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Gary Weglarz, a longstanding reader, wrote below, "It seems to me that what we are seeing is a sort of 'controlled demolition' of material reality itself." Which is accurate, and has prompted me to address the global-capitalist ideology thing, which I want to get into in London, a little more here. I'll do that with an excerpt from the introductory chapter of The Rise of The New Normal Reich. The penultimate paragraph, in which I describe global capitalism as "a values-decoding machine" is the key.

I didn't want to open up that can of worms in this newsletter, because it gets rather heady, but, what the hell. It's challenging for both a lot of folks on the right (who are inclined to defend any perceived attack on capitalism, and so refuse to recognize the force they are resisting) and a lot of folks on the left (who are inclined to deny their alliance with the global-capitalist ideology machine, and so refuse to recognize what folks on the right are resisting).

Anyway, here's the excerpt ...

'We are, for the first time in human history, living in a de facto "global society" under a single predominate ideology, a predominate ideology that is fast becoming reality. Intramural conflicts notwithstanding, it is one big global-capitalist world. It has been since the early 1990s, when the last ideological adversary (and impediment) to global capitalism disappeared. This brave, new, global-capitalist world is still in its early evolutionary stages -- thirty years is nothing in historical terms -- but it is developing at breakneck speed, and it is doing so along predictable lines.

After the fall of the Soviet Union and the collapse of the credibility of communism as a viable competing ideology, the global-capitalist power network (or "GloboCap" as I like to call it) launched a global "clear-and-hold" operation, identifying and wiping out pockets of resistance, economically, militarily, and ideologically. It started in the former Soviet-bloc countries, the Middle East, and Africa in the 1990s, and expanded throughout most of the rest of the world like an aggressive metastatic cancer during the 15-year-long "Global War on Terror."

As GloboCap was conducting this clear-and-hold op in far-flung places all around the world, it was also conducting it in the heart of the empire, not as dramatically, but just as effectively, gradually, and sometimes not so gradually, destabilizing, restructuring, and privatizing society.

Which is all global capitalism really knows how to do. GloboCap isn't a conspiracy of evil individuals with a megalomaniacal vision. It's a machine. A values-decoding machine. Its function, ideologically speaking, is to eradicate any and all social values that interfere with the flows of capital and replace them all with a single value (i.e., exchange value), rendering everything a commodity, and transforming society into a marketplace.

Of course this machine is operated by people, many of whom are evil conspirators -- there has never been a dearth of evil conspirators -- but it is the structure and logic of the machine that is driving, not a clutch of globalist billionaires sitting around on one of Bill Gates' yachts, or in Klaus Schwab's castle, hatching schemes. You could shoot all these people in the head tomorrow, and they would be seamlessly replaced with other people, performing the identical functions, i.e., destabilizing, restructuring, and privatizing everything.'

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It has become clear to me over the last 5-6 years that those in power have a deep understanding and command of psychology, propaganda and brainwashing. Every day, I am stunned at how many people simply believe and repeat whatever they are told. Common sense and rational thinking are rapidly fading away. Years ago, I would never have believed it, but most people are easily misled and willingly do the "dirty work" of those in power.

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You need to wrap it up by explaining how its no longer about the right-left paradigm (a fake construct), but about the people versus the elite. Ever since humankind left the savannah and began coalescing into city-states, there has risen an elite who view themselves as, LITERALLY, our gods. Most of humanity was the elite enslaving the surfs, peasants, slaves. And then all of a sudden, in 1776, some rowdy Americans said "we're FREE", the west followed suit, and we think these elites still aren't trying to regain the upper hand? The "right" has more in common with a far-left organic-homesteading anarchist than they do the Koch brothers. This division is artificial. The sooner our brothers on the left realize this, the sooner we can kick the elite back where they belong ... on the guillotines.

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("A lot of people on the political right refer to what I’m calling “global-capitalist ideology” as “Wokism,” or “cultural Marxism,” or whatever. I’m not interested in arguing about labels.")

- 6 months ago I was blissfully unaware of just how bat-shit crazy Academia had become since I'd retired from social work in 2014. After a massive amount of reading-up over the last six months I am no longer so "blissful." Whether one calls it "Woke" or "Social Justice" I cannot shake the sense that the ideological capture of all major facets of Western society by this "movement" is somehow just a wonderful coincidence for Oligarchy.

