist. My plays have been produced and toured all over the world and are published by Bloomsbury Publishing and Broadway Play Publishing. My political satire and commentary is published here on Substack, and on my blog, Consent Factory, Inc., and by various other outlets. My dystopian science-fiction novel, ZONE 23, is published by Snoggsworthy, Swaine & Cormorant, which is an imprint of Consent Factory Publishing, which is my micro-publishing operation. I have a second novel in the works.

But this “About” page isn’t about my novels or my plays. It’s about the political satire and commentary I publish here on Substack, and about trying to get you to subscribe.

Why subscribe?

Well, because you read and enjoy my political satire and commentary, and you think it’s worth paying a small amount for, and you can afford to do that. You don’t need a paid subscription to get access to my columns, which are available here on Substack and the Consent Factory blog, and on assorted other sites all over the Internet that I don’t have anything to do with, but a paid subscription is the easiest way to support my work … and, yes, I do actually need the money. Weird plays and dystopian novels don’t exactly pay the bills.

Here are some good things some good people have said about my political satire.

“C.J. Hopkins is the modern Western version of a Samizdat writer, i.e. a forbidden wit who loudly says things that are obvious but Not Spoken Of in officialdom. Probably this is not a profitable life choice, but it is a hilarious enterprise, and his furious columns have increasingly become required reading as ‘normal’ media discourse strays further and further from reality. He has also become an expert forecaster. When it comes to predicting dystopian developments in the Trump years, his essays tend to be at least two years ahead of most American commentators.” — Matt Taibbi

“C.J. Hopkins is our modern Jeremiah. No other prophet has described the strategies or predicted the perils of the emerging totalitarianism with such persistence and eloquence.” — Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

“C.J. Hopkins’ essays over the past two years represent some of the most searing (and therefore satisfying) chronicles of life in – and against – the locked-down, masked-up, triple vaxxed madhouse of New Normal insanity. They remind us of the twisted mandates we were forced to endure, and offer a stark warning of what GloboCap has in store next.” — Max Blumenthal

“If you are ready to leave the matrix, Hopkins can help guide you out, laughing all the way.” — Catherine Austin Fitts

If that didn’t convince you to subscribe, you can visit my website, cjhopkins.com, and read even more good things more good people have said about my work, but then you won’t be here on Substack anymore, which is where you need to be to subscribe.

Why Substack?

Corporate censorship and visibility-filtering of dissident writers is intensifying daily. Substack, unlike most other Internet platforms, is committed to freedom of the press, and thus is much less likely to abruptly disappear my political satire and commentary from the Internet, or try to bully me into conforming to official ideology by damaging my income and reputation as an author by putting fake “adult-content” labels on my content, or by “down-ranking” my content, or otherwise “filtering my visibility,” like those other platforms are doing. Also, it’s a pretty good-looking publishing platform.

OK, that’s it. That’s the pitch. If you have made it to the end of this “About” page, and are ready to sign up for a paid subscription, well, here’s one of the “buttons” Substack provides to make it easy for you to do that …

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