Forward into the heart of a man.

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Thank goodness you are taking part in the zone of Talking Heads because that is how I discovered you. Be sure, though, I will be reading your books as well as articles here on Substack. Sorry I can‘t offer you refuge because I, too, live in Berlin. BTW, do you give any talks here in the city?

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Thanks ... I haven't done any talks in Berlin. My sense is, I became a bit too confrontational for most of the German anti-New Normal folks somewhere in mid-to-late 2021, and as for the German New Normals, well, you know. I do have got a couple of projects in the works with Berlin-based OVALmedia, though. Check them out if you haven't already.

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Loved your inebriated interview with Jeremy. Truly. Thank you, CJ. I hope all's well and safe in your Berlin bunker. And that you get out and about more as Germans decide to be bad rather than 'good'.

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Many thanks -- I have a different topic:

In all of these Covid-19 death statistics there is still a HUGE elephant in a room:

-- China has nearly four (4) time larger population than our beloved country, the US.

-- China reportedly had less than 10,000 virus deaths. We have so far about 700,000 deaths.

If these numbers are even remotely correct, we have almost 600 times higher mortality.

Are we a failed country with incompetence and massive corruption at every level of society? What is happening to us? Who we really are?

China's reported Covid-19 deaths numbers are usually dismissed as "fake" - without any convincing analysis. Here is one attempt by experts, however. Since I am NOT an expert, any competent review of the report below? Many thanks in advance.

The misunderstood—and misrepresented—Zero COVID policy in China --- 13 December 2021

This analysis of China’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic has been submitted as a contribution to the WSWS Global Workers’ Inquest into the COVID-19 Pandemic. The WSWS is respecting a request that the author’s identity not be publicly disclosed.


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Dec 11, 2021Liked by CJ Hopkins

Never change, CJ.

The moment you (and others) stop talking, we are done for. I try to influence as much as I can, but I do not possess such a gift for eloquence and summation of my thoughts on the matters. Also, my reach on any given platform is vastly inferior to all of you sane writers and speakers everywhere.

Thank you for everything you are doing to shed light on this grim reality we have found ourselves in.

Relentless. Unyielding.

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Good interview with Max Blumenthal. You are one of the very few people that I have heard or read, on either the left or the right, who understand the critical role that Trump played in getting the COVID-19 tyranny implemented and normalized, at least in the U.S. As you noted, the TDS (my word, not yours) that was induced in the Left by the election of Trump manifested itself in (in addition to other things) a demonization of everyone who doesn’t believe the COVID-19 official narrative, and especially those who they perceive to be anti-vax. Another thing that the election of Trump did (which you didn’t mention) was neutralize the (armed) Right, who would have resisted the tyranny when it started early last year if Hillary had been president at the time. Instead, they mostly acquiesced, and by the time Biden took office early this year they had become conditioned to the tyranny.

But I will go you one further and posit that Trump was purposely selected by the NWO to win in 2016 for precisely those reasons. I know that that level of conspiracy is a bridge too far for most people to accept, but it is true nonetheless. Trump (or someone equivalent) was crucial for the successful implementation of the scamdemic psyop. But to this day I still haven’t figured out if Trump himself realizes that he is part of the NWO plan, or if he is just a clueless useful idiot.

Another good point you made (at about 01:11) was “This wave is going to have to break and play itself out before we get to a different place.” I agree 100%. The NWO has total control over the events that are going on now, and there is nothing that the public can do that will significantly change those events. If protests were going to work, they would have already worked given the huge protests that have been occurring in most of the world outside of the U.S. The only thing anyone can do is be prepared for what is going to happen. Those who are smart enough to understand what is happening (and especially those who are smart enough to avoid taking any of the “vaccines”), and are prepared for it, will largely survive this, and those who are not smart, won’t. It is basically natural selection. The world will be a vastly different place when we get to the other side of this.

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Hi CJ - I just listened to your interview with Jerm and was very interested in your approach of calling out people who pump out the narrative on social media. I literally have started doing that myself this week along similar lines of 'is this really what you want for your children?' but I like your style of calling them out as totalitarians. I will also be adopting this tactic :-). Thank you - great interview.

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Thanks for doing these, CJ. So far I've especially enjoyed your interview with Jerm, as you were very eloquent on the big picture, that what is being ushered in is totalitarianism just like 1930s Germany, and hell, they're not just using the same playbook, they are using the same terminology! I wish that the people who have gotten a big spotlight - aside from you - would stop digging into the weeds about the virus and step back to see the big pic. Catherine Austin FItts is a great one for that.

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CJ, what you’re doing is ESSENTIAL. Professor Desmet of Belgium, a crowd psychology specialist who’s paid a lot of attention to mass psychosis, says that, though it’s all but impossible to successfully push back on the criminal acts of our governments to terrify us, we must continue to speak out against COVID totalitarianism.

