Thank you for the excellent news at the end. I was going to start writing conspiratorial pieces again but there is no need. PHEW.

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I just want to officially go on record as a monkeypox-denier. It goes so nicely with my ever-growing collection of epithets, from anti-vaxxer to science-denier to far-right–wing extremist and so on. Pretty soon, I’ll have enough to make a necklace and can wear them around my neck like a medal of dishonor.

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Need a Anti Globalist tag too

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I saw another one the other day... I think it was “election-denier.” To refer to Republican Pennsylvania candidate for Governor Doug Mastriano and anyone else who has doubts about the integrity of the 2020 presidential election, or any other election.

Here in Pennsylvania, we just had another round, in which the powers that wanted David McCormick for Republican Senate candidate had to count how many votes Dr. Oz and Kathy Barnette got, but keep those on the hush-hush, while they prepared the right number of late-breaking, undated mail-in ballots for McCormick to gain a lead. Now it’s headed for a recount, with Oz wanting undated ballots thrown out and McCormick wanting them in.

I’m fairly certain Barnett was the actual winner. She was surging in the final weeks thanks to her medical freedom positions. My husband worked the polls and said she won handily in our precinct. Admittedly a small sample size, but it’s an overwhelmingly Democrat college town that had strong Republican turnout and weak Democrat turnout.

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Good one! I forgot the extremely obvious “conspiracy theorist,” too.

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Yes! A jingling necklace of “ dog tags” epithets

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Enjoying your latest compilation of essays C.J. Even though I read them in real-time as you first published them, it feels like a "blast from the past" to re-read them today. Your macro analysis regarding the underlying "war on populism" by GloboCap as the driving force behind much of the crazy of our "new normal" continues to provide the most compelling explanation for that "crazy." While all the excellent micro-analysis that challenge the "official" covid narratives are vitally important, we can't lose sight of that "macro-analysis" you have thoroughly outlined. It is really the key to understanding what comes next.

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Many thanks, Gary ... yes, it was weird getting the 2020-2021 essays ready for the book and remembering everything. So much of it has already disappeared down the memory hole.

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The most powerful thing the tyrants have done, part deliberately, part by accident, is change the public's memory horizon to about one day.

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Are you going to publish a second (extended) edition of your book? Maybe through Oval Media instead of the big A?

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No, this book will continue to be distributed by the two largest book distributors in the world, so that people can buy it online from a wide variety of booksellers, and order it from their local bookstores, as they can, and are doing, but I'll tell you what ... for the next book, I'm going to make it available only to readers who I know personally, and who share at least 74.6% of my political views, by asking them to send me a worn article of their clothing upon which they have written their home address and into which they have sewn a non-US currency amount equivalent to the price of the book, whereupon I will strap the book to a large dog, a Malamute, or perhaps a Bernese Mountain Dog (using straps made of totally natural, biodegradable material), let the dog smell their clothing, and then release the dog out into the world to deliver the book to them personally. I'm not sure how I'll get the dog back. Perhaps I'll need to place a worn article of my own clothing in a ziploc freezer bag, strap that to the dog, along with the book, and ask the recipient of the book to repeat the process in reverse, which could get unwieldy, but at least the book won't be available from Amazon, so people won't write to me and complain about that, instead of just buying it from some other bookseller.

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May 25, 2022Liked by CJ Hopkins

Best response ever, I'll give it a ten out of five. P.S. I don't like dogs, they make unpleasant sounds.

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Goddamn. This is the only Substack where the comments are as good as the article. I mean, in a good way. There are some where the comments are ... umm ... as good as the article, but in a bad way. But that way is not the way this way is. Or ... something. OK, back to lurk.

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Thanks for making insanity so much fun.

