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Another enthralling interview. I was particularly taken by Catherine and CJ's minor disagreement. For CJ, people are committing to their conditioning willingly in order to be allowed to get on with their lives as opposed to being under the sway of propaganda. Of course, there are degrees in this but it seemed to me he was describing the bulk of the population or at least 50%.

For Catherine, people have been propagandised and operate outside CJ's world of conscious compromise.

I have been able to view people in both groups, as I guess many of us have, and I think CJ and Catherine are both right to a degree. I spent a large part of today with someone who appears to fit into both groups. I played some of the interview this afternoon and as they watched it they gnawed on their fingernails; something they hadn't done all day and was a behaviour against their norm.

I've met people who know they are making a compromise on one level, say on the masks and injections (CJ's group), but are under the veil of propaganda on climate change (Catherine's group). There are degrees of understanding for all of us and I am guessing most us are on a Compromised---> Propagandised spectrum.

CJ spoke of someone in the compromiser group getting reinforcement of the wisdom of their compromise that keeps them locked there. Some media trope reinforces for them the wisdom of their position. For example, as my friend today watched the framework laid out in this interview, they were reinforced by the notion people did actually die from Covid-19 so it wasn't complete lie, so they rationalised. We managed to unpick that trick but there is not always someone there to challenge a Big Media inserted lie.

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The part 2 was stellar! Having Catherine speak in ‘so I can understand ‘ language great move. Thanks.

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Thank you so much CJ for posting part 3 in perfect timing. I was just now looking for it in the same moment that it appeared here on your Substack. They are truly excellent. I hope that they will help more people understand what has been and is going on. Deep gratitude and blessings to you and Catherine. 🙏

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As a former waiter, I keep wishing someone would clear the dishes. Otherwise, the conversations are pure gold! Thank you so much for sharing these great discussions, CJ!

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Thank you. Fortunately those still attending my Thanksgiving, will be interested. A smaller group than in the past.

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I always appreciate CA Fitts's sober analysis of macro-financial intrigues! Thank you for engaging in this dialog. I will take the time to watch this when there are no distractions.

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Thanks CJ - excellent work and always a joy to read you and CAF - truly a professional team. In my own small way I am fighting the good fight and offering an alternative 'New Local World Order' for those wishing to preserve the best of mutual cooperation, as promoted in principle by Eastasia, human community, and traditional values of a caring society without the nanny-state policies designed to imprison us all as slaves.

The Banksters have fought hard and long to bring about their vision of total Global government but do not realise that they are destined to fail because the very nature of humanity precludes them from complying with their diktats - the weak link in their chain of command. So we can go forth with quiet confidence and create our own independent society based on true and honest precepts.


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Another excellent conversation. Thanks for sharing it.

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Finding this podcast was by far the bavarois of my day. I’m so thankful to both you CJ and Catherine for helping maintain sanity amongst the sadness of madness. Due to mandates I lost my job over a year ago. I was recently informed that I was ‘allowed’ to return to work after the New Year. At first I was excited, I loved my job, but upon returning I know I would be the only unvaccinated ‘dissident’ employee in a community of more than a thousand. A fews days ago the latest ‘Covid wave’ was reported to be peaking around Christmas, the cases were being ramped up and simultaneously the retail sales sky rocketing as shoppers panicked. I saw the clock strike thirteen and I knew then couldn’t go back. So this morning I sent my resignation, it felt like decades of energy were flowing down the drain.

I’m shit scared, because unlike the independently wealthy I don’t have unlimited financial choices, and I care for a family member with a spinal cord injury who is unable to walk so I understand it can always get worse. Anyway, although I agree with CAF - freedom or life. Money does allow freedom and no stable income coming in is really hard in many circumstances. Not everyone has the same choices - I am grateful for free substack subscriptions but I do feel a little guilty not paying.