He says that if we don’t, if we go quiet, he fears that “the mass will deepen & then the crowd will begin to commit atrocities”.

Possibly the most frightening remark anyone has made since the beginning of this wholly manufactured crisis.

Mike Yeadon

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Thanks, Mike ... yes, I plan to make as much noise as I can, and encourage others to do the same. Hold a mirror up to those collaborating with this new form of totalitarianism/fascism and those sitting by in silence or looking the other way while it is being implemented. This isn't a polite argument about a virus. It's a fight. A political fight. We may not win, but I will be goddamned if I am going to go quietly. You don't fight fascism because you think you can win. You fight fascism because it's fucking fascism.

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Absolutely. I’m not going quietly either. In all meanings of the word. I’m continuing to follow advice of early 2020. Once exposed it’s best to stay noisy.

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Thanks, Mike and CJ. You are two very important people whose work is truly inspiring so many. I share both of your work as much as I can.

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Thank you.

Particularly upsetting for me in U.K. is that even today, after official announcement of vaccine passports, almost no one is aware of the near & present danger.

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Riding on Austria's heels, I suppose. That is completely upsetting. That they are in full court press shows that they are panicking and desperate, or that they believe they have it all sewn up. In any case, it's time for people who are still on the fence to pick a side.

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I’m with you with every cell of my being, CJ.

As I wrote in my last letter (https://margaretannaalice.substack.com/p/letter-to-an-agree-to-disagree-relative):

“I know genocide—in this case, democide—isn’t a topic you bring up in polite conversation. But I’m not polite. Because being ‘polite’ when you know people are being medically liquidated makes you an accomplice to murder, and I will not go gentle into that bad night.”

“This is not a matter of opinion. This is a matter of fact. So no, I cannot agree to disagree about the pharmacide of millions, and I will not remain silent.”

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Ugh feeling guilty about unfriending a few covidians this week who I just couldn't deal with anymore. I really should have just kept trying to piss them off! Too late, I chose the easy way out. I gave it a good go, but it was feeling hopeless. Still, I appreciate the inspiration and I will keep trying with the less hopeless cases!

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*lol* I understand why you did it and also understand your regret. I had this discussion in the comments at my last post (https://margaretannaalice.substack.com/p/letter-to-an-agree-to-disagree-relative/comments) and will quote the relevant bits here:

“I hesitate to endorse shunning as a practice as it is a tactic of the intolerant, hateful Covidians. I would much rather keep the lines of communication open while engaging in persistent truth-telling, and if anyone’s going to do the shunning, let them play that game if they are too fearful to engage with the presentation of facts.”

“I personally would prefer to continue irritating them with nuggets of truth and evidence to either wear down their resistance to facts or force them into making the uncomfortable decision to be impolite themselves—much like I think employers enforcing the fascistic and bogus 'mandate' should be forced to confront their own complicity in evil by being the ones to terminate bravely noncompliant employees instead of the employees giving them an easy out by quitting.”

If you’re up to the challenge and it’s not to late to reverse your unfriending, Stephenie, I think it would be rollicking good fun to send them pieces like “Letter to a Covidian” (https://margaretannaalice.substack.com/p/letter-to-a-covidian-a-time-travel), “Letter to a Colluder” (https://margaretannaalice.substack.com/p/letter-to-a-colluder-stop-enabling), and “Letter to a Holocaust Denier” (https://margaretannaalice.substack.com/p/letter-to-a-holocaust-denier/) as well as my latest letter (https://margaretannaalice.substack.com/p/letter-to-an-agree-to-disagree-relative/) mentioned above. You could also throw in “Letter to a Tyrant” (https://margaretannaalice.substack.com/p/letter-to-a-tyrant) for the incendiary insults, even though it’s not aimed specifically at them ;-)

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Well I did myself the honor of not blocking anyone, so this is a possibility and I have thought about direct messages this week! I just don't think anyone would even read it at this point. The mental gymnastics are epic. And I got tired of the passive aggressive shit from people who never "like" anything except the rare dissenting comments from an old classmate who is a law professor. I had to unfriend her when she posted this after our last exchange. More passive aggressive moves. It just gets me down I'm ashamed to admit. I prefer to connect with like minded individuals and feel more positive energy. Though I absolutely see the value of speaking out as Desmet has encouraged! It's just great to know we're not alone. I appreciate all of you here! https://www.mcsweeneys.net/articles/hello-we-used-to-know-each-other-and-now-im-a-toxic-presence-on-your-social-media-feeds?fbclid=IwAR2ORZB8j1vbHu5kNy6JBPIDtIKGJacFiV8kE322qShS5bpZilZQr9Fl6Nw

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Haha, I’ll be curious to hear if you end up doing anything and what the results are if so! And I absolutely do not expect Covidians to actually read those (not reading is the crux of the problem), but since you’re already at the point of burning bridges, it could be fun to hurl consecutive Molotov missives at them and watch the ensuing fireworks 😆

Wow, that McSweeney’s piece of shit represents a humiliatingly epic fall from the innovative literary journal they started out as. Yet another disappointment.

