My heart goes out to you. The fact that you are standing tall and speaking the truth so eloquently annoys them, but you shall win.

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Calling this a Kafkaesque trial is by no means an exaggeration and is precisely why I interwove these excerpts from “The Trial” into my article about Sucharit Bhakdi’s own experience with the German injustice system (https://margaretannaalice.substack.com/p/profiles-in-courage-prof-dr-sucharit):

“Someone must have slandered Josef K., for one morning, without having done anything truly wrong, he was arrested.”

“‘When you are acquitted in this sense, it means the charge against you is dropped for the moment but continues to hover over you, and can be reinstated the moment an order comes from above.’”

—The priest

“‘There can be no doubt that behind all the pronouncements of this court, and in my case, behind the arrest and today’s inquiry, there exists an extensive organization. An organization that not only engages corrupt guards, inane inspectors, and examining magistrates who are at best mediocre, but that supports as well a system of judges of all ranks, including the highest, with their inevitable innumerable entourage of assistants, scribes, gendarmes, and other aides, perhaps even hangmen, I won’t shy away from the word. And the purpose of this extensive organization, gentlemen? It consists of arresting innocent people and introducing senseless proceedings against them, which for the most part, as in my case, go nowhere. Given the senselessness of the whole affair, how could the bureaucracy avoid becoming entirely corrupt?’”

—Josef K.

“‘… your guilt is assumed proved.’ ‘But I’m not guilty,’ said K. ‘It’s a mistake. How can any person in general be guilty? We’re all human after all, each and every one of us.’ ‘That’s right,’ said the priest, ‘but that’s how guilty people always talk.’”

—The priest and Josef K.

“‘The judgment isn’t simply delivered at some point; the proceedings gradually merge into the judgment.’”

—The priest

“What has happened to me is merely a single case and as such of no particular consequence, since I don’t take it very seriously, but it is typical of the proceedings being brought against many people. I speak for them, not for myself.”

—Josef K.

* * *

While Sucharit received a triumphant “Not Guilty” verdict, the prosecutor immediately appealed the decision, so the Kafkaesque trial drags on. (https://margaretannaalice.substack.com/i/133003377/candles-for-sucharit)

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Isn't it odd to see what seemed like normal people suddenly go buzz, click, zap, a puff of steam from out of the ears and wham, they are fascists! I had a friend who did just that. He now just wants anyone who has a different option to be locked up. He relishes the idea of climate lockdowns. He believes only msm with a religious fervor. It has become near impossible to remain friends because his ideology is so evil and anti-human. How... How did this happen? He seemed so normal. He never tortured puppies or laughed at suffering before? Why didn't I see the signs? I'm confused and treat everyone with suspicion now. Will they snap and just shoot me one day when I least expect it? How have I been so blind?

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I’m still angry and hate the idea of handing money over at my small town bar to people who smile because they like me but don’t know I’m unvaccinated. We both know they are fascists but I know more.

It’s ruined. The fantasy of community. They showed themselves

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The irony of fascists using anti fascist laws to attack an anti fascist because he called out their fascism...

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Aug 24, 2023·edited Aug 24, 2023

The same happening in the US, the UK, most parts of Europe, most parts of the English speaking world but also in South America.

I've experienced EXACTLY what you are talking about - I'm involved with a large organisation, they indulged in a classic example of 'pro-black-anti-racism' but really it was thinly veiled 'anti-white-racism'. I called out the organisation involved and their little Stalins turned on me for breaking their 'designed-to-demoralise' diversity rules. So I went through the whole kangaroo court process, proved them wrong, their lefty lawyers backed down. Now they're trying to get me on some microscopic 'offence', we'll demolish their student politics on that one also.

WE MUST FIGHT this crap but it is expensive and annoying. 'DEMORALISING' your enemy is a classic Marxist tactic. China is behind more of this than most realise, via their poodle the UN.

We are at war, the worst kind of war; mind bending, subversion, blackmail, treachery, bullying, cheating, lying, soul destroying...THE CANCER OF RESURGENT WORLDWIDE COMMUNISM...IN 2023.

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It is growing increasingly difficult and frustrating to try and have rational discussions with irrational people. Some of the people that I have the most difficulty communicating with are the very souls who encouraged me to push back against and question the world, to make my own decisions. One thing is for sure, I have a newfound appreciation for the power of psychological warfare and it has created a pretty intense self examination of the things I think I know.

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Happy birthday, CJ. I'd love to say I know how you feel but I've never had a phalanx of Nazis try to take me down. However, I do know that not long after 9/11--I was then living in New York--that I declared we were living in a police state and people would roll their eyes. What I didn't say but wanted to was, you fucking imbeciles, you have no idea what you're talking about, no idea what's coming down the pike.

