these brainwashed WOMEN are THE PROBLEM…

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" The Untermenschen become “the Unvaccinated.” Swastika lapel pins become medical-looking masks. Aryan ID papers become “vaccination passes.” Irrefutably senseless social restrictions and mandatory public-obedience rituals become “lockdowns,” “social distancing,” and so on. The world is united in a Goebbelsian total war, not against an external enemy (i.e., a racial or political enemy), but against an internal, pathological enemy."

The mind facing its own PRIDE is what is described above and in the whole article. THE BIBLE in general and The book of Revelation/Daniel in particular offer literal descriptions of this phenomenon.

Once a rapist - MATERIALIST - has zeroed in on its victim - MATERIALIST - there is nothing to stop him but THE TRUTH!

I hope it serves someone even 27 months after the post.

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" It’s global-capitalist totalitarianism, and global capitalism doesn’t have an ideology, technically, or, rather, its ideology is ‘reality’.”"

THE SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN surely has an ideology - the gospel of MATERIALISM - as propagated, brainwashed and indoctrinated into the minds of THE MAJORITY of earth's men and women. Just take "Manufacturing consent" and Edward Bernays as two examples by what means THE SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN - THE CULT OF MATERIALISM with all its HALF-TRUTHS gets into the mind of every men and women not accepting the only defense. And thereby creating PLATO'S MENTAL PRISON CAVE out of which there is no escape other than the only defense THE WAY THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE!

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I am surprised to find your essay three years after you wrote it. Better late than never! I will be digesting it for some while. Thank you for writing!

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Ultimately and in the most clear and unambiguous manner, the human race is ALREADY split into two groups right now:

Those who understand what's going on and are willing to do whatever it takes to stop it (WHATEVER it takes!!) and those who don't.

The members of the second group will not survive so ultimately they do not matter.

We can't save everyone…nor should we!

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more could be saved, if we'd preach not only to the choir in terminology expressly indigestible for the credulous; These passionate screeds need to be made into videos.. that's all some people watch. I think it's unfair to say though, that we shouldn't try to save all; Everybody deserves a chance..

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ANYONE believing "we" can do something - save someone/everyone - is already locked up in THE MENTAL PRISON CELL out of which there is no escape using the very gospel of THE SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN that has invited the mind to lock itself up to such a view of GOD ALMIGHTY'S CREATION!

Knocking on the door of THE TRUTH is everything that can be done.

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I guess you're not a Christian. The Lord gave us (his disciples) authority over satan. The problem stems from people, (like you) who confess our inability to do anything. As for me and my house we have used the weapons of our warfare for half a century and have never been defeated. It must be that the saints FIRST of all, GET that the group running Israel are not of God; that is the first step to understanding they can be defeated. And should be.

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"I will be like THE MOST HIGH!" ... does this sound familiar?

Whether yes or no you should examine your stance about what "you" can do apart from accepting AUTHORITY OF THE MOST HIGH! But if you rather being taken advantage off by THE SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN - GOD ALMIGHTY surely is not going to take you hostage for THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN!

Otherwise, taking one's own CROSS and follow THE LORD JESUS CHRIST is all that THE LORD JESUS CHRIST has asked HIS BROTHERS to do.

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Have you never heard of 'delegated authority?' Do read Luke 10:19.

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Mar 9·edited Mar 9

I have, which is why I would never claim to be mine what is GOD ALMIGHTY'S ONLY!

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..'taking one's own CROSS and follow THE LORD JESUS CHRIST is all that THE LORD JESUS CHRIST has asked HIS BROTHERS to do..' '


The question is begged.. 'Have you ever read the Bible?'

Go back and read Luke 9, Luke 10, Mark 16, and Acts chapters 1 - 28.

Jesus left his Church with holy spirit, to replace his own presence; the spirit is at once called a comforter, but also POWER from on high. What is power friend, except that it is used?

It is also called the spirit of TRUTH.

What is truth friend, except that it is pursued?

The spirit has a multifold mission:

** Remind us of everything the Lord had said.

** Lead us in all truth.,

** Show us things to come.

Jesus won the Victory in this world, and commissioned his church to DUPLICATE his ministry. Which is why the devil wished he never killed him. (I Corinthians 2:8), Before he did, just one Jesus was walking around; Since the day of Pentecost and the Baptism by Fire, everywhere there is a spirit filled saint there is the ministry of Jesus Christ.l

How did you miss it? Have you never been baptised in the holy spirit? Do you not operate the 9 manifestations of holy spirit? (If Jesus didn't give us a job to do, why did he leave us with power within - that is the holy spirit and 9 ways to use it??)

The consequences of such commonplace failure to read and understand what the Lord accomplished for his church, is what we see all around us; a silent disabled church, hogtied by both ignorance and a 501c3.

I recommend you get with the program.. Jesus said, 'Night is coming when no man can work'. That would be the midnight hour., which is rapidly approaching. Anything you would like to do for the Kingdom, to demonstrate your duplication of the Christ's ministry, which HE DID tell us to do,.. NOW is the time. Soon, you will be as the servant who 'HID HIS TALENT IN THE GROUND'. I invite you to read Matthew 25:30 to see the fate of the useless servant.

