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May 2021 edition

So, the news for May is two recent interviews I did, one of which with Matt Taibbi for his “Meet the Censored” series, and the other one with James Patrick, the filmmaker behind Planet Lockdown, for OVALmedia’s “Narrative” series.

As of this morning, the Planet Lockdown/OVALmedia interview is still available on YouTube, but it’s probably just a matter of time until they ban it. So, if you want to watch it, maybe do that soon. I think Matt’s Substack is safe from the New Normal thoughtpolice, for now at least, so you can read that one at your leisure.

I very much appreciated Matt giving me an opportunity to express my views on the “New Normal” to his audience, many of whom, I get the impression, do not entirely agree with my analysis, and a few of whom would probably like to see me locked up in some sort of “secure quarantine facility,” or at least denied further access to the Internet until every last member of the human species has been “vaccinated,” or tattooed with a visible symbol designating their “unvaccinated” status.

Matt doesn’t agree with all of my views either, but he is one of the few prominent journalists with integrity still out there, and it’s not like he’s been shrieking about masks or demanding that the US government establish internment camps for the “Unvaccinated,” as some have, and … well, kudos to him for featuring me on his platform, especially given the flak he probably caught for doing so.

Anyway, here’s the interview

The interview with James Patrick was raw material for his Planet Lockdown film, which is still in progress, but has already been banned by Facebook, YouTube, et al., demonized by the corporate media, and so on. The interview was co-produced by OVALmedia, a German film company, and live-streamed for their “Narrative” series. OVALmedia is also producing a Covid documentary (, or they are trying to. The New Normals aren’t making it easy on them.

Here’s that interview, assuming it hasn’t been banned yet.

And that’s pretty much it for the news (and pictures of me staring at you) at the moment. I’ve been doing a lot of interviews and Q&As recently, a lot for me anyway, and there are more in the pipeline. I hope they will suffice in lieu of a new Consent Factory column for now. If you missed my last one, The Criminalization of Dissent, it’s up on the blog, and reposted and translated by the usual dissident outlets.

Many thanks, as ever, to all those of you supporting my work here on Substack, or Patreon, or via PayPal. I couldn’t be doing this political satirist/commentator thing without you, at least not the way I’m doing it. If I weren’t, I’d probably be writing another dystopian novel, and … well, look where my first one got us.

OK, that’s it, until next time …

All best from sunny Berlin,