The goddamned attack on our spirits gives a man rise to self medicate. I am resolving to be more social in the sense that it becomes about us & our spiritual peace of mind. Desire comes intelligently & emotionally & I will be able to share public spaces openly & lovingly & strive to find the promise of freedom that my immortal soul @ least, desires to no end. You Champion of Liberty.

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Most of our poets and writers ducked for cover during the "pandemic" and dutifully got all their shots, and now many are succumbing to the "died suddenly" plague of post-jab complications. My publisher Ekstasis Editions has lost 7 authors to death in the past year alone. He has been the only Canadian publisher with the courage to publish dissenting material, including my two most recent books, Words from the Dead (essays, 2022) and Blue Communion (poetry, 2023). Here is my poem from the latter collection honouring the Truckers' Convoy (apologies for the messed up verse breaks—seems to be an inherent fault with Substack comments).

The Seven Trumpets

—for the truckers and their families

“Then I looked, and the seven angels that stand in the presence of God were given seven trumpets.” —Revelation 8:2, New Testament

The capital reverberates with air horns—

the trumpets of New Jerusalem rolling

into town on sixteen-wheeled chariots.

The Carnival of the Free has come

with ball hockey and bouncy castles

to shake loose the gnawing frost

paralyzing a nation’s soul.

Reapers of truth draped in flags,

doing the one-foot, two-foot dance

of minus-22. And they will separate

the wicked from the good by their song.

What demons could hear the horns

of the Seven Angels as shrieking

insurrection? What parliamentary

gargoyles grind limestone teeth

to hear this choir sublime? “All we ask,”

said the convoy organizers, “is that

the prime minister sit down and talk to us.”

But Hell’s minions do not discuss.

They send blinded horses to run down

old women and pepper spray reporters

in the face—forgetting, Judgment Day

has a long, long memory for pain.

To merely obey orders is no defence.

Who obeys the Ode to Joy has no fear,

for the Kingdom is already within them.

Winter clouds boil black over halls of power,

Parliament Hill so empty it echoes

the prime minister’s footsteps—utterly

alone, marked like Cain for the bile

and brimstone of history’s torment.

Our bridge home a superstructure

of truck trailers spanning the horizon

from sea to sleepwalking sea.

©2022 Sean Arthur Joyce, published in Blue Communion, Ekstasis Editions, 2023

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Hi CJ I’m one of the owners of The Big Board in Washington DC, the only restaurant to openly defy the vaccine mandate…the principal owner is in this clip on Fox and Friends, and I know that he would love to pull on your coat a bit … not many have quite the insight that you do, I will “like” one of your tweets from TBB twitter account so you know this is legit … you can reach me at dougglaass@pm.me if you were so inclined. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=3iyZdU0H7QA&fbclid=IwAR03c-Jw2zU08xXBNasweJIPcLfKoaSA0_wYHn876a7OB8a9Q0-24__NpwE

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Brilliant, as always, CJ! Thank you for being our lifejacket, as Margaret Anna just referred to you.

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Oh, I just found this site with explanations and a written transcript of the Grand Jury proceedings re crimes against humanity presented in an international people's court. (Day one was on Feb. 5) https://truth11.com/2022/02/06/fuellmichs-grand-jury-day-1-opening-statements-video/

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Am I wrong but are these people uprisings and turncoat politicians (ditching the mainstream narrative for freedom) coinciding with the great work of Reiner Fuellmich along with his international committee ready to prosecute those corporate heads and government officials who have held the world hostage at syringe point in a world tribunal? See the first day of the world peoples grand jury proceedings. https://odysee.com/@GrandJury:f/Grand-Jury-1-EN:0 Have patience - a slight delay to hear the third attorney.

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I would like to know what is the safest way to support financial the Canadian truckers? Does anyone know?

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Remember another thing folks. Turdo said on the outset of the Chinese flu on State TV, that this is the opportunity for the great reset. So please, don't act so fucking surprised!

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What a great article. This tells it like it is. Turdo and his henchmen are now crapping themselves. BTW, the Emergency Measures Act used by Turdo's Canadian father has been rescinded because that twatwaffle also took it too far. So Justy, as he is known to his friends

and hookers, will never be able to follow through with Daddy's words of "JUST WATCH ME!"

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We felt alone and isolated for 2 years, because of our non compliance. Choosing not to believe in the "official narrative". Our hearts are swollen with glee, knowing we are NOT alone. Thank you, CJ Hopkins. Reading your work and knowing your presence has made a huge difference. Peace to you and yours.

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Excellent article, the Putin smile makes that photo!

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Brilliant again CJ! Thank you. That Putin pic is so fucking hilarious! Let’s hope the truckers hold their ground. There is a big protest in Canberra, Australia at the moment that promises to swell this weekend. Alas our politicians are doubling down, but the opposition stays strong.

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Wonderful writing. Well done.

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Bravo, CJ! Yet another brilliant article. The PTB's narrative is falling apart. I noticed that the accusations against the 'unclean' (unjabbed) have reached fever pitch. I used to fear that, expecting them to start witch hunts. But the tide seems to be turning. I actually had a boostered unquestioning friend say he was open to hearing what Mike Yeadon has to say, the other day. Mind blown.

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"Globocap".....yeah, right. That's who's in charge. 'Cause we all know that it's capitalists that one cannot criticize.

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CJ, prophetic as always. Here is an anti-protest protest, protesting against the anti-trans trucker convoy(Yes, that is as nonsensical as it sounds!). Did they mistake Mr. Hopkins’ satire, as an operational manual?


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