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For years I was a supporter of NYC's great Irish Repertory Theater.

Now I am not permitted to attend their plays unless I'm vaccinated and wear a # 95 mask.

I haven't checked the rules of my two favorite movie theaters recently, but last time I checked they had similar requirements.

Fuck them. I'll rent movies from Netflix and stop visiting New York City.

I'm glad I no longer teach in a university nor attend one.

My urologist kicked me out of his office and his practice because I won't wear a mask.

Fuck him too.

I'm 77, unvaxxed, and very healthy and strong.

I will no longer wear a mask anywhere.

I am a gun owner.

I will use my firearms against anyone that attempts to force gene therapy or masks upon me.

Nor will I tolerate being confined to my house.

I will walk or ride my bicycle where-ever I wish.

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Surrounded as I am by 'normals', even in my own family and in my own marriage, I am finding this semi-lull incredibly unsettling, like waiting for the other shoe to drop. (I was duped about my personal risk for long enough to take two doses of the genetic goop, but 'normal' I am not - I refused to have a covid pass even when entitled to one.) Another difficulty is that it becomes harder to speak out about the whole covid psyop when it seems to most people that nothing threatening is currently happening, as if the naysayers have been clearly proven wrong about what is/was going on.

Re scenery', I hadn't heard the apparently famous quote from Frank Zappa until recently:

"The illusion of freedom will continue as long as it's profitable to continue the illusion. At the point where the illusion becomes too expensive to maintain, they will just take down the scenery, they will pull back the curtains, they will move the tables and chairs out of the way and you will see the brick wall at the back of the theater.”

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The exit is not an easy one, it requires embracing radical authenticity (you already have that covered) and embracing radical decentralization in every aspect of our lives. In order to starve the world eating parasitic machine that is "Globocap" we have take steps to extricate ourselves from it's systems of control and create parallel systems which align with natural law (as opposed to the current systems that align with greed, fear, hyper consolidation and death).

When I say radical decentralization I mean back to basics decentralization, down to the scale of individual households producing their own food and medicine, not cryptocurrency or other high tech stuff (which may serve a useful function, but in the end cannot be relied upon in the long term).

Human markets, currencies and systems rise and fall, expand and collapse but nature’s living economy has persisted for eons with relative stability. If I plant a seed in the rich earth and tend to that investment I will get food, medicine and (usually) hundreds to thousands of seeds that can in turn be planted the following year exponentially increasing the value that can be accessed by myself and others. This equation and living economic model of Mother Earth (that provides exponential abundance to those that steward her living systems) was the same for our ancient ancestors and will be the same for our distant descendants as it is now. It requires getting one’s hands dirty, it requires sweat, blood, tlc (and sometimes tears) but it is an investment we can trust as it is built on the living architecture of creation, natural law and living systems that have been around a lot longer than humans and their systems.

Even people that do not have land to cultivate can engage in investing in the living economy of the Earth to some degree and every bit counts. You can grow some very nutrient dense food inside in pots too (such as ginger, tulsi, leafy greens etc) all you need is a sunny window. Theoretically one could even grow nutrient dense food inside without a sunny window if one cultivates gourmet/medicinal mushrooms. I have done that on my kitchen counter using nothing but mason jars, spent coffee grounds, oyster mushroom spawn and patience.

It is clear the oligarchy intends to starve out large portions of the working population and sow the seeds of distrust, conflict, hate, division and fear as to keep us distracted and fighting each other as they implement their agenda incrementally outside the scope of perception of the masses.

Thus, our task must be to plant the seeds for the opposite to thrive in each of our communities.

The thing about taking steps to learn to grow and preserve one’s own food is that it simultaneously serves the purpose of increasing one’s emergency preparedness while also increasing the quality of one’s life (even during the best of times). This is a pathway that also starves the oligarchs and their parasitic corporations.

The societal changes that set down roots and persist through the millennia begin with seeds planted by individuals that are living and embodying the change they want to see in the world, embracing radical authenticity and starting fractal chain reactions in our collective that spread outwardly in all directions. Thus, each of us must strive to boycott Globocap in any way we can, and in doing so, inspire others to do the same so we can starve their parasitic systems and leave them behind.

Just for the sake of argument, lets say hypothetically the worst case scenario happens (total overt totalitarian technocracy involving out in the open democide of dissidents). Even if that were to come to pass my answer would be the same… because for me in that hypothetical situation the question becomes “How do I want to spend the time I have left on this Earth?”

Do I want to spend the time I have been gifted to wield the weapons of man in violence?

Or do I want to embody faith in that which the Creator of all things gave us and plant the seeds of hope, love and abundance by working with my hands in the rich Earth?

Therefore, I see creating regenerative gardens and food forests as a viable, honorable and practical path forward in these uncertain times. We can forge alliances with the more than human world through planting food forests and regenerative gardens all over, and in doing so provide not only for ourselves, but countless future generations in the process.

In essence, it is the seed that rises from within that is born from living the way one wants the world to be, which readily self sows and sets down roots far and wide. Individuals embodying the intrinsic abundance, developing their unique gifts with purpose and embodying the joy that results from living with integrity, compassion, courage and generosity provides an incentive more enticing than any government bribe (or threat) for others to follow suit.

Despite the reality of this desperate and viscous attempt to mentally subjugate, physically kill (depopulate), experiment on and dominate billions of human beings, we should not despair as it only takes a single candle to light up an entire room filled with darkness and a single acorn holds the potential to birth a thousand forests.

