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April 2021 Edition

So, I sat down with Gunnar Kaiser a few weeks back to talk about the Covidian Cult, the New Normal totalitarianism, global capitalism, etc., and Gunnar was just about to release the interview on his popular YouTube channel, but YouTube has "locked down" his channel to prevent him from posting any new material.

Fortunately, there was this embedded link going around that someone created from Gunnar’s Patreon thing, so you can watch the Interview on YouTube after all. It’s just not officially there. If you do want to watch it, maybe do that soon, before YouTube takes any further emergency measures to protect you from potentially dangerous content. (Here’s the link. The interview is in English. Gunnar’s intro is in German.)

If you are not already familiar with Gunnar Kaiser, he is a German author, who writes about literature and philosophy on his blog and runs Kaiser TV, the YouTube channel where my interview does not officially appear. He has also been a well-mannered, thoughtful, but outspoken critic of the “New Normal,” and thus has been demonized by august members of the German media and other influential personages who are desperately trying to achieve total “New Normal” Gleichschaltung (you can look that word up on the Internet, and I covered the atmosphere in Germany in this column from November 2020).

Anyway, what happened to Kaiser TV was, one of these influential persons, a former TV weatherman (I kid you not) named Jörg Kachelmann, didn’t like some things that Gunnar said in one of his recent videos, so he went apeshit, publicly accused Gunnar of being a “dangerous, far-right Covidiot,” and demanded that YouTube take extreme measures against him.

Kachelmann didn’t bother to offer any evidence of Gunnar’s “dangerousness,” or his “far-rightness” (because, of course, none exists), but he didn’t have to, because, in Germany today, anyone who challenges or questions the official “New Normal” narrative is automatically demonized as a “Covid denier,” a “conspiracy theorist,” a “far-right sympathizer” (if not an outright “neo-Nazi”) by the government, media, and, sadly, much of the German public.

This demonization of anyone citing actual scientific facts, asking perfectly rational questions, objecting to the “emergency Covid-19 measures,” or otherwise failing to mindlessly conform to the “New Normal” ideology, is not at all unique to Germany. You’ve probably noticed it happening wherever you live. It does, however, evince a particularly German character here, which, as you can imagine, is quite disturbing. Watching the majority of German society snap to attention and robotically follow orders for the last year has certainly made an impression on me.

One other bit of news … about this newsletter, actually.

Since I have moved my monthly newsletter over to Substack, it doesn’t really make much sense to keep it a monthly newsletter, because you’ll be getting my columns from Substack as they appear, so I’m going to make this newsletter an “occasional newsletter” from now on, and just send it out when there’s actual news to report.

Finally, I just want to thank all of you who have subscribed recently, and especially those of you who have subscribed with paid subscriptions. Your generous support enables me to do what I’m doing the way I am doing it, without having to answer to anyone. Thank you!

Feel free to spread the interview around if you enjoy it. I’ll be back … well, at some point, with more news, and more Consent Factory columns, of course. Until then …

All best from sunny Berlin,