I HEREBY FORMALLY REJECT the illicit Bali G20 HUMAN 'Cattle tagging' mandate! I also reject the WEF & all persons remotely associated with it! These clowns have no authority over me or my countrymen!

Pfuck Pfizer, Pfuck the WHO, Pfuck Adolf Schwab & his WEF boys club, Pfuck Fauci, Pfuck Bourla, Pfuck PAYPAL, Pfuck Sunak (He's unelected and Adolf Schwab's bought & paid for his cooperation), etc,.

Licencing POISONS called 'VACCINES' justifies enormous profits from a deadly 'medicine' that's made by Pharmacists with NO MORALS and NO 'LIABILITY!" It also teases us into thinking we're lucky to be offered such wonderful cures (that are no more than DEPOPULATION). = Absolute nonsense!

Mick from Hooe (UK) Unjabbed because I joined the dots!

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Time for the fight to save the earth is upon us... i’ve been traveling around by bicycle, and I find that most of humanity is alive and well and just wants what’s important food shelter clothing education for their children good health and a decent job and fair wage. And all want a sustainable earth. Mr. global can go fuck themselves, along with those who are behind them… Especially in the RomanCatholic Church

I will be heading back out on the road soon I’m reporting what I say I’ll be in touch…

The Whole Earth Guide


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Thanks for all that you do, CJ! Look forward to part three tomorrow. Your essays are always en pointe and it's a joy to see you with CAF. I'm happy that so many of my fave people are cross-pollinating. The Resistance feels so much more substantial than it did a year ago. Unity is everything,

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Did you know Twitter wants to know the identity of those who read the Consent factory content on Twitter? Adult material, supposedly. Readers have to upload ID to read. Not an option of course.

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I am thrilled to hear you started on a new dystopian novel in the same universe as ZONE 23, CJ! Sounds like you finally overcame the challenge of having your sequel zoinked out from under you by reality (or “reality” ;-)

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Great conversation although I was disappointed by the general agreement at the end that all we have to do is smile sweetly enough and our lovely human(e) world will recreate itself. It will not. Those of us who have lived under criminal governments know that it really is not as easy as new agey platitudes. We cannot just ignore them if they control our money, our housing, our transport, our access to food etc. Rich people may be able to buy their way out of control, but those of us subsisting below the poverty line cannot. I had to confront, two years ago, that they could turn off my pension if I didn't take the jab, and that I would simply starve to death, because I am too old to "work" and have nothing to sell that the world wants (old, white, female). Maybe the "hundredth monkey" point will eventually achieve something and maybe we are getting closer to that point, but I personally don't see it where I am (rural, coastal Australia). I have been watching and waiting for 50 years, and we are no closer than we were in the hippy era. In fact, I think we have regressed a long way since those times.

Russell Brand has just done a video on top down control vs bottom up resistance/transformation, and questions whether bottom up movements CAN defeat top down control. It is a valid question. If we try top down resistance we just get a new master, because hierarchy and power have not been removed. When we try bottom up, we are too disorganized and they simply re-organize around our bottom up movements - we are little more than an irritant to them All of our bottom up movements are easily taken over and perverted (hippy, survivalist, new age, feminist, conspiracy, health, environment, occupy, arab spring etc etc) leaving us controlled and manipulated as always, whilst we imagine that we are still in some kind of control those movements. We are not.

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Well done CJ - keep up the good work in Berlin whilst I tackle HMG here in UK now we have the WEF boys in charge and they strip Joe Public of the last of his assets and small savings. https://austrianpeter.substack.com/p/hmg-fall-statement-churches-speak?utm_source=post-email-title&publication_id=762792&post_id=85533395&isFreemail=false&utm_medium=email

BUT we do have one answer at least: https://austrianpeter.substack.com/p/the-financial-jigsaw-part-2-localisation?s=w

Best wishes for our continuing campaign.

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yeah, yeah, yeah, ....by the way, Evil is Mr. Global's first name.

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We love you CJ Hopkins

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Hi Christine! What 'realistic action' do you recommend and are you making a mark on the current Covid, Vax, WEF, NWO farcical con they are leading us all into? Mick (77 but keen to rock their boats).

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We can empathise, CJ, but just remember, many of us have been fighting on this front for several decades, and we are now very old and on age pensions, amid rampant inflation. So, we simply cannot subscribe financially. Much as we love you.

We also write on substack, and I will never urge anybody to pay to read my crap, even though it is the very best crap in the world (oziz4oziz.com/). But that's just me. Nobody should be fool enough to copy me. Meanwhile, I am happy to let my fingers and my demented brain fire literal poison darts that hurt the bastards in their PR nerve centres, where it pays (no pun intended), but as they have tried to kill me three times in the past 11 months, eleven times since 1971, and manifestly have failed, you could never hope to get this kind of entertainment free... disappears cackling into the sunset.

But keep up your fusilades, CJ.

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The number one most important factor for determining quality of life on Earth is this:

What kind of system do you live under?

Think about it. If you tell us what kind of systems you live under - from systems of government, medicine, family, infrastructure, education, community, religion and more - chances are we can predict what kind of life you have.

Let's examine some recent problems: FTX. Voting systems. Medicine. Corruption. War. Homelessness.

It’s our own fault. All of it.

We have embraced the wrong kind of systems that govern over us - centralized ones - and they have become corrupted. It is time to change that. We need to understand and embrace decentralized systems, and fear centralized non transparent ones. And we need to be able to spot the difference.

Can you?

Once we recognize a system has been corrupted, it’s time to bust out the anecdote: TRANSPARENCY and DECENTRALIZATION.

Who wants to be part of a society of problem solvers instead of just complainers? Please, let's talk.


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Thank you so much for the update. I’m very excited for the #3 release tomorrow.

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