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Sounds a bit icky CJ, like germ-spready icky. /snark

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The Medical Mafia in Action - Offering Isotropic Humanicide Services Worldwide


AHA = Assisted Humanicide Association

AMA = American Murder Association

CDC = Center for Death and Corruption

DIC = Drugs Industrial Complex

DHS = Defense for Humanicide Services

FDA = Fraud and Death Association

HHS = Holistic Humanicide Services

MD = Most Deplored

NIAID = Novel Inquisition for Allergic and Infectious Dogmas

NIH = Nihilism In Healthcare

NSFW = Not Safe For Work

WEF = World Enslavement Foundation

WHO = William Henry (III)'s Omnipotence

Dr. Red Pill Fact Checker:

 Glendale Adventist Hospital


 These people deserve the credit for the deaths of nearly a million Americans


 An open letter to Christi Grimm, Inspector General of the HHS


 NIH Scientists Pocketed $350 Million in Royalties — Agency Won’t Say How Much Went to Fauci


 70% of Americans are on at least one prescription drug.

 The sicker America is, the richer the Drugs Industrial Complex (DIC)

 No curing is allowed, ever. Treating symptoms assures recurring revenues.

 Natural healing methods are relegated to Quackery.

 An Empire of Lies, Corruption, Degeneracy, and Death run by a Covidian Cult.

 The Federal Government Finally Admitted Corruption Crafted the COVID-19 Response


 The New Rules of Medicine


 The Smallpox Pandemic Response was Eerily Similar to COVID


 New UK government data shows the COVID vaccines kill more people than they save


 Why Do Doctors Close Their Eyes to Medical Injuries


 Harmaceuticals are intrinsically toxic


 Survey shows over 500,000 killed by the COVID vaccines so far


 COVID Policies & Actions by Governments – Scientific Frauds of the Century


 We declare government and medical agencies must be held accountable!


 Ontario LTC Residents Were Denied Essential Supplements by the “Emergency Holding of Medications” Orders


 Ten different surveys all show the vaccines are not "safe and effective" -- not even close


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Great List!!

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Thank GOD for those professional fact-checkers at Reuters !

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Exactly! I hadn't even known the release of monkeypox was timed to coincide with the WEF terrorist convention. Good job to our comrades at Reuters for verifying that fact!

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I love you, CJ!! No, not like that. You know what I mean... You make gaping holes appear in my depressive neurological fabric where light can shine in so I can actually see the motors working in my mind and start laughing again.

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When they have force-injected all of us and reduced our numbers to 500 million, their annoying eagerness will probably subside.

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You won't notice, because you'll be up to your knees in "night soil" manually planting crops in a collective farm. Internet access is too dangerous for peasants, it's only for "blue checks".

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Don’t forget to stock up on your anal masks and PCR probes

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Anal masks? Like...pants? I always wonder why they specify 'face mask' as if you might confuse it with your ass mask.

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Ha ha well the word in Dutch is called mondkapje, mouth-cover. But so many people were wearing it only over their mouths that it started being called a mondneuskapje or mouth nose cover. Another example of how we have to change the language to JUST GET PEOPLE TO FUCKING OBEY!!! 😷

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Why doesn’t Fauxci ever clear that phlegm in his throat

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Excellent 🤣🤣🤣🤣👏🏻👍🏽

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Monkeypox. They can shove it up their cracks.

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Laughed the whole way through this one, CJ. You really got it goin’ on! I just gave your book as a birthday present to a friend who actually understands satire. It beggars belief that there are so many who don’t. Anyway, I hope there’s a lot of that kind of giving going on with your most recent book. If I have anything to do with it, there certainly will be. Cheers, dear CJ. You are most beloved amongst the smartest, funniest beings alive. THANK YOU!

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The apeshit psychopaths are monkeying around again with pathogens and let the chimps fall where they may. It's gorilla warfare.

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As the astute are pointing out, the "k" in monkeypox is silent.

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was hoping putin would take advantage of the davos meeting to clear house

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We should be so lucky

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Yuval Noah Harari has all the answers 🤬

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Amazing how that guy who actually looks like a rat says WE are the rats.

I’d love to catch him😈

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I love your voice. Thank you for writing and sharing. The good news at the end was my fav.

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It's all the NATO countries where it has supposedly been detected. Is that not telling folks anything?

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