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Nope sadly there will be no change until bloodshed , hunger , perhaps hyperflation will wake people up at that point it may get worse when the scared people look to the tyrants who started this mess to solve the problems. Good luck depending on the covidiots who will side with the globalists gleefully dancing on their own grave until it is too late oh we’ll stupidity gets what it deserves eventually

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You are right about the ideology being integrated into the consensual reality mindset. Recently Canada's PM appeared in an add getting a covid shot in one arm and a flu shot in the other. Canada's hospitals are being over-run and basically blown up with respiratory illnesses in children and most of them are NOT RSV, Flu or Covid. Yet the health authorities are all telling parents that what their children need are more masks, more flu shots, more covid vaccines. Ideology always trumps reality apparently.

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You're soooo brilliant. I feel, after reading your essays, like I've taken a total cerebral bath or had a perfect cerebral enema. The relief is complete and thorough. THANK YOU IN THE EXTREME!

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Once again you are spot on.

I am however one of those who is touchy about the global cap term.

There is nothing capitalist about this. More like neo-fascists, with international monopolies colluding with government and plenty of socialism thrown in. I don’t really have a good name for it, but Globalist covers it pretty well.

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I've likewise come to that there will be no "awakening". In the same way after invading Iraq per "weapons of mass destruction", which was a complete fabrication, yielded no meaningful awakening.

Ergo, they could have pulled the equivalent of the invasion of Iraq on us (and they did) WITHOUT ever having to grapple with the nature of what they've done.

CJ's Deviant-Normal dichotomy is helpful: those who remain capable of questioning the "facts" of our new social reality v. those for whom it's simply reality itself.

The welcoming marquee at the middle school where I live reads, "Mask up Toros!" The marquee at the local high school scrolls "Stay Safe...Social Distance...Wear your mask."

These are simply The Facts of the new ruling class-consciousness.

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It appears...stateside ( a nice term we Canucks use about you Yanks) that all is well....for globalism.

Is it realistcally possible the outcomes we just wtnessed?

Part of me says no. Then I think again. What part of that population got jabbed? A small majority at the very least. We did way better up here in canuckville. We had a substantial majority sample the injecticide.

Back to my story.

What if most of the jabbers, (stateside), voted for the party that most favors the jabs? What then? What would it look like numerically?

In Canuckada...even large swaths of so called die hard conservatives rushed to Shoppers Drug Mart (our local Canucadruga place) to get their clear koolaid innoculation.

By large swaths...I mean a substantial majority. I cringe and rehash many of my teenhood swear words when I contemplate that fact.

What if Noah built another ark...but would not allow jabbers on board?

That would be a thrifty decision, based on the price of lumber.

In canudleville...canada....there would be not many more clamoring for a seat than the first time around...I can assure you of that.

I well remember...early in...our dear beloved Klaus said this...with a defined certainty in his voice...like he knew something we did not. He stated clearly..."There will be no going back to the old normal."

Almost like he was a part of the decision. Odd...eh

Be good people...get your booster.

Do not be deviants or Klaus will not be pleased.

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Too much apathy among the sheeple. No stomach for mass disobedience necessary.

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Re people not being hypnotised, I thought your position was that a seemingly random mass formation, a la Desmet, was bunk, but that a deliberately induced one care of our would be totalitarian overlords was plausible.

I’m still not convinced people are not hypnotised. There’s too much to out there to discount the strong possibility whether from Bernays to Dodsworth and so much in between. For those who may not have read Daniel Etulin’s Tavistock Institute book or Stephen Kinzer’s Poisoner in Chief: Sidney Gottlieb and the CIA Search for Mind Control, these works are all recommended before passing final judgement. Ditto for Douglas Valentine’s Phoenix Program and his CIA as Organized Crime books.

Otherwise, I’m with you all the way on this excellent essay, CJ, and I especially appreciate how you connected the dots to Brexit and Trump in 2016.

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Sadly, I've maintained from the start of this that "normals" were, and always will be, unreachable, and that it was a monumental waste of our time and effort to try to reach them. Sometimes I hate it when I'm right, but there it is. And I got no end of grief from compassionate people who tried to tell me that I was being unreasonable and that I should have patience and empathy because, eventually, they willl come around. But they won't.

What I would like to know, and this likely is unknowable, is who, precisely, is driving this globalist train? Seriously, is there a group of psychopaths who meet on a regular or semi-regular basis to devise and implement these tactics to destroy society? Do they sit around a boardroom table and say to each other; "we can't allow them to stop wearing masks entirely," or "we need to keep pushing digital currencies wherever we think we can do so the rest will be forced to comply once we reach a magic tipping point where only digital currencies will be available," things like that?

Who, exactly, decides that dividing society between normals and deviants is the right strategic tactic to advance their agenda? Or, does this road to totalitarianism have its own built in momentum that somehow puts these demented ideas into their brains.

Why is this important to know? Because then we could hunt them down in their cozy boardroom and turn them off, make all this stop, and at least delay or end this trip down the road. Wouldn't that be a great thing?

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Gathering for the final spring.

Out of the blue, all at once: no social security check, no Medicare, no public transportation, no shopping, no public venue anywhere anytime without the Normal stamp. Exchanging goods and services for cash will be made a criminal offense; forced vaccination when booked. Dark days.

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Nov 14, 2022Liked by CJ Hopkins

Happy to be living not far from Lakeland, FL even if it “doesn’t matter” cheers!

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I wonder if it’s more accurate to say many are ‘spiritually’ deceived rather than hypnotized? So much of this madness seems so dark and inexplicable. It seems to me that much of this is a spiritual deception and delusion, even in so many of my Christian, spiritual family and friends. Jesus first warned his disciples not to be deceived, and then he warned them of more specific ‘signs’ of the last days when telling them what was yet to come. I hesitate to speak of spiritual things as they are so ‘subjective’. Regardless, I’m so blessed by many writers on Substack who try to Inform, and inspire. God bless you all in the battles ahead. I’m so glad He is in control, no matter how perplexing and worrying things seem today.

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