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Your essays are evolving into the advanced class, Global Hegemony 501, you’re going to lose followers, but those of us left appreciate you even more.

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Ironically, you also perpetuate a misleading history.

You write:

"In March and April of 2020, ... global “shock-and-awe” campaign was conducted. Constitutional rights were suspended. The masses were locked down inside their homes, where they were subjected to the most massive official propaganda blitzkrieg in human history. Goon squads roamed the streets of Europe, the USA, the UK, Canada, Australia, Asia, the Americas, and elsewhere, beating and arresting people for being outdoors without permission and not wearing medical-looking masks."

That certainly happened in many places. But not all. Here in the free states, many of us did not miss a beat of normal life.

Never once put on a mask.

Never once stayed home under an unconstitutional mandate.

Continued business; no loss of business traffic.

Plenty of cars, although fewer, on the roads all throughout that period.

Walking, running nearly everyday. Never locked in the home for even a day.

Tell that history too, please. Or likely others will. And it's essential that this history be told as well, because it civil disobedience and refusal to comply with tyranny did not only happen, but it was successful and completed its revolution against the tyrants without bloodshed.

Tell that history too, please.

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Happy to see you call out Alex Berenson, CJ.

He's just there to redirect.

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Here's a limited hangout example:


Notice how the guest author has China as the only malicious actor and all the poor, naive Americans got wrapped up in their schemes through elite capture through no fault of their own! Notice how Shi Zhengli's mentor Ralph Baric becomes a mere research partner, unknowingly involved in bioweapons research and he certainly never would be aware of the possibility of such a thing! I mean, there couldn't be emails out there where he was asked to help write 'dual use' statements...

Notice how they don't mention the much larger amounts of money channeled through EcoHealth by the DoD's Defense Threat Reduction Agency, which was also highly active in Ukrainian biolabs. They don't mention the DoD involvement at all, which tells you who likely directed the article to be written.

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Alex Berenson, the mediocre midwit of impression management for midwits identifying as curious and enlightened skeptics. The hitchhiker midwits guide to the galaxy of crumbs that might lead to something approximating a New York Times version of events as told through the lens of the NYT circa 1994. Now also serving as Pfizer's chief sales operator to the midwit skeptic community for Paxlovid and against Ivermectin. Live now, on a Substack station near you, The Alex Berenson Show! Ladies and midwits, please welcome, your guide, Alex Berenson!

(applause light on)


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I still haven't been offered a credible explanation of how someone could just walk in, purchase and take away Twitter, the most lethal threat to regime narratives, from the intelligence agencies without any kind of struggle whatsoever.

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The most obvious proof that this is just another psychological operation is the silence on Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai's federal lawsuit that exposed the secret government Twitter portal that was used to silence Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai while he was campaigning for office and still continues to be used today to censor users on all sorts of issues, especially the dangers of the jab.

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At the heart of all of this might be the problems of the monetary system of the West. Since President Nixon severed the final ties of the US dollar to gold and the Bretton woods agreement took affect the United States dollar and in fact all currencies around the world have been fiat only currencies. There has never been in history a fiat currency that has survived. They all end in inflation or hyper inflationary meltdowns.

The global power elite and banking interests have overplayed their hand and have created so much inflation that the US dollar still has the reserve currency of the world is going to collapse and will no longer function as the reserve currency. This will plunge the United States in the west into a period of economic turmoil that will be far worse than the great depression. It’s possible that this is what we are being prepared for

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The whole thing with Senator Rand Paul pressing Fauci on his supposed gain of function experiments in Wuhan China is also nothing but a limited hangout.

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Thank you for saying this! I feel like any time I dare suggest that the Twitter Files are nothing more than a reality show whose narrative is controlled by Elon Musk and whoever owns him, so-called free thinkers jump down my throat. Why are people who were smart enough to evade the vaccines and stood against masking and the mandates now being so easily cajoled by Musk?

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"If you are one of the many people who now appear to seriously believe that military-contractor oligarchs like Elon Musk and narcissistic ass clowns like Alex Berenson "

Exceedingly based CJ. I'm glad you see it too.

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I knew from March 2020 something want right but it took the denial/suppression of effective early treatment to start the dominoes falling in my mind. I’ve read and listened to some amazing people over the past 3 years but Dr David Martin was right. (Sorry, I wasn’t familiar with you at that point and haven’t yet read the Twitter thread you spoke of above). His message”don’t be distracted” is the most important.

Thank you. ✌️🙏

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Well said CJ.

I've read thru a lot of the "Twitter Files" only to realise very quickly exactly what you're saying here. They're everything BUT the important bit.

All hail Elon!

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Berenson does play it like a good soldier and even scolds his readers when they question or criticize him. The only good he ever did was "vaccines bad" but the rest has been very psy-op re: ivermectin (who the hell is he to pronounce Ivermectin worthless?) and absolutely quiet on the tyranny front. When he starts losing people (as he did when he alienated Robert Malone and came out strong against ivermectin) he scales back, lest he lose his foothold on the limited hangout.

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Actually, the mother of all limited hangouts was the entire jab rollout over the last 2 years. Yes, the same one where a pandemic was declared due to a computer-generated version of a virus (vs a live "virus" found in nature) and mystery injection potions that was part of a LARGE SCALE PROTOTYPE DEMONSTRATION from certain manufacturers (Pfizer, AstraZeneca, J&J, et al) on behalf of the DoD.

These mystery, "non-pharmaceutical interventions" were able to be used as a "covered countermeasure" if it was distributed under an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA). And said covered countermeasure "shall not constitute a clinical investigation", so that means there is complete immunity from any losses/adverse situations that arise as a result of taking a covered countermeasure. As well as ZERO requirement for EUA products to have any proper disclosures or accountability to the manufacturing process, INGREDIENTS LIST, safety, etc. See Stopping Conditions Remastered for a good summary of why this is a correct interpretation of events: https://jamesroguski.substack.com/p/exposing-trickery

The whole Covid narrative was very carefully scripted to allow for this grey area in facts such that no "one will be able to [legally] prove with 100% certainty" that the mystery potions were the true cause of adverse reactions [e.g. young people in the prime of their lives suddenly dropping dead]. A good summary would be I, Pet Goat 2 video (7.5 min, which was the approximate amount of time former US president George W Bush spent reading the story The Pet Goat to students of an elementary school after learning about the 9-11 attacks): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6n_xCI-peq0 [7.5 minutes] Symbolism transcends language. And this covid script includes the many different alt-media agents designed to manipulate those who would eventually ask questions.

edit: Mr Gates insisted that the next pandemic "....will get attention this time" https://odysee.com/@MasterKelz:9/That-will-get-attention-this-time--Bill-Gates---Pathogenic-priming---Viral-immune-escape:6

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The worldwide nature and success tells me that there is no single person or group doing it.

I think it’s supernatural because the humans would be fighting and struggling over the power more than this.

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