A parable comes to mind, Chicken Little and his falling sky--you trying to warn the townspeople of impending disaster only to be rudely and unceremoniously blown off. Only in this version not only do they want to discredit you, they insinuate that you're not even a chicken, that you're a fox, or a maybe hyena who plans to prey on the most vulnerable of society. They want to make an example of you and run you out of town, but not before making you a humiliating spectacle. The way all dictators operate is to scapegoat anyone who calls out their tyranny and demonize them; they whip up hatred in the indoctrinated masses who are then set upon the target, if not to literally tear him to shreds, then to wreck him emotionally and psychologically.

I read something today that struck me, a quote about the importance of words-- that if you put an "s" in front of "word," it becomes "sword." Words cut, they stab, they can even kill, which is why they are so dangerous to despots, and why they are going after you with such a vengeance. It must be frustrating as hell to know you're innocent and to be treated like a criminal, but stay straight, rider, and do not let them sheathe your sword. We need your words now more than ever.

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Two things.

One, your books, FWIW, are available in clown shit show Canada.

Two, this post is timely. Tell you what happened to me yesterday. I got into a spirited conversation with a stranger on social media. I only recently joined because of certain circumstances and had no intentions of engaging with anyone. But I responded to someone in a thread asking them if they know about the Coutts Four (here in Canada).

The Coutts Four are four guys who were arrested by the highly corrupt RCMP for allegedly being in possession of assault weapons and planning an 'insurrection'. No charges have been formally laid and they've been sitting in jail for over 520 days without being allowed to post bail. Due process. Poof. Rule of law. Poof. Just like that.

But the signs were all there under Justin Trudeau. The CF happened during the trucker's convoy. Remember, how Justin responded? Justin had been practicing and sharpening his totalitarian skills and impulses during the SNC-Lavalin scandal where he overtly breached the rule of law along with his pal Gerald Butts. A pair of Westmount white trash graduates and authoritarians. Westmount is a wealthy enclave in Montreal and one of the wealthiest in Canada.

The person, getting back to the discussion I triggered, said those people deserved it because 'inshirreckshun'. Of course, it was NEVER established there was ANY kind of insurrection planned in Canada. No one stormed Parliament. All they did was demand Justin resign (which he should) and end the absurd mandates that Justin was cynically using as a political wedge. Did some protestors get a little excited? Sure. Like all protests. Was the honking excessive? Perhaps. But it ended after a couple of days. It was all revealed during POEC where the government's position was basically "Fuck you this is how we saw it and we ain't telling because 'Cabinet Privilege. Trust us. Truckers were using babies as human shields." This last part? Yes, Justin Trudeau did say, under oath. exactly this. A bald-face and arrogant lie. Indeed, every Minister who got up there lied through their asses. Chrystia Freeland was just out of her mind. So what was evident to all and any of sound mind - that is, the government didn't prove their case about the Emergencies Act - wasn't for the lackey activist Liberal judge Paul Rouleau. His ruling was essentially 'yeh well, I'm not sure about any of this but I will trust the government here and say they met the threshold'. Which was a TERRIBLE conclusion for the country. Then Justin got up there and grinned. He repeated the same routine when he appointed another Liberal lackey 'rappateur' to investigate Chinese interference in our political elections. And lo and behold - ta -da! - he found no funky business going on. Wink.

So that's Canada under Justin Trudeau. And that's just scratching the surface. Many Canadians don't see it. I mean, like, at all. That's how sound asleep they apathetically are. We're the best and most decent country in the world is their assumption. None of that could possibly happen in Canada!

The media portrayed the truckers as, well, you know, right-wing criminals. They managed to not report on the protests with any accuracy or fairness. The truckers were the enemies. One journalist for CTV news even doxxed some protestors and truckers. MacGregor was his name I believe.

Normie Canadians were now firmly propagandized and the road was open for the government to crush civil liberties as the normies cheered on.

Like this person, I engaged. But there was a breakthrough. After my explaining to him in three different ways WHY what was happening to the Coutts Four was unconscionable and a direct assault on our Bill of Rights, natural law and centuries of Western legal principles, it finally sank in.

I personalized - as opposed to dehumanizing - what was happening. I explained to him how would YOU like it if he were arrested and then denied bail and held without charges for over two years losing his business and family in the process. How is this remotely justifiable in an ostensibly free and open democracy? It's not.

IF they're guilty, then let DUE PROCESS work its thing and the system will determine the appropriate punishment. But the fact we're denying their basic rights is the issue here. We don't even deny bail to far more dangerous people who pose an obvious threat.

