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Great piece, as so often. People are out on the street; the criminals can't hide behind the narrative anymore. Over 10k marched here in Düsseldorf again yesterday.

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Non-violent protest will not work against what's coming. This is an evil on-par with Stalin's USSR, but worldwide. MLK or Gandhi would've ended up as stains on the floor and walls of Lubjanka.

In the West, generations have been taught to hate their country and their fellow citizens. Do you think any of the BLM rioters will be moved by the sight of an old white woman being trampled by a horse?

What's going on is demonic, plain and simple. Naomi Wolf wrote a brilliant substack article about liberals needing to talk about God. Look around. A different Naomi--Naomi Klein--who wrote a book against globalization was positively ecstatic watching Trudeau's thugs run roughshod through the crowd. People like Klein have lost all sense of decency; it is the inevitable outcome of Nietzsche's death of God.

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The strongest weapon is peaceful. I watched replays of a livestream from the Parliament building in Ottawa, and at one point the majority of the protestors knelt right in front of the police line. You could see the resolve to move forward against the protestors dissolve, the police literally did not know what to do. As CJ said, they made them show the ugly, naked power of the totalitarian state. Anyone that looks can see this is no longer about disease, rather power and compliance or complicity with power. Apparently, there are two convoys forming in the US to launch this week. We will see if American truckers have learned important lessons from their Canadian brothers. If not, things are going to get downright bloody.

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Yesterday while walking with a friend, I made my support for the Freedom Convoy unequivocally clear, saying how I wished I could hàve joined them.

She took the side of those few who had complàined about the disruption: she has followed all the New Normal restrictions.She thinks the truckers are ruffians!

I pointed out that the protestors were there because basic human freedoms have been withdrawn, that they represented a large contingent of the essential workforce on whom we all rely and that Trudeau has stubbornly and cowardly refused to meet them ,preferring to rely on immature ad hominem denunciations , unable to admit to his heavy hànded hypocritical control creepery

Now that he's resorted to a Canadian version of Hitler's infamous Enabling Act, I reminded her that such tactics were employed by the Nàzis and Soviets ànd that this could well mean an irreversible slide into totalitarianism, New Normal style.

She thought about this and did not pursue the point, since she knows that I've spent the past 24/ months railing against what has befallen us.

The credulous compliànce with the ridiculous masking and vaccine propaganda shows no signs of ending here.

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CJ you hit it out of the park. Thank you.

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This is exactly how it played out at Standing Rock, while Obama stood by saying, "we'll just see how this plays out." The playbook has been transparent for years.

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CJ will we get a Consent Factory Essays Vol 3 soon? 2020-2022, I really want a physical copy, signed ideally, I'm even prepared to pay (money) for it, name your price! Your writing has been one of the very few things that has kept me grounded and sane and not feeling so isolated these last 2 years.

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Canada appears to have fallen. It belongs to the masters and its faithful cultists. Looking for recommendations for a kinder, more tolerant country to move to. Any recommendations? I’m kind, smart and fit so I won’t be a burden. I’ve had a job since i was 12 years old. Even younger if you count hauling wood in winter ;)

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How much would you be willing to sacrifice for freedom? And in what way, preferably? How far would you be willing to go? And what if I told you that you don’t need to put your life at substantial risk to achieve that?


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In the US Constitution we have the power to convene a Convention of the States to amend the constitution. Term Limits for elected AND unelected bureaucrats. Limits on Federal Spending. The have lied to us. They have killed us by denying life saving treatments. The have censured us. They have divided us. And we have let them do it.

Not anymore. In Virginia, we manned and secured 24/7 video of each and every ballot drop box. They called the race by midnight.

This is the beginning. We no longer trust them. They have to go. Americans are not racist. They are. They have gone too far.

America will lead. The mid terms will sweep the fascists on both sides of the aisle from the US Congress. But we need to deliver power to the States by a red wave in both chambers of State Legislatures. When 34 states call for a Convention, and 38 States ratify, new Amendments to the Constitution will strip the Permanent Political Class (Schweizer) of power, and they can do nothing about it.

Parents, truckers, nurses, teachers and everyday people will take back the country that we carelessly gave away. I am calling on story talent to create dramatize, in 60 second bites, a serial advertising campaign that will leave viewers spellbound, and committed to the cause of individual freedom. It will unite free people the world over. We need Story, and Truth with a capital T, as McKee would say. CJ, story talent is rare. “Story talent is a monster, and the monster eats pages.


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Deploying mounted police against a peaceful crowd is an evil look for a purported "democracy". Reminded me of the scene in Doctor Zhivago where mounted cossacks are sent against peaceful demonstrators.