When all of Academia, all of MSM, all of the big NGO's, all Western governments, the military & intelligence services, all the big Corporations, right down to local governments and my own local school boards and local YMCA - are all singing the same irrational reality-free song - I can't help but smell the proverbial rat.

It seems to me that what we are seeing is a sort of "controlled - demolition" of material reality itself. The traditional biological and social "sciences" (as in scientific method driven disciplines) have been effectively replaced society wide by various flavors of Social Justice Theory - all of which distain discourse, objectivity, reason, scientific method in favor of "Theory," "feelings," and "identity."

"Why" this is important is that if you tried - you could not conceive of a more effective means to destroying any and all solidarity on the left/progressive side of the political spectrum. Even the most traditional allies have now been set against each other by this ideological movement which in the name of "equity" and "inclusion" and "tolerance" boasts an amazing level of "intolerance" of any discussion of it's principals and beliefs. An example is that now many feminists, lesbian activists and traditional "leftists" (class analysis) find themselves attacked and cancelled for of all things simply claiming biological sex exists and human beings with a penis (no matter how they "identify") have no place in women's rape shelters and domestic violence shelters. What better way to distract from Ukraine, or more deeply examining the criminality of the Covid policies - than have the populace fighting vehemently over "what a woman is?" The authoritarian, anti-free speech, take no prisoners attitude of these brave Social Justice Warriors is regularly demonstrated as cancelling the voices of all opposition, and issuing threats of assault, rape and even death to women who claim that a man identifying as a woman is still at the end of the day - a man - and should not have access to the safe-spaces of traumatized women.

Being all too familiar with decades of CIA and FBI operations designed to manipulate the public mind, from Gladio, COINTELPRO and MKULTRA - right down to the subtlety of the CIA's promotion of say something as innocuous as Abstract Expressionism 50 years ago - I can't help but imagine that those sociopathic boys in Langley would have had to be asleep on the job were they not routinely for many years now directing oligarchy donor funding toward new DEI departments in Academia, new "chairs" and "departments" and "professor-ships" in the various flavors of the new Post-modern "Social Justice Theory" manifestations. Now that all of this "Theory" has migrated to the corporate world, to NGOs to government we must ask "who benefits" from an assault on "material reality?" The obvious answer is Oligarchy.

How does one "organize" and oppose "anything" - if "material reality" has been rendered irrelevant, obsolete, to be replaced by our latest "designer-identities" and our "feelings?" Any "questioning" of this new ideological movement simply resulting in one being cancelled, shouted down, expelled from campus or job, or otherwise threatened for making the true-believers somehow - "feel unsafe" - with one's words and the exercise of "reason." I'd say some discussion of this "movement" that has fractured the "left" into a million pieces is in order - but from a "macro" perspective - not from the minutia of debating "identity" talking points - but rather a discussion of what the larger level implications of the assault on "material reality" itself means for any organized "resistance." My two cents.

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For me the story is good, but I'm a systems engineer. I have a couple suggestions:

1) The GlobalCap "System" probably requires a tad bit of explanation up front. For me the best way to think about it is a set of rules and incentives that drives groups of people to behave certain ways. A system has rules, and it reacts to external inputs and the two things drive the output. This is big shift in thinking for most people because they can't relate. The system feels no emotions -- like a big bureaucracy or company. Companies might be a good way to explain it. A company is rewarded by generating profit. Period. It has no feelings. People inside it have feelings, but good companies incent their employees to behave in ways that get the company rewarded. I think this is key because the very nature of humanity (and the reason we're not all desponded about a faceless system taking over) is to feel things. People need to understand this.

2) Although I believe you are right about the conspiracy part, be very careful dismissing it for 2 reasons. One, again, it's what people understand, and two it may be how a lot of them think they got red pilled.

"What I'm talking about is not individual people conspiring (although individual people certainly do, and that is part of it)"

I think this is too dismissive and you can acknowledge that the system promotes ongoing groups of conspiracies to push its agenda forward (which is monolithic domination, the goal of any predatory entity). The important thing for us all to remember, is that although we should be aware of these conspiracies, they are a symptom of the problem, so it's important not to fixate on that as the main strategy.