I appreciate you, too, Stephenie, and you most definitely are not alone 🤗

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Thanks for keeping up the good fight. And thank you for not constantly posting content and overwhelming my inbox like some other writers and commentators who think we need constant updating. Sometimes less is more and you seem to have found the right balance.

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Yes—Fuck the Machine!

I think the elites have a sense that the machine is breaking down in multiple dimensions and while they may not know which mountain side it is going to crash into, they sense it is clearly headed for the side of a mountain somewhere.

Hence this moronic shit show they are putting us through.

Indeed, the “Machine will lose”.

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Love the videos. Dont stop. We all have to keep talking, speaking out. Hammering away. Its either talking and peaceful persuasion or things will degenerate into violence

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That's exactly what I said to my friend this morning. At this point I don't care which it ends up being. The politicians have set us up for this and by god they will get what's coming.

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Each of us needs to find our own way of being a wrench in the gears of this awful machine. Non-violent protests can take many forms. For me, I'm on a buyer's strike. I've told my family that I'm not doing Christmas this year because of the vaccine mandates and passports. They are all mad at me anyway because I won't buy into the narrative, so no loss. Plus, if I'm not buying them gifts, they are not buying me gifts. A very minor hit to the economy for sure, but it could add up if enough did people did this. How does this help? Governments get blamed for economic downturns. I'm doing my bit to help turn down the economy. An economic downturn turns up the pressure on those in charge.

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I love this! I wish I had thought this through! Instead I anticipated the current lockdowns (and worse) and bought all my Christmas gifts months ago.... but we don't eat out anymore (no QR code here in the Netherlands), so that's my protest. Keep up the good work!

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Keep up the good fight CJ!! Not sure what else we can do.

What’s occurring is fascinating to say the least. Many moving parts.

World’s largest Darwin Awards Competition, ongoing, still taking participants!

History’s biggest cover-up, which is actually saying something, yet which largely seems to be working like a charm.

History’s biggest gaslighting event as well. This is perhaps my biggest concern for the simple reason that so many people that realize that this is a cover-up, have all but zero desire to even begin to understand the core issue/players behind it. They all seem more concerned with not being inconvenienced in their quest for entertainment and consumer goods, both of which are sponsored by their enemies that they don’t seem concerned about learning about.

Part of the gaslighting therefore is spawned by those people.

My core relatives live in Berlin, formerly the East side, yet they’re all believers in the injections.

It’s important to keep company with as many truly sane people doing everything that they can to resist, and no, future (s)elections are NOT part of that process, so that we don’t fall by the gaslighting wayside as well. It’s a lot of stress to navigate.

Meanwhile, the final-move of these psychos will be a global digital currency. Once we acquiesce to that, and we will because we worship mammon, not God, we’re finished.

As I tell people, had the “Too Big to Fail” Central Banking sydicate & Cabal actually failed in 2008, while messy, we wouldn’t be where we are today.

“The people” are going to sell out for a handful of peanuts that they won’t let go of in the box with the hole big enough to get their hand out, but not with the peanuts. Their captors will walk right up to them as is the case with the monkeys, and capture them w/o any issues or fuss. Because we’re so bright and wise as people (extreme sarcasm) most won’t realize that all they have is a handful of peanut shells once they’ve “secured their prize” and opted for mammon (pensions, investments, wealth, etc.) ALL based on something that can be permanently rescinded instantly and with literally nothing as a basis for it all, over liberty, spiritual or otherwise.

God is always happy to comply with our choice(s) of whom/what we worship. Alas, we seal our own fate. Heaven forbid we learn from history.

Anyway, as DickyGee says, probably best to leave Germany, but where to? The whole world is under this spell. Even the non-participating countries (Sweden e.g.) are impacted by the others.

People care more about Netflix and TikTok than they do about their own future liberty. It’s beyond stunning. About the only thing rendering it all tolerable is this notion as to who actually wants to live in a world that’s about to come out of the ass-end of this thing. At that point death will truly be preferable, so may as well fight to the death, eh.

On the flip side, I have zero hesistancy anymore asking people that support this shit why they support people that torture animals as well as children and humans (which they do), why they are pro Big-Pharma (which they are), etc.

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I do so wish 2008 had turned out differently!! Love the peanut analogy....

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Keep on keepin' on CJ . . . I'm thinking it's probably a good idea to get outta Germany, given the way things are going there . . . Just sayin' . . .

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