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About the fall of Canada and the rest of the western world. Here is the truth All Canadians need to wake up to. Canada is not a sovereign nation. Politicians are puppets reading Globalist script. Elections are selections. The covert takeover happened a long time ago. Now we are witnessing an open NWO take over. Same goes for the USA

Public Health Agency Of Canada Created As Branch Of WHO; Bill C-12 PHAC Act https://lionessofjudah.substack.com/p/public-health-agency-of-canada-created?r=3mvl2

Health Canada Initially Created For Population Control Measures https://lionessofjudah.substack.com/p/health-canada-initially-created-for?r=3mvl2

Only MASS non compliance can may be slow it down. The entire system is corrupt and run by the satanic elites . The political scene is a theatre of controlled and corrupt puppets:

A Cesspool Of Corruption In Ottawa: AstraZeneca Maker, Emergent BioSolutions, Lobbying All Federal Parties https://lionessofjudah.substack.com/p/a-cesspool-of-corruption-in-ottawa?r=3mvl2

"While most eyes are focused on Ottawa truckers and a Parliamentary announcement expected to soon ratify the imposition of the Canadian equivalent of "marshal law," Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's Liberal minority government is quietly fast-tracking labour code regulations requiring COVID-19 vaccination for all federal employees and federally regulated industries. " :


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I call the two sides "safe and cyber" vs "free and real."

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What is possibly the most sickening and grotesque thing is the comment thread on Twitter under your first link about protestor beatings: they are running ninety-nine percent in FAVOR of the cops beating up the protestors (!?!?)(since the protests were 'claimed' illegal [I guess that's the legal version of 'dibs'?], maybe they 'should have just complied', some sneering about "uh-oh, the consequences of my own actions" [which these slobbering proto-Nazis seem to forget was ***non-violent civil disobedience***, something they might feel a bit better keeping in their back pocket for a rainy day than trashing in an orgy of ain't-the-massa-swell], and "no suprise [sic], the cops just taken ['sic semper sic' I guess lol] care of business".

It's living fucking history.

I'm literally watching the idiot masses go along with a Goebbels-level Big Lie in real time: not just that...but watching the forces steering the Lie propagation TURN IT ON A FKN DIME, and the masses wheel along in perfect tandem lock-step like Zigfield (or Sieg Heil) Follies, like it's the most natural thing in the world, and we didn't have copious bone-chilling horror stories in recent historical precedent that anyone over the age of eight with no mental incapacities is *capable* of grasping... but we're seeing proof that the allure of belonging to the mob -- virtually to the extent of the way the pod-people pointed and shrieked at non-pod people in the Donald Sutherland version of "Body Snatchers" -- is baked DEEP in a very hefty chunk of the human race.

That shit needs to be rooted out. If it can't be educated away, it's time to start drowning batches of that ilk in burlap sacks in the crick, folks. Sure it's distasteful ethically: but it's literally what they'd do if they got the chance first.


I'm disgusted to share chromosomes with, it now seems, seventy percent of the planet's humans.

Make that "alleged" humans.

Seriously: those comments read like bad fuckin parody.

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U.N. voted 130–2 (US and Ukraine) to outlaw Nazism.

On 16 December, 2021, the United Nations tabled a resolution that called for “combating glorification of Nazism, neo–Nazism and other practices that contribute to fueling contemporary forms of racism.” The only nations to vote against it were the United States and Ukraine.

Every Russian knows that it was across the plains of Ukraine’s “borderland” that Hitler’s divisions swept from the west in 1941, bolstered by Ukraine’s Nazi cultists and collaborators. The result was more than 20 million Russian dead. This is the driving force behind Russia’s respect-seeking, self-protective security proposals, which were published in Moscow in the week the U.N. voted 130–2 to outlaw Nazism. They are:

- NATO guarantees that it will not deploy missiles in nations bordering Russia. (They are already in place from Slovenia to Romania, with Poland to follow.)

- NATO to stop military and naval exercises in nations and seas bordering Russia.

- Ukraine will not become a member of NATO.

- The West and Russia to sign a binding East–West security pact.

- The landmark treaty between the US and Russia covering intermediate-range nuclear weapons to be restored. (The U.S. abandoned it in 2019.)

These amount to a comprehensive draft of a peace plan for all of postwar Europe and ought to be welcomed in the West. But who understands their significance? We are told that Putin is a pariah, “killer” and a threat to Christendom. Russian-speaking Ukrainians, under economic blockade by Kyiv for seven years, are fighting for their survival. The “massing” army we seldom hear about is the 13 Ukrainian brigades laying siege to Donbas: an estimated 150,000 troops.

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200 mill. in US took the DNA altering shots, some are hard core covidian cult members, the rest believe everything politicians say and trust tv news and many read the NYtimes and Wash. post as infallible. They want to fit in their social circles. Thinking people w/ head on straight, communicate w/ likeminded and have no time for the rest. If a robocop police state ever happens nationwide, some will go down fighting since patriots are way out numbered. Sent this article out to email group. So many dimwit Americans who don't give a hoot what type gov. we have or if their families are split up enslaved/ executed (nihilists) mainline churches condone globalism, not Biblical teachings. Hitler and Stalin used the churches same way. Home church or small study groups safe and private.

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