3) Why are you still optimistic? I listened to your podcast with Trish, and you were not desolate facing the literal borg of human systems. Why? These systems are self consuming in the end because it turns to consuming itself. We don't know how this will happen yet but it will happen hopefully within our lifetimes. The key to making people aware is so that we starting figuring out a strategy to accelerate its downfall.

Good luck CJ!

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The left that we considered ourselves to be connected with was/is blinded by an ideal called "salvation by society." And the method used to get too many to seriously believe in the mantra is a Jesuit concept called "learning against learning." Create a false reality and then make that narrative the "truth." Those of us who were opposed to the deception and agitprop and hypocrisy of endless wars, environmental degradtion and abject poverty failed to get that all the shibboleths being promoted like free speech, question authority, good intentions, busyness and energy expended would create a better Adam and new Eden, refused to take seriously that global institutions such as the United Nations exist with an end goal: H+. Transhumanism. The new singularity. No longer human. Immortal. And a scientific dictatorship that features neo-feudalism and super capitalism. All of us who demonstrated romantic and idealistic notions were conned. The false left versus right paradigm and all the ism's (capitalism, socialism, communism, fascism) were always designed to create silos, to compartmentalize, and serve as basis for division and conflict. IN the meantime, their eugenics-based neo-Darwinistic plans marched forward and the masses continue to slumber. Learning against learning did everything it set out to do: "salvation by society" was always a false promise, and neo feudalism and the scientific dictatorship is already here and H+ the new singularity will turn out to be as false as the promise of salvation by society.

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I think you encapsulated it perfectly. There's so much more at play here, though. Unfortunately, because of time and because most people are clueless about policies that are being put in place as we write--15-minutes cities, digital passports, CBDCs, the trans agenda as a delivery system for transhumanism--you have to stick to the underpinnings of this unholy agenda for mankind. If you're able to convince even a fraction of the audience that this global system exists and that it does not have the people's best interests at heart--in fact, it's trying to destroy them--and that the only way to survive is to unite and resist, you'll have accomplished a LOT. My mantra these days is an iconic quote from William Blum: No matter how paranoid or conspiracy-minded you are, what the government is actually doing is worse than you imagine. Best of luck!

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Although "GloboCap is not a bunch of guys in a room conspiring to do all this. Global capitalism is a system. Systems function according to their own structures and logic. What I'm talking about is not individual people conspiring (although individual people certainly do, and that is part of it). I'm talking about the logical evolution of a global-hegemonic ideological system, i.e., a system without external enemies, which has nothing left to do but consolidate power and eliminate internal resistance.", I argue that this system was created by and optimized for supremacist psychopaths. That normal people will recognize that supremacist psychopaths in power are an existential threat to all that is good, beautiful and true.

How do we best pull back the curtain? Reveal The Parasite?

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Ah, CJ, Why ever are you going to London when Cornwall is SO much nicer. I'm dead jealous I won't see you in person (though I have read New Normal Reich).

For me it is identifying who or what is at the top of the GloboCap foodchain. I think even people like Gates are only second tier because they are visible. Who or what is the real puppetmaster? And do they really just want to rule the whole world? Muhahahaha!

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Re. "totally wrong" - no; more like a conspicuously absent lynch-pin which sets the current thing in its proper, larger (ultimate) context (not just politics, economics, etc.), thus making it understandable, offering the extreme/perfect (and only) hope to get through this epic battle.

The lynch-pin is this: Who will you serve?

(Ya' gotta serve someone, says Bob Dylan, paraphrasing Joshua and Elijah.)

Satan, a spiritual creature, has always desired and worked to bring the entire world under his sway. He does that through the universal human fear of death, which is really fear of judgment. Because we all, every one of us, have committed high treason against the perfect, holy God, Satan the accuser, wields that real moral guilt against all of humanity. We can no more undo our sins or wash ourselves (and get out from under his thumb) than an infant can change its own explosive-poop diaper.

Only recently has Satan come to the point of having the technologies to make total world domination happen, with no place on earth for anyone to flee. God, the creator of him, you, me, and everything else, has sovereignly deployed His people (those reborn into Christ's image) to do spiritual battle with this dragon and his many minions, for our good and His (God's glory). God wins, but typically through the death of said people, who by the power of the Holy Spirit of God, follow in the blood trail laid down for us by our Savior, Christ Jesus who won by "losing," conquering the one trump-card tool Satan wields over everyone who breathes: death. (If you don't do XYZ, then I'll kill you, your family, etc. The Joker character came scarily close to representing this dynamic.)

