Brilliant ! One of the most insightful explanations of the nightmare that we all endured for two years. The post includes information on how to combat it.

Many Thanks !

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Sage advice on interacting with the Covidian Cult devotees. My strategy that I’m endeavoring to implement is to pose questions to them in lieu of engaging in a futile attempt to share factual information that contradicts the delusional cult narrative. One example of a relevant question is why do you think so many first line responders, e.g., police, firemen, EMTs, ER nurses and doctors, refusing the jab to the extent that they face termination of their high paying jobs in lieu of consenting to be jabbed? Another one is why do you think that celebrity athletes, e.g. Novak Djokovich, Aaron Rodgers, Kyrie Irving, et. al., are willing to forego millions of dollars in salary, tournament prizes, endorsement contracts rather than being jabbed? At least, this might stimulate them to ask questions and search for answers.

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Some people are willing to hear an alternative view but want some 30-second, all-in-one “proof” which isn’t possible. I find some, maybe not cultists bit the average apathetic ones, can be pretty easily convinced that people with natural immunity are the most protected, as many studies show this, and Fauci agreed. It’s a simple and interesting fact that is easy to grasp. Then the person thinks hmm I’ve learned some cool science, and they start to tell others. It plants a seed that may grow into a questioning.

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Cutting edge stuff. Thanks.

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I suspect that it's rare for a writer to have such clear confirmation of his ideas so soon. But here, we are. https://www.samizdata.net/2021/10/this-is-one-of-the-classic-signs-of-a-cult/

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I got to you through Matt Taibbi, and at first I thought you were a full-of-shit crank, but then I read (having bought) Zone 23, and you're not a great writer, but I think you understand what's going on, so I'm going back and re-reading your shit. More power to you.

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Quote: >>There are many ways to go about doing this, i.e., generating internal conflict. I have been doing it my way, others are doing it theirs. If you’re one of them, thank you. If you’re not, start. Do it however and wherever you can. <<

Okay, I've given it my shot, "however and wherever I can." I've begun my own Substack, starting with this article:


Partly inspired by you CJ, partly by others. You might not like my tone, but I've geared it toward influencing my Facebook friends, some of whom I expect to terminate long-term friendships once they've discovered I'm not one of them. But anyway, push has come to shove.

The blog will remain anonymous except to people I reveal myself to. I'm a teacher and freelance writer and can't afford being Googled and smeared. But anyway, I hope you appreciate my effort. BTW, I think your writing is prescient. Your tone made me cringe a few months ago but now I see how it's warranted. This problem has to be tackled from all angles.

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Dear Chris, I’m a prominent, well qualified & persistent critic of U.K. government policy on covid19.

I believe I supply good evidence of the hidden end game.

It’s mass depopulation using multiple jabs.

Please contact me,

Dr Mike Yeadon

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October of ‘19 was when a restauranteur opened his business, Pui Bella Pizza in Astoria, NYC, “about the time of Event 21,” video of which is damning “for those of US with eyes to see.”

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It's been my approach to infiltrate groups who are talking shit about the unvaxxed and egg them on a bit: "Quarantined? No, they should be exiled permanently, don't you think? Separated from their children." Sometimes they agree. Which is scary. I could go further: "And their children should be sold into pedophile foster homes." That might do the trick. But it's going to be difficult. The monster face has been so normalized over the course of the last decade or so, people can hardly recognize it for what it is.

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CJ: Your work is illuminating, and your twitter campaign brilliant! Also, helpful descriptive phrasing: Global Totalitarian Ideological Movement. I hope you'll check out my post in Solace for Sensitive Souls: https://revkatiegrace.substack.com/p/crossroads-of-the-soul

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Thanks for what you do. I love your writing style. Thank you. I have chosen my side in this fight to the finish. To quote Hamlet, it certainly seems that "Something is rotten in the state of Denmark."

This article has a more complete list of 18 but even if one only agrees with ½ of these, getting jabbed does seem imprudent.

Keep up your great work.


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“All governments lie”

Journalist I.F. Stone

Covid treatments exist. Spread the word!


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You have conveniently described a colllection of observations about contemporary life. Nothing more have you accomplished. If you look down at a river watershed, it looks kind of like a tree. It’s not a tree. There is nuance and context and purpose in making arguments. Yours is at best attacking a straw man.

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