In WWII the Jews, the gypsies, and other people-groups boarded the trains. It doesn’t matter if there were soldiers holding guns…THEY BOARDED THE TRAINS. That’s akin to getting into a car bc someone is holding a gun on you. You KNOW that’s not going to end well so take the bullet on the front end rather than whatever horrific plans they have for you once they get you alone. In WWII, the people had NUMBERS on their side…JUST LIKE NOW and over the past almost 4 years. They could have stood en masse and NOT BOARDED the trains.

Fast forward to 2020, the masses—despite having #s on their side—boarded the Crazy Train Xpress. Of course, just a couple years earlier people were pushing and shoving to board the Trump Train many of whom fought even harder to get aboard the Crazy Train.

Folks how about saying (or singing if one is so inclined!) so long , farewell, auf wiedersehen to the “matrix? Just stop. Stop living on the internet and letting “influencers” and lying liars shape reality and truth. Stop allowing yourselves to be puppets manipulated by the schizotocracy (great name!). Stop consciously or unconsciously agreeing that 2+2=5. Go outside for a walk, spend time in the woods or on the beach or just relaxing on a park bench gazing at nature and the beautiful skies…talk to real people instead of living a “virtual” existence. No social media…it’s a trap of the devil. We follow just a few people on sub stack and have begun reducing that number as well. In our home we have cut off all wifi…Ethernet only…we no longer take our cell phones with us when we leave the house…our cell phones and iPad go into faraday bags in the evening and stay there until morning. We are no longer feeding the machine nearly as much as we were and in turn we no longer feel the invisible tether around our ankles.

Best of luck with your trial…I hope many people will show up in person and protest the bunko shimsham trial…and remember, no matter what they say 2+2=4.

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You know how much I love neologisms, so “schizotocracy” is going straight into my running glossary.

“But psychosis is a horse of a different color.”

I appreciate the subtle reference to “Horse Country,” particularly apropos given you were playing with the nature of “reality,” perception, and psychosis in there, offering yet more evidence of your longstanding prognostication chops.

“… disinformation, racism, hate speech, conspiracy theories, anti-Semitism, anti-vaxxerism, transphobians, Communists, cultural Marxists, radical wokesters, the Cult of Musk, neo-Covidians, Zionazis, climate-change deniers, decapitated baby rapers …”

Oh man, I could’ve used some of these terms in the name-calling inventory (“selfish immoral science-denying far-right-wing–extremist anti-vaxxer conspiracy theorists”) I included in “Letter to the Amnesty-Demanders”:


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These people have had a lot bred out of them.

But inducing them to kill themselves,

While itself remarkable,

Is eclipsed by how easy it was to accomplish.


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Just a few days ago I went fishing with my good friend, an avid and proficient bass fisherman on his bass boat. It had been many many years since the last time I’d been out with him. We spent a few hours on the enormous lake conversing very little, content to be lulled into a sense of peaceful existence by the sounds of distant boats cruising the waters and the whizzing of our reels casting about. At one point before the fish started biting, he said “well, it looks like we might go back empty handed today” to which I replied “I don’t care if I do. If I wasn’t out here fishing I’d probably be at home reading ridiculous news stories bound to infuriate me.” The peace and quiet was extraordinarily therapeutic for me. And as a bonus I caught a couple of nice 3 pounders. I had a couple get away too.

I now know why he spends so many hours on the lake and is in a good mood all the time. He’s got it figured out.

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Very insightful for me. My dad is obsessed with "capitalism." It's his watch word, his be all end all for what makes reality and society work. I remember pausing during one of our discussions and remarking about how it needs must be tempered by moral values or something, perhaps the interests of competing nation-states, in order for it not to become an all-consuming monster. He scoffed. I became sad, knowing he didn't realize what he was advocating for, had a blind spot he was happy to nurture.

I wrote a book, The F.U. KiD, that's sold nothing, but which I am still proud of as it is a historical document about the schizoid covid years told from the point of view of a clear-eyed teenager forced to live through it that may be resurrected by historians one day after the true history of this shameful time has been memory holed and rewritten to fit their globohomo agenda. As to "how to fix it" there's a line toward the end of the novel that, though having a zillion to one chance of ever happening, would force the change for the better (the face to face communication) that you touched on.

And I quote: "The real revolution will begin when 300 million people take 300 million hammers and simultaneously smash 300 million phones."