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"Everybody deserves a chance"

I used to believe that PASSIONATELY up until a few months ago until I realised that not only is it not true, it is also illogical.

Assuming we could save the 'walking dead', how would they survive in the post-war world, not to mention be contributing members of society?

Darwin was an SOB but he ultimately made some rational points.

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I can't argue with that..

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Hear, hear!


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The New Normal.

There is a post on my local Reddit in which the redditor thinks… thinks they have COVID, they’ve done the test numerous times but keeps coming back negative and they are worried. Most replies are telling him to , either, keep testing or get a different Covid test pack until one tells him he is right.

One poster suggested he may have a cold and was downvoted and ridiculed.

Another suggested maybe they had the flu and got the same treatment, ridiculed and downvoted.

But I couldn’t believe that there was so many people adamant this person had COVID although there was no reason to think they had.

Tis a strange new world indeed.

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"We no longer give the slightest shit whether our former friends and family members who have gone New Normal understand what this is. We do. We understand exactly what this is. It is a nascent form of totalitarianism, and we intend to kill it…"

-Well said

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Ditto that, and that.

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I don't require any assistance to recognise the obedient totalitarians that have been terrorised into submission. They make themselves obvious with their nastiness, their anger over trivia and their contempt.

It may shock you to know that people abuse me when I go out three times a week to swim at my local spa. Because of disabilities, I ride a mobility scooter which meets all the UK Government requirements to use the roads. It has lights, indicators, a maximum speed of 8 miles per hour and a rear view mirror.

Unfortunately, British drivers do not know their Highway Code in respect of my form of transport and they assume that I should be confined to the pavement. I am regularly abused with sudden honks, screaming drivers, dirty hand signals and even abuse from pedestrians.

On Monday last, I was getting totally saturated by a sudden downpour of rain. A young woman in a Car Parts deliver van wound down her passenger window as she drew level with me waiting at traffic lights. She was warm and dry within her van. She screamed "Get off the road!" to me and "Use the pavement!" which she failed to notice was blocked by workmen and their equipment. I ignored her and wiped the rain from my face. As soon as the lights began to change I pulled out in front of her vehicle and proceeded to lead the traffic past the roadworks at an extremely low pace. She sounded her horn repeatedly in frustration.

Inside my head I was chanting a Tibetan mantra for peace. "Emaho penno penno soha." as I smiled through the rain.

So no.... I don't need a badge or a vaccine passport to recognise the new totalitarians. They are the people who believe it is perfectly acceptable to abuse a disabled road user. They are the ignorant, the selfish and the mean-spirited.

A separation has been created and I don't think it can be repaired.

It was predicted by this Tibetan lama, who was also the author of the mantra I use to keep my calm when confronted by totalitarians:


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CJ, I think you will be interested to know that Japan isn't buying into the New Normal ideology. Consider how blunt this message is -- coaching the public to not discriminate against the unvaccinated:

Japan Ministry of Health:

Although we encourage all citizens to receive the COVID-19 vaccination, it is not compulsory or mandatory. Vaccination will be given only with the consent of the person to be vaccinated after the information provided. Please get vaccinated of your own decision, understanding both the effectiveness in preventing infectious diseases and the risk of side effects. No vaccination will be given without consent. Please do not force anyone in your workplace or those around you to be vaccinated, and do not discriminate against those who have not been vaccinated…

In the case of health damage as a result of the vaccine from the COVID-19 vaccine, relief (medical expenses, disability pension benefits, etc.) is also available under the Immunization Act

Link for English version:


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The "non-mandatory" statement is nice but this is kind of reverse psychology because it is VERY difficult to find a Japanese person who wouldn't wear a mask when told to by the authorities, even in the months when the mask guidance was removed, nor not go get their shots. Their companies told them to get it, the govt sent out notices to everyone's home to get them and nearly everyone complied. Even now, >50% of people still wear masks on the trains and almost the same even outside, when driving alone, alone on deserted streets. Before Covid it was about 25% during hay fever season.


It is VERY rare to find a Japanese person who understands something was not right about the shots, or question the fake pandemic, for which they are on shot 6 now, killing over 200k of them since Jan 2021. On the positive side, the economy and movement of peoples was not restricted much, though people were afraid to travel in 2020 and many parks were walled off then, that just made the streets and bike paths very crowded.

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This is exactly how it should be everywhere. 👍

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Gee, CJ, I sure hope Glenn Greenwald, here on Substack, is reading you; because, thus far, though he IS covering exceedingly-important topics, he has NOT yet addressed virtually anything to do with Covid (except in Brazil where, though he is also a U.S. citizen, he now lives) and the neo-totalitarianism surrounding it, which clearly, considering his history of telling it like it is, surprises me "concerningly" (yay, I made up another great, new word!), because it at least makes it look like he has not completely woken up to the new "reality" (yet?), or is at least not yet standing up against it as he obviously should be, vehemently and "widespreadingly" (there I go again!).

Literal CHEERS(!), and keep up the great work, from,


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I hate that picture at the end - reminds me of the little t*urd of a janitor on our housing estate.

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Since we are in the situation you describe, what shall we do now?

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