Ultimately, watching tonight, it was a few words from you CJ that crystallised my own reality into words. The honest truth is I desperately want to reject the new normal, I can’t bear the idea of it. I want to live in another, or at least parallel universe. I can’t bear the control and continual threats over personal freedoms, especially at this point, medical freedom and health. I can’t bear the idea of conformity and slavery because once upon a time I believed in the adult fairytale of democracy.

If I had committed to going back to my work I know it would all start again and likely I wouldn’t be there for long anyway. Mask wearing, forced working from home, forced back to the office, proof of annual vaccination on the horizon, barred from certain events, meetings and so on. After being told last year to ‘get vaccinated or you can’t set foot on the property after Monday’ I immediately reflected on the totalitarian adoption of global strategies on both a micro and macro level. It was really confronting and I know this was a global situation. The same script everywhere…. Driving a car is a risk …. Do it for your fellow employees, trust the science… Despite the inept and ludicrous claims almost everyone I knew, including many highly intelligent ran to the ‘halls of Pfizer’, and they all, whether voluntary or coerced reported a sense of relief. It was simply bizarre. I live in Australia, and I can attest to the truth in the high rates of jabberwocky compliance. Are we condemned to the history of convict slavery?

I didn’t fully perceive my position in terms of political opponent - but if I’m honest that is exactly who I am. I feel like I have been in a David and Goliath fight. My good (vaccinated) friend told me at the beginning when I refused vaccination that I was anti authority - no I said, I’m anti corruption - corruption of individual rights - and, I said if people are being censored for scientific debate and simply asking questions, they must be lying. Of course basic intuition and distrust of ‘warp speed’ has turned into hard facts, facts many of those within the new normal know to be arsenic in a marshmallow, yet still gobble it up. It still blows my mind they accept it, but I at least now know they know it, just don’t ask them to talk about it! Other than a family viewing of Part Three at Thanksgiving with nearly all fifty family members vaccinated, My question is - where to from here? - because I don’t feel the ‘right side’ is anywhere near as organised as the side of greed and control and it is scary. Especially for the next generation.

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World Economic Forum created The New World Order which a product of criminals belonging to that organisation! They intend enslaving those that survive the "Vaccine" CULL!

I formally declare that I reject all decisions emanating from the WEF sponsored 'Bali G20 Summit', especially the stupid vote to restrict all international travel for HEALTHY uninjected persons that studied and understood the dangers and ulterior motives behind the DEADLY depopulating injections called 'vaccines'.

Furthermore, I refute all opinions and determinations reached by the new, UNELECTED UK Prime Minister 'RAT', Sunak who was encouraged, by his new devious WEF boss Adolf Schwab, on how to vote on such matters. I.e. "NO JAB = NO FLY"!

When will they stop giving DEADLY injections, called VACCINES? They're killing millions whilst making fortunes every day they avoid LIABILITY! Common Sense = Reintroduce LIABILITY for Pfizer (& others) & deadly drug makers when POST VAX incidents occur.

Pfizer now regards 'IMMUNITY from LIABILITY' as their 'LICENCE to KILL'.

Mick from Hooe (UK) Unjabbed because I joined the dots!

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I enjoyed all three but have to say 3 is my favorite (so far). Thank you so much for giving me a bit of sanity in this crazy world. Every hour I can listen to positivity rather than doom is now a simple pleasure never conceived before in 65 years. And sad is that eh?

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I have listened to Catherine Austin Fitt for many years. Thank you for this series.

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Thank you! Not just the long awaited Part 3, but a promise of a Part 4 I didn't know was coming. I love listening to you both, a blending of insights. And when you get CAF to clarify financial stuff, you are speaking for me too. :-) She has an amazingly wired brain for joining dots and seeing things before other people can see them. Mike Yeadon-ish. He does the science - she does the numbers.

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YOU TWO STAND WITH THE GREATEST MINDS OF OURS AND ALL TIME. The thank-you factor in my being, my heart, is total. Total. Hearing you both talk brings a great deal of peace. You bring such understanding, such meaning to the experience. I need this, like I need food and air and water. Thank you.

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Love you two!

Thank you, this was fascinating.

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