[smart phones, which is obvious in the context of the broader text from which this quote's pulled from]

Smart phones have become such a locus of reality for those who hold them in their palms and develop a bad case of tech neck for their troubles. The government-media fascist complex monopoly on information and eradication of counter narratives have truly allowed them to mold some kind of mass formation global populace similar to The Borg. If you could somehow orchestrate a massive disconnection of this matrix, the giant sucking sound you'd hear would be power in the hands of the few returning to the people. Maybe? Dunno. Sounds good though.

Good luck with your trial.

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Being good conservative kind of person the first time one of the people I trusted started railing against Global Cap I felt a tinge of dissonance. It did not take long for me to manage the dissonance. Capitalism without trust and basic morality is antisocial. Trust is the basis of civilization, not freedom.

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The imposed mindset of the numerous victims of this mental meme was well described as those who know the price of everything, but the value of nothing. Under the current regime, reality formulation by all too many of the deliberately dumbed-down, is programmed "normalcy". To be normal in this system is to be a CONSUMER.

At the turn of the 20th Century, a then broadly used medical diagnosis was called "consumption". As the span progressed, the terminology transformed into tuberculosis. However, as a metaphor, consumption is certainly the primary disease of the socio-economic system which has been carefully cultivated by those whose interests are based upon trade and marketing as the be-all and end-all. In the current dystopia the slogan, slightly Teutonized, would be "profits uber alles". Profits over all other considerations, the primary consideration, the designated "Reality Numero Uno".

Transvaluation of values has been a concern for many close observers of cultural devolution. This meme is essentially materialism on steroids. No other value systems count under this level of market and consumer insanity. There is "No Exit to Brooklyn" ...or even more so the Burbs. Sub-Urbanization is the apotheosis of consumerism and a totally materialistic value system.

Thus, the only possible escape route, outside of a major breakdown on a system-wide basis, is a reconceptualization of spiritual values. I'm not talking organized religion here. The rebels against that rotting system were the likes of Des Cartes, Darwin and Marx. Their solution was based upon a scientistic, academicist and ultimately materialistic mindset. Thus, we are experiencing the transition in Hegelian terms , from the thesis to the antithesis.

This development begs the question: Hegel posited a SYNTHESIS...a further transition into a value system which, having realized the failure of both the thesis and antithesis...posits a third direction. The spiritual dimension is REAL, more real than Israel, more real than City of London or Wall $treet. Let's consider the word economy, as it was originally understood. To economize is to live by one's means. Can you afford to go in debt?

Currently, the entire economic...or should we say anti-economy in its original sense...system is predicated on indebtedness. Look closely at the $1 Fed note..."for all debts, public and private". Uh-huh. The proverbial cat is out of the bag. How many, Americans in particular, have dived deeply into credit-card indebtedness in order to maintain their consumerist lifestyle...their comfort zones?

The "revolution" will not be televised, just like the man said. In all truth, the more proper word would be Evolution...an evolution away from competition and domination as the dominant memes, in a Real-Eye-Zation that One is All and All are One and that the whole is equal to and greater than the sum of its parts. Seems simplistic to some, I will admit. However, we do need to think outside the box and unite humanity with a spiritually centered evolution into our higher potential as human beings.

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"See, what capitalism does, if you turn it loose, when it isn’t restrained in any real way by any sort of dominant value system — e.g., a religious, or cultural, or social value system — what it does is, it transforms societies into markets, and turns everything and everyone within them into commodities. It strips societies of all other values — i.e., impediments to the free flow of capital — until nothing remains but the marketplace, where exchange value is the only value and nothing has any real value in itself, or any real meaning in itself." I have come to the same conclusion. I believe culture bubbling up is essential to curb the excesses of any ideology. The irony is that neo-Marxists, such as Marcuse, argued for the destruction of culture because it imposed constructs limiting self. Yet, its demolition has smoothed bumps in the road, unleashing commodification totalitarianism where no competitors can keep it in check. It is like algae overtaking a pond, choking off any sunlight from getting in.

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Dec 7, 2023·edited Dec 7, 2023

I've been saying the world is insane, society is insane, this American society, in particular, since around 1975. People I knew then thought of me as an "extremist", though that's not the word they used. They thought I exaggerated, shall we say. Now that the US has spread its madness throughout the world, with GloboCap, the whole world has gone well over the edge into psychosis, as CJ says.

One thing I've noticed in recent years is that Americans rarely ever really talk to each other anymore. Whether it's distrust, fear, or not knowing where to begin, I don't know. Serious conversation about much anything is shied away from, or ridiculed as Debby Downersville. Staying superficial is the way to keep friends. Merry Christmas!