All those who trust in anything or anyone other than Christ are brought to a point of total despair and misery--either their own decrepitude and pending death, or an unsolvable totalitarian global hell-scape which makes it look like the dragon has won. (We Christians go through this too; but the utter certainty we have that we will be brought safely through it gives us joy that surpasses all understanding.)

That pit-of-despair ought to cause folks to cry out to God for His abundant mercy, recognizing that they are part of the problem, not merely that more evil person over there. But most of them don't. Most of them shake their fist in rage at having their just-fine-without-God modern lifestyle upset.

Choose whom you will serve. As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.

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I was both amused and dismayed by the 2020-2021 trade between Uniparty wings of platform points.

the Red Hats were suddenly the defenders of bodily autonomy choice (except for abortion of course,) and pushed for more oversight of government actions in the censorship arena. the Blue Hats started pushing "mandatory" medical interventions, censoring everything in sight, trying to remove 2nd Amendment rights, and increasing government surveillance powers and citizen incarcerations.

it went bass-ackwards.

while I give my Red Hat representatives big points for stepping up in some ways (the Missouri attorney general and Josh Hawley have shocked me by being on my side on multiple issues, and the governor ended the fake State of Emergency in late 2021,) I was amazed how strongly the Blue Hats turned on the /real/ Left and still claim to be progressive.

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You have pretty much nailed it in as concise a manner as possible. If you have time, you might want to weave in some current examples of phase 2, which might include the US blowing up the Nord Stream pipeline to ensure that Germany doesn't defect from the GloboCap flock (the "one true way") and get more in bed with Russia, one of the few remaining holdouts resisting absorption into the GloboCap Blob. Ditto the new campaign here in the U.S. to "hate China" to the same degree as we are required to hate Russia (it's getting tougher and tougher to hate so many people! 143 million in Russia, and 1.4 billion in China. That's alotta haten' to do!). That said, good luck at the conference. Wish I could make it but like most of us existing on the fringe of the True Left, I'm broke!

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Hi CJ I like your story and wish I could be there to hear you tell it. It is very followable; nothing struck me as totally wrong.

“GloboCap,” is a good descriptive word.

Also you wrote in comment, truth bomb:

“ This is what I mean when I state that global capitalism has no external adversaries, and that every major conflict is an insurgency, i.e., coming from within the system.”

Did you want to borrow my bison hat?

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The reasons I read your articles are because I see your model for recent history as coherent, “back testable “and encompassing most of the major trends in economics and politics in a visible way. That is to say we don’t need to invoke a lot of black box mumbo jumbo or squint sideways while standing on our heads to make it come true. It’s in our faces all day, every day. You’re also funny and seem down to earth, well as much as any dramatist could be.

I’d like to see the simplistic Left - Right dichotomy disappear. For a number of reasons which you understand, it’s not a useful construct to advance the argument that these motherfuckers- who are both ostensibly Left and Right btw, are dangerous, evil, and generally not on the side of humanity. There is a necessity for a new type of movement against the totalitarians, call it the Freedom Movement or whatever. The branding can be figured out. It needs to be inclusive. You can call Trump whatever you want, but at least he stood up against the establishment. Who on the “Left” or the old Left,that anybody has heard of, has done the same? We have to quit bickering over bullshit. I can call people names, but it Durant solve anything. So you need people from the populist Right on your panel. You need a broad spectrum approach. I think this would be more likely to succeed. The existing political dynamic is ossified and the answer will not come from the incumbent institutions which are co-opted by the GloboCap blob and view all of us who question their legitimacy as threats.

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Hi CJ - am new to your feed so I apologize in advance.

Why do you think that Trump is not part of the globalist plan.

Trump => Clinton supporter, life long dem, billionaire.

Trump injected into office => radicalizing American left, leaving country more divided for Plandemic.

Trump => operation warp speed.

Had to ask.


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I had the most traumatic experience this week. A friend of 40 years marched up to my house and called me outside. She said it was my fault that Trump got elected because I voted for Jill Stein, and because of that I was a racist too. Unbelievable. People from the "left" are going crazy right now here in California.

I think you explained the progression of globocap very clearly and succinctly. Wish I were able to fly over and meet you. Good luck!

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