Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength. And so on.

So, remember that interview I did with Gunnar Kaiser, which I sent out a link to on April 9, and urged people to watch it before YouTube censored it completely? Well, guess what … no sooner had YouTube finally removed its punitive ban on KaiserTV from uploading new content — whereupon Gunnar Kaiser, naturally, uploaded the interview — than YouTube promptly censored the interview on the grounds that it contains “medical misinformation.”

Of course, the interview contains no medical information at all. Gunnar Kaiser and I are authors, not doctors or medical experts, nor do we purport to be. The interview is simply two writers sitting in an empty bar in Berlin discussing the “New Normal,” global capitalism, totalitarianism, cults, my novel, life in Germany at the moment, and so on.

Apparently, however, our views now qualify as dangerous “medical misinformation,” which needs to be censored by powerful multinational corporations like Google LLC, which owns YouTube, and controls which information most people encounter on the Internet, and thus how people form their views of current events and … well, reality.

Google LLC is clearly committed to protecting reality from the potentially harmful opinions of moderately well-known authors and political satirists like me, because, after YouTube censored the interview on KaiserTV, several people uploaded it onto their own YouTube channels, and YouTube promptly hunted down these renegade uploads and censored them all with extreme prejudice.

Now, I know what some of you are thinking. You’re thinking, “What has the world come to when monstrously powerful and totally unaccountable global corporations like Google LLC, and its subsidiary, YouTube, feel the need to censor writers like CJ Hopkins, who (let’s face it) most people have never even heard of?” You’re thinking, “What kind of totalitarian dystopia — a totalitarian dystopia in which unimaginably powerful global corporations, which have absolutely no allegiance to any nation, or people, or principles, or to anything other than themselves and the global-capitalist system they comprise — is coming into being right before our eyes?”

Or something along those lines. You may not be using those exact terms, but that’s what you’re thinking, some of you, at least. And, the good news is, you’ve answered your own question. Because the answer is totalitarianism. No, it’s not Mussolini’s or Hitler’s totalitarianism, but it is totalitarianism nonetheless. (I have been calling it “pathologized totalitarianism,” and I’ve been writing about it for over a year now.)

That is the kind of dystopia that is coming into being, and that will come into being, unless we stop it. It is not going to stop by itself. It is going to continue to evolve toward its ultimate expression (which I tried to evoke in my 2017 dystopian novel, Zone 23, which Google LLC and YouTube don’t want you to hear me talk about).

Seriously, think about this for a minute. The censorship of my interview is just one example of the enormous censorship campaign that global corporations have been relentlessly waging, not only against prominent dissidents and critics, but against countless small independent media outlets and even individual dissidents like me.

Why would they go through all the trouble to do this, to hunt down and censor such marginal voices? They aren’t censoring us because we’re threats to them. We aren’t. The notion is beyond ridiculous. They are censoring us because they want to control us. Not just so-called “Covid deniers.” All of us. Everyone. Everything. Everywhere.

That is what totalitarianism is … this attempt to completely control society and the individuals who live within it, to control the most intimate aspects of our lives, our opinions, our beliefs, what we read, what we write, what we’re allowed to say, what we’re allowed to think, every little detail, no matter how small, not as a means to an end, but as an end in itself. That’s what makes it totalitarianism, not the jackboots and the concentration camps, but this attempt to completely control society.

So, I’m going to keep calling it totalitarianism, and pointing out the evolution of this new pathologized version of it — like, for example, how the German government is now on the verge of overriding the authority of the federal states and centralizing power so that it can rule by decree under the “Infection Protection Act,” which had already essentially abrogated the constitution — until GloboCap’s Ministry of Truth unpersons me completely.

Oh, and, if you didn’t get a chance to watch the interview, it has been uploaded onto various non-YouTube sites now. This one looks like it might last a while …

All best wishes from sunny Berlin,