No one is talking about this outrageous situation in Canada. Not the mooching CBC, not the bootlicking bums at CTV, not lazy propagandists at Global, not the fake leftists at the Toronto Star, or even conservative or right-leaning outlets like the National Post or Ottawa Citizen. It's all coming from alt-media.

And they claim we have a 'free press' in Canada. GTFOH.

This is a story that should be leading ALL publications. I finally made the person understand this is something that affects ALL OF US regardless of political tribe. He admitted he found this strange and would like an explanation. Breakthrough! But there are still many totalitarians who cheer it all on. A recent example is what's happening to Jordan Peterson. Go read the comments and observe how many people say 'Good' not because Peterson is 'dangerous' but because they DISAGREE with him.

The West is in a very bad place. Including the U.S. With murmurs swirling that our governments are going to try and reboot COVID Fear 2.0, I expect things to get far worse. Why not? We consented before. That's enough for psychopaths to move forward. I don't know how many of these so-called normies have woken up. Hopefully enough so that they bolster our ranks to make a loud enough 'NO!'

We'll see.

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Aug 24, 2023·edited Aug 24, 2023

There is a quite disturbing inability among the Anointed Ones and the modern NPC masses to spot a trajectory, *even as they're experiencing that trajectory*.

I put it down to cowardice. A refusal to push back when walked back a mile, a hundred metres, or even a single step. An abandoning of lines in the sand.

I've tried for 10+ years to shine a light on the road we're on, and it's *still* "you're overreacting!", "that's not happening!", "conspiracy theorist!" as we're twenty miles back from where we started. The normalisation process is terrifyingly powerful.

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Your crime is reminding Germany of a history it would much rather see forgotten. For that sir, you are guilty, and I congratulate you.

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Excellent advice: keep talking to others. Many intuit that something is off, but are thrown by the fact that government an media are carrying on as if all was normal.

We are now in the "show me the man, I'll show you the crime" stage of the revolution. We need to hunker down and make it to the "revolution eats its own" phase. And pray that that phase is not 40 years down the line.

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Would it not be helpful to ask readers who are able to reach some of their previously unreachable friends, neighbors, family members to share their success stories with us, if they can? Could we learn from these about what worked, what helped break through the fog and expose the truth?

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A really excellent post C.J. - thanks. It is sometimes disorienting to experience the level of crazy out there among my friends and family - after years of "Russiagate" - years of "Trump Derangement Syndrome," years of the "Covid" nonsense, and now on to the "Ukraine war" propaganda. Since all of it has been shown to be complete nonsense - at least for those of us reading credible alternative media sources - I somehow I think unconsciously expect that others have reached similar conclusions regarding how we've all been gaslighted non-stop year, after year, after year.

In a recent phone call with my best friend of over 40 years I was carefully treading the minefield of rational discussion about the actual "real world" when out of the blue he immediately melted down into "can you imagine what will happen if that Trump is elected again?" "It will be the end of democracy in this country!" I seriously didn't know whether to laugh out loud or to weep. The truth of it is my friend is a well educated very kind and humane human being - but like many other people here in there U.S. - he is completely and totally detached from "reality" - in that way that characterizes the avid NPR listener & PBS watcher. My friend's "default position" of immediately accessing his DNC approved - Trump Derangement Syndrome anxiety - as soon as the conversation approached the actual "real world" so took me my surprise that I was basically speechless. I did manage to stifle my instinctive - "WTF!?" - knee jerk response and remain calm, but I guess my point is that we are facing a very difficult task indeed in attempting to reach people and in some way alter their thinking in the course of our intermittent relatively brief human interactions and exchanges - when they will immediately counter that exchange soon after with hours of MSM propaganda. I think C.J.'s recommendation that will focus on "where this is going" is certainly our best bet - because getting people to review and reassess all the lies they've credulously swallowed over the last few years isn't going to get us anywhere. : /

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Crisis of capital = Fascism. It's all in the historical record, plain for all to see (who care to look). We've been down this road before; 'first they came for CJ Hopkins then they'll come for you', to paraphrase. If we don't stand up for CJ it won't be long before they come knocking for us and don't forget, Kafka wrote 'The Trial' at precisely that pivotal point in the 20th century, it's why he wrote it in the first place! CJ, as much as I hate Paypal, I'll send you some dosh anyway.

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What is the road out of Totalitarianism?

It is making new systems that we the people control, plugging them into the current systems through representatives willing to decentralize their leadership into citizens assemblies or swarms, then using new and improved and decentralized and transparent versions of Human Swarm Intelligence to govern.

If you never heard of swarming we implore everyone to read this and consider the implications for all of humanity:


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