These five rules of propaganda have been known for a long time, and they are certainly not original with myself. Please send them around so that more people will be aware of them. Thank You.

The Five Rules of Propaganda

1. The rule of simplification - reducing all data to a simple confrontation between 'Good and Bad', 'Friend and Foe'.

2. The rule of disfiguration - discrediting the opposition by crude smears and parodies.

3. The rule of transfusion - manipulating the consensus values of the target audience for one's own ends.

4. The rule of unanimity - presenting one's viewpoint as if it were unanimous opinion of all right-thinking people: draining the doubting individual into agreement by the appeal of star-performers, by social pressure , and by 'psychological contagion'.

5. The rule of orchestration - endlessly repeating the same messages in different variations and combinations.

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The GloboCap regime is memory holing an ongoing genocide of Christian Armenians by Azerbaijan because the US and EU give aid to the Azeris in exchange for gas: https://yuribezmenov.substack.com/p/artsakh-christian-armenian-genocide-azerbaijan

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Trudeau still hasn't apologized to the descendents of all the Canadian boys who either died or came back blown apart by psychic trauma -- like my father who enlisted in the navy at 17. He was a terrible father but even so, I am so glad he was not alive to see this atrocity. And the world will note -- that our learned members didn't seem to know that we were fighting WITH the Russians who sacrificed 26 million troops and citizens. This of course was the proof of Hunka's past. But they clapped anyway. Not knowing is terrible. Knowing is worse. Please send help.

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Sadly CJ has only the facts on his side. Sadly no one in authority has much use for the facts. Sadly my gaslight is flickering and I hear noises in the attic, I’ll go hide now.

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"GloboCap" is an acutely accurate descriptive term. C.J. is quite correct in describing the various iterations of ideologies and "isms" as mere tools in the hands of the likes of Blackrock, Vanguard and Statestreet. These highly agglomerative and massively secretive entities in and of themselves do not actually call all the shots from behind the scenes. They too are but tools, but highly effectual ones.

Though carefully and assiduously as coverted by layers and layers of the onion; the actual rulers of this satanic realm are almost certainly those crime clans which make up the trillionaire class... a reality which the "correction" mode on this iMac insists is nonexistent. These crime clans just happen to be the primary owners of first, the Bank of England since at least 1815 and thence imposing their order upon the so-called "Five", comprised on the erstwhile colonial regimes and now known as the Dominions of Australia, New Zealand, the U$$A and now the formerly "true north brave and free" political entity now better known as Canuckistan.

Additional to the Five Eyes are such financier entities as the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and the Bank of International Settlements. Thusly, the covert rulership of all Western financial, political and cultural control mechanisms are nought but tentacles of the ruling financier elite trillionaires.

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I might add, that the head of the Canadian armed forces refused to apologise for saluting Hunka. Zieg Heil, Canada!

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Is that tweet by Bret Weinstein serious? I thought Bret was more aware than that, not following narratives blindly. Anyone who has really listened to Waters knows he's not anti-Semitic, just wildly critical of apartheid states.

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Everyone in parliament should have instincively known that if he fought for Ukrainian independence against the russians in the 1940:s then he was a part of OUN, the military of UPA. In other words the Ukranian Nazis which are still very active and use thw same symbols abd flags as they did back then.

But then again, most of the people in parliament are just ignorant fools so I guess this was to be expected.

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I don't think capitalism is the right description, because the regime is currently tearing down the capitalist system, and its financial structure, to implement technocratic neo-feudalism. Instead, it has commandeered capitalism through monetary policy, just like it commandeered liberalism through compassion and tolerance.

I agree they're not Nazis, just as Nazis were not Phoenicians, and Phoenicians were not Babylonians. The ideology is very old, and has no real name. They're masters of language and the mind, and will sacrifice all human and natural life to fulfill their absurd belief of becoming gods.

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Oct 1, 2023·edited Oct 1, 2023

With all due respect, if you and Roger Waters parroted the goodthink slogans concerning the War In Ukraine, you could don the uniforms of SS concentration camp guards and the Berlin prosecutor's office would not raise so much as a peep.

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"Apologies, “fact checks,” and rationalizations ensued."


This "ceremonial act" of recognizing the individual HAD to happen. They HAD to recognize him, for whatever reason they chose too, they did. Now, after recognizing him, they then HAD to cover it up and say that "oh my, what a mistake..." blah, blah, blah.

These things are not mistakes. These things are on purpose. There's a ritualistic side to reality that we don't understand and I touch on that in many of my articles, but one is the ritual of wearing a mask that we saw during Covid:


There's a different nature to reality than we've been told. Those in power, the GlobCap as you described them, know of this different nature, which is why they do the things they do - and then quickly cover it up. But it was still done, and that's all that matters to them. It would behoove us to familiarize ourselves with this other aspect of reality:


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“The past was alterable. The past never had been altered. Canada was at war with Russia. Canada had always been at war with Russia.”

CJ, I thought you might like to see where I used your historic Twitter thread comparing the rollouts of the Third Reich vs. New Normal Germany, which is particularly pertinent to this article:


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"There's more than abundant proof that the aim to defeat fascism during the 20th century world wars was a scam."

That being said, Chris Hedges gives a description of what was occuring globally prior to the scamdemic, but interestingly enough is unable to connect the dots to the biosecurity surveillance state, perhaps, that's why he never spoke out about the dubious experimental mRNA injections or the mandates, but embraced climate change organizations like Extinction Rebellion, hmm...

"There was a decade of popular uprisings from 2010 until the global pandemic in 2020. These uprisings shook the foundations of the global order. They denounced corporate domination, austerity cuts and demanded economic justice and civil rights. There were nationwide protests in the United States centered around the 59-day Occupy encampments. There were popular eruptions in Greece, Spain, Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrain, Yemen, Syria, Libya, Turkey, Brazil, Ukraine, Hong Kong, Chile and during South Korea’s Candlelight Light Revolution. Discredited politicians were driven from office in Greece, Spain, Ukraine, South Korea, Egypt, Chile and Tunisia. Reform, or at least the promise of it, dominated public discourse. It seemed to herald a new era."

These worldwide rebellions compounded by a desire to restructure the global financial markets, especially the energy supply chain required a worldwide "plandemic" deployed as a counterinsurgency operation which would achieve the objective of squashing the rageful protesters while transferring trillions in middle-class wealth to international globalist billionaire gangsters.

As result, the totalitarian retrictions that were traditionally hidden from Western populations, but "was always there" now were forced to surface in order to protect the ruling elite and enhance their wealth.

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My homeland: if you are not on board with gender ideology or you protest government mandates you are a Nazi.

Meanwhile, all Members of Parliament (including five parties: Liberals, Conservatives, Bloc Québécois, the New Democratic Party and Greens) applaud an actual Nazi.

Shame Canada!

(hat tip to South Park and Blame Canada)

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Hey Bill Gates,

When, Anyone, In This Case You,

And A Cadre Of Morons

Attempts To Kill Off

Other Humans (In The Millions)

Rule # 1 Has To Be - And Is

You Have To Succeed On Your First Try.

I Just Can't Emphasize This Enough Young Fella.


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Someone. Please switch on megaphone.


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