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I am looking for a moral patch "Unvaccinated" I think it will pull the girls.

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The reality of what the jabs do. Help stop the madness.


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I would agree with Donna that it is better to think about joining with others who see the situation for what it is, than about making provocative gestures. One of aims of the science of manipulation (which, as David Gosselin points out, has been at work for a number of decades) is to isolate people by feeding them increasingly antisocial messages so that they cut themselves off from all satisfactions except the artificial ones offered by industry. People who wish to stay human need to come together, to understand what is being done, to develop a method of resistance, and to rediscover the satisfactions of a responsible social life. A curriculum of study could be developed for interlinked groups, with a reading list including books like Vance Packard's The Hidden Persuaders, Joel Bakan's The Corporation -- those are the first two that come to mind. If anyone wishes to pursue this line of thinking with me, please send me a message via Facebook. Stay sane everybody....

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You had sold me until getting to the FB part.

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I love your analysis of how the new woke society has been scripted by visual imagery and the daily ritual of medicalized masking oneself before going out into the world. However, I can no more feel in alignment with your solution than with the problem you describe. Let us find our unique voices and responses. I am inspired by the clear seeing voice of the child in the fable of the Emperor who had no Clothes. I am interested in joining with people who are actually creating healthy lives rather than trying to convince others they are on the wrong side.

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Great work!

I think having a conversation with people about how brainwashing actually works is crucial. So this is great. We can put aside the left and right politics and everything in between. Let's first have a conversation about how ideological warfare and subversion work, what brainwashing actually is, what intelligence warfare actually looks like. Everyone has this cartoonish Hollywood “Clockwork Orange” idea of brainwashing, but it really doesn't work like that. The whole art of it depends on making sure the target or population is not aware that suggestions are being made, what the suggestions actually are, or what they mean. This kind of method comes from the research into ''group dynamics,'' especially at Tavistock where the British psychiatric department had plenty of WWI and WWII shell-shock victims on which to experiment. Much of the messaging strategies comes from the work in experimenting with how to change beliefs within a group dynamic, which can be made to function as an artificial family system where people are disarmed emotionally and psychologically.

The problem is they have this down to a science today, which means the messages and imagery are crafted in such a way that it’s not meant to speak to any kind of rational agency, ''above board'' thinking, it’s meant to provoke certain basic instincts, ''below board'' thinking, the desire to belong to the group, which is connected with survival at its most primitive level.

So we are constantly bombarded with pseudo-scientific statements like ''most researchers believe'' and ''according to the science.'' These are not scientific statements. Actually, they are quite the opposite, they are very intentional appeals to group think and herd mentality. They add people with ''expert'' credentials and degrees to the talking head shows and in their eyes they have the perfect messaging machine.

Take something as simple as “Stay Home. Save Lives.” The only alternative statement possible within that narrative structure is “leave your house and kill people.” There is no room for nuance. That is a very carefully crafted statement which plays on many very specific mechanisms of the human psyche. As the UK Column editor Brian Gerrish pointed out in an interview with Reinder Fuellmich, ''these are weapons of war.'' The messages are based on shame, shaming the person into saying you’re a killer, you’re selfish, you’re not willing to make sacrifices for the greater good. The belief is that boots on the ground totalitarian enforcement is the most undesirable, most unpredictable and messiest means of control. Thus, unlike the empires of the past, the mass-control strategy is all about using the energy of the group, getting most to agree, and then figuring out how to direct that majority energy using shame and other tactics to isolate the ''uncooperative'' individuals. It's believed that with enough resources, information, and effective messaging this can just be done ad infinitum until absolute control has been attained, until virtually everyone has been successfully deconstructed, depatterend, and then remade into the image desired by these social engineers.

However, human beings might not be the kind of Lockean blank slates that the oligarchy truly believes they are... This could arguably be their downfall.


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Mr. Hopkins, Which paid subscription helps you the most?

I admire your courage. Keep it up.

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Many thanks ... Substack works fine.

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A Modest Proposal (to break free from Twitter):

Set up your own server on the Fediverse.

Example (Peter Todd): https://mastodon.petertodd.org/@pete

(Video overview: https://youtu.be/DgQy-mxz61k)

(Another: https://youtu.be/S57uhCQBEk0)

You could then "tweet" from https://fedi.cjhopkins.com/@consent_factory

And people on other servers (e.g., mstdn.io, noagendasocial.com, mastodon.social, liberdon.com) could re-tweet you, respond to you, etc.

Some guides are here (supposedly Pleroma software is easier to set up than Mastodon software):



Paid set-up options also available:

https://cofespace.com/ (Gratis? Donations requested)



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Bravo CJ! Here's something to add to your list:

The 'well-meaning' public needs to know that ESTABLISHMENT SCIENCE HAS ALWAYS SERVED THE STATUS QUO. To wit, there is a trove of mainstream published science that has supplied, and defended, 'evidence' in support of numerous forms of discrimination and segregation; including ethnic and race-based discrimination, sex-based discrimination, and discrimination on the basis of sexual-orientation. In these particular cases, 'the science' purported to find that people of colour, women, and sexual minorities are inherently inferior in terms of intellect, rational thought, moral reasoning, etc. Of course, the vast majority of people would now characterize this body of science as junk science; as racist, sexist, homophobic science that is not worthy of the name science. Yet, 30-50+ years ago, the vast majority of people did not blink an eye at the 'evidence' which claimed that the brains and/or bodies of half the population were naturally inferior, or different and not equal.

Moreover, the science of eugenics is still very much with us -- having, shall we say, fallen out of favour during the Nuremberg Trials, it is now back with a vengeance in the form of genetic screening and CRISPR gene editing technology, which brings us to the present state of mRNA 'vaccines' and coerced medical interventions and discourse about the prospect of future Nuremberg Trials. We may not want to hold our breath for our triumphant day in court, however, in the meantime, let's make it known that science is as flawed as any other human endeavour and every bit as subject to corruption and abuse in service of the status quo, i.e. what we would now call the 'new normal'. Yes to the inverted red triangle!

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I'm getting morale patches made, CJ. Let me know where to send you one...

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apologies that should have been "self Isolate" my fingers are quicker than my brain!

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Thanks CJ, and now they self because their "app" tells them to!!!! Goebbels would indeed be envious!

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The point of fighting is to win.

Racial segregation IS different than pseudo medical segregation. The pseudo medical segregation is based on science or at least has a strong claim to science.

I get CJ‘s point that it is bogus science, science weaponized, exaggerated and distorted. CJ contends and I agree science is being used as a cudgel in furtherance of a much broader attempt to re-order society into a new normal.

I’m with CJ on this, I’m just saying that this is not good ground upon which to fight - upon this ground you will certainly lose. Science is our religion, when you go against it you are kooky. It is way bigger than COVID-19, science is the Goliath of our world view, go against it and you will lose.

There are lots of other ways to subvert new normal. Win baby Win.

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I think it is also important to note that all of these people have been living in a constant state of fear for a year and a half. They have been in their lizard brains, where logical thinking is not possible. Its only fight or flight - or apparently follow the rules obediently so that you do not die or cause another to die.

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After I tell inquirers that U means "unvaccinated," I'll let them know that I have recovered from Covid-19 and have full, robust immunity. Do the same and they can't accuse you of being a dangerous germ bag.

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Great idea. We need our visual symbols. I'm also on my way out the door to deface a yard sign promoting vaccines to teens that I saw in the park near my house. I'm going to write "Ivermectin saves lives" across it. I figure if I get arrested for destruction of private property or whatever at least I can say that I was trying to stop people from being injured from the vaccine and to help people recover from the virus.

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