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Thanks for this one, CJ. I think there is a typo here: "If they could just us to see what they see, think the way they think...". I think "just us" should be "just get us" .

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Dec 11, 2023Liked by CJ Hopkins

In re-reading your penetrating piece in Consent Factory about your travails with the fascist German state, it was helpful to revisit the idea that everything changed post-USSR. Without an external enemy, the regime demanded a clear and hold, i.e., all internal critics or resisters who stood in for the old Soviet boogeyman had to be eliminated. And hence, the New Normal--the normalization of the authoritarian state.

I was thinking today that plans for a NWO have been in place for at least 100 years, but it wasn't until the internet that people had ability to search for, find, and share sensitive/classified information that had been previously hidden. You mention 7 years; from my perspective that's when the ruling class plans accelerated to a fever pitch, culminating in the orchestrated lockdown of the planet. Now that the genie's out of the bottle--in terms of people waking up to The Truman Show and the inability of the overlords to propagandize/control the masses the way they used to pre-internet--we've all experienced a new level of authoritarianism, whether being deplatformed for wrongthink, or being charged by the state with the crime of exposing the inconvenient truth and threatened with a fine and jail sentence like you. Most people, I think, would be intimidated, angry, and bitter. And yet in your piece you exhort your readers to be reasonable with the unreasonable, to try to get through to others who are stuck in their addiction to conformity and fear, because in order to defeat this leviathan we need everyone we can get on our side. I needed to read that today. It's easy to be flip about not wasting time to persuade the unpersuadable, to adapt and find workarounds in order not to be trapped in their evil dystopian enslavement scheme. At some point it is about survival of the fittest and you can't allow another's refusal to leave hinder your escape. But in the meantime, to keep trying: that embodies the best human traits that all authoritarians lack.

Happy holidays, CJ, and may the Force be with you in January.

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The schizotocracy is actually a "psyoptocracy" designed by the loony maniacal national security state who the ruling elite rely on to trigger "mental mayhem" within Western populations.

An example of such lunacy, is the outrage mainstream media news wants viewers to feel towards college students protesting the slaughter of more than 20,000 Palestinians by the Israeli military and "US aid" better known as bombs.

They also want folks to feel sympathy for affluent privileged Jewish ivy league students who are fearful about being Zionists on campus.

Actually, if these Jewish students had any compassion they too would be demonstrating against apartheid Israel, but then they would no longer be Zionists. 🤔

Btw, could you imagine how Western mainstream media news commentators would've reacted if the Kremlin carpet bombed Ukraine like Israel is bombing the Gaza Strip.

Funny, how news commentators are no longer talking about injecting mRNA

toxins, however, Dr. Gupta on MSNBC gave a spiel about climate change and how it affects public health. I wonder, if Pfizer is working on a new injection to prevent the untoward effects of global boiling.😁

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Thanks for your thoughtful, insightful review.

Good writing and good thinking and analogies.

Happy Holidays to you and yours.

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Your theory Is very interesting. I ve read all your material. I think however you’ve got the globo cap thing backwards. Markets are reflections of human values. Most societies esp Western ones through history would not commodify everything. Western civ , white europeans recognized that the commodification of human beings (chattel slavery) was wrong and there was a long and ultimately successful movement to end it. The growth of the state and the permanent bureaucracy in the 20th century and beyond has coopted free markets in the name of “progress” and created the situation we have now. We have a massive confiscatory tax scheme, fiat money and endless burdensome regulation. The markets are not free. We live in a fascist authoritarian nightmare.

Abolish the federal reserve, end the income tax, eliminate the US federal depts of education , commerce, transporation and so many more and you would be human values reassert themselves and be expressed in the marketplace

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I have been pondering recently that, having invented the nuclear family as a means of isolating people from the larger extended families that were the norm and creating cells of consumers for easier exploitation, the Capitalists (as opposed to "capitalists", who are actually just people using their available resources intelligently) are now seeking to destroy their creation. It started with shaming young people who might live with parents after the age of 18 to save money and has now advanced to undermining the ability of parents to parent younger children (cf. state legislatures passing laws that allow children under 18 to make healthcare decisions without parental consent).

Good times.

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"And the kicker is, what capitalism does next, when it’s allowed to go hog-wild on society, is it sells the desiccated husks of people’s values back to them as lifestyle commodities. "

Gorgeously said. Merry Christmas to you, and best of luck in the dreaded Room 371.

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