Still fresh some time later.

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'create your own reality' used to be a rather abstract concept to me; now I am faced with doing exactly that all day long - or maybe I should say that I am stupefied with 'Reality' other people seem to be living in.

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TO AUTHOR OF THIS ESSEY If over the world so called communist supporting satanistig covid genocidic fraud- they arnt any communists but prostitutes. I am marksist - bolshevic of Stalin and Telman . I am modest but ideological fighter against satanic totalitarism have bieng hiden behind of plandemia. In my USSR, even when prosatanic so called "communists " took over power by 1953 military puch, still they were afraid procceed demontage of USSR under capitalistic colonial regime. Shame of you by own ignorance about marksism , about USSR promoting satanic covid genocide and power but you dont even recognize it.

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A good summary of the game being played.

Reminds me of what the robot said, "A strange game. The only winning move is not to play."

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Family business regularly takes me back and forth between Georgia and Virginia. I’m no fan of Georgia’s Governor Kemp, but he did basically throw the state wide open on June 1, 2020. Oddly, Georgia has had no bodies heaped in her streets, no hospitals crushed beneath the weight of fly-blown corpses, and the death rates here have been comparable overall to the nation. Like Sweden, our numbers surged for a couple weeks while the infection finished passing through. Since then, Georgia has had an optional mask advisory, a stiff protective stance toward long-term care centers, and an economic boom as refugees fled here from Lands of Bullshit ‘round the globe.

Meanwhile, I was forced to spend weeks at a time in Virginia, where public parks were closed for fear of the deadly infection, and a palpable stench of, well, cowardice, wafted everywhere.

In Virginia, folks looked askance at me for removing my mask on leaving stores, and treated my amused impatience with their silly posturing as if it had been the first symptom of incipient brain-scarfing zombie-hood. Although even Virginia has now had to admit that probably not all of us are going to die this time, a large proportion of young, healthy Virginians still wear masks everywhere; outside, inside, alone in their cars, ffs.

So, only sad confirmatory nods to CJ’s excellent illumination of the reality checkpoints soon to arise between fairyland and the remaining outposts of continence and common sense.

We can just get over trying to share the facts. The facts do not matter.

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Yes, the #PowersThatBe (ref. #DavidHalberstam, deceased) sensationalize the individuals’ #SinsOfCommission and NEARLY always neglect to publicize the #SinsOfOmission CONducted and/or PERPetrated by the corrupt and CONniving Autocratic Oligarchs in charge.

So, we CREATORS (Conspiracy Realist Educator Activist Truther Organizer Reader Socializers) advocating for #WeThePeople’s strictly nonviolent #RevolutionOfAwareness (ref. Bollyn.com) are behooved to eschew ugliness and rather to attend to the Care of our Souls, to Think upon what’s Beautiful & True.

Here’s my Morning’s attempt:

“To George #RogerWaters with Love”

When one says He, She, or They

In a negative way

It’s gossip;

bullish building of “The Wall” between US. A Wall which Bars both Brotherly Bonding & Sisterly Amity.

Mean-spirited Fault-finding criticism, Blaming and Shaming

and pointed Accusations are Barriers.


When one says She, He or They

In a positive way,

like praise,


giving credit,

recognizing achievement,

acknowledging anOTHER’s success,



Constructive Criticism offered delicately,

We’re Building Bridges.

Interacting & Communicating in this latter Way, We begin to weave tenuous threads of Trust which can become strong Vines

Over Time.

So sow seeds of Concordance, Comity & Consensus between “Us & Them,” Friends.

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C.J. is totally spot on about the multiple mutually exclusive "realities" thing. I left California a few days ago for some camping in southwest Utah and just returned today. In California the vaccinated can parade about unmasked as they please, but we unvaccinated/unclean must not enter most establishments without a mask, as explained in posted instructions at the entrances of said establishments. In Utah however, there does not appear to be a virus plaguing the population there. No masks, no signs outside stores and gas stations explaining what rights the vaccinated might have that we the unvaccinated might not, just good old non-plague summertime camping season with smiling friendly people apparently unaware that death lurks literally everywhere and that they are in mortal danger 24/7. Go figure.

I must admit that I for one am pretty damn sick and tired of the "California reality" thingy, and pretty damn well enamored with the "Utah reality" thingy. Not that my personal "choice" of "reality" will carry much weight here in SOCAL, but I will use it as my legal defense should the need arise.

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Sorry, but choosing to focus on the pandemic as a target negates your argument. Why? Because if fails to include the simple fact that there was (so far as we know, I admit) no precedent for SARS-COV-19. If this were an ideal world, the various governmental entities would have engaged with the one where this originated and worked together to get the science in order to address the matter.

Instead, it was and remains an ideological game where the central issue was who can make the most money from the situation, as usual. Or is it a coincidence there were 8 new billionaires born in the last year, all associated with the so-called "health care" industry? And that Big Pharma and insurance companies chalked up record profits? Or that several members of Congress with stakes in said industries thought it was a great idea to delay informing the public for nearly a month there was a rather nasty illness about to break loose from sea to shining sea—and by some strange fluke increased their collective bank accounts?

I agree with you in principle, but the fact is that, at least in the US, what you describe started more than four decades ago when Reagan and his neoliberal ilk decided a high-quality free public education wasn't making anybody any money and launched what is laughably referred to as "education reform". The intent, they proclaimed, was to bring US students up to the caliber of their foreign counterparts, mainly by employing expensive standardized testing as a means of determining which of those unionized teachers were doing their job.

This year, US students were not only abysmally behind their foreign counterparts but are actually doing worse than the ones who were so poorly educated 40 years ago. The educational support industry—test publishers and related industries in particular—are on the contrary thriving, and millions if not billions in public education funds are flowing into the coffers of the private "nonprofit" charter industry.

Why do I say that's where the problem lies? Because we now have at least three generations of people who have been educated that any issue can be reduced to either a binary true/false or, at most, one of a small, carefully selected multiple choices determined by those providing the materials from which they're learning. They have also been conditioned to accept that evil is only so if the other side is doing it, so once they're in charge it's perfectly fine for them to do it because theirs is the right side.

I had one of them inform me once there's no such thing as a moral high ground. I've been labeled ableist (I have post-polio syndrome and am essentially bedridden), agist (I'm 73 but telling some undereducated "activist" they need to read a book or three apparently qualifies me), and a misogynist because I dare to suggest there's more to feminism than how many women get into C-suites (or public office). Why? Because I had the temerity to suggest you can't reduce a complex social or political issue into red/blue or whatever the binary choice is.

I've seen some of those standardized tests. I've also been following "education reform" for the last six or seven years. If you really want to know why we are where we are, at least in the US, I recommend you start there.

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People are so easily coerced into compliance. They are convinced that the next ridiculous demand will be what sets them free. They need to understand that they already are free and nobody can make that conditional.

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Thank you, CJ, for all you post and discuss.

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In Spain masks are no longer required outdoors, yet 99% still wear them. Few question the official narrative.

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I went out to a shop to buy coffee. Everyone I crossed path on my way looked normal, mothers pushing prams, builders building new investment opportunities for billionaires, and so on. I looked at the people, they looked normal but I know that either I or they have broken brains. I know that I am a little bit crazy and I accept that, but the people I crossed the path today don't know that they are crazy, as well. The fear and confusion broke their brains but they think that they are the most sane ones.

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You know, just this morning I wasn't thinking the same thing!

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Perfecto !

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For real?

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