News from CJ Hopkins & Consent Factory: February 2021

So, I’ve moved this newsletter over to Substack, which is why it looks a little different to what you’re probably used to. Why have I done that? Well, given the intensity of the current corporate-media censorship and deplatforming campaign, I thought it would be wise to diversify a bit. Basically, I don’t want any company to be able to abruptly “unperson” me, or lock down my mailing list, or attempt to bully me into conforming to official ideology by threatening a significant chunk of my income, as some platforms have been doing.

Here’s how my move to Substack affects you, or doesn’t …

  • If you signed up to my old Mailchimp newsletter, and you are reading this Substack newsletter, that means I successfully imported you when I imported my mailing list, and you don’t have to do anything. You will get my monthly newsletter as you always have.

  • If you’re one of my Patreon supporters, you also don’t have to do anything. My Patreon account is still active. Nothing has changed. However, if you are one of the readers who has written to me recently asking for an alternative to Patreon, this is it. Feel free to switch your support to Substack.

  • If you are on the Substack “free list” and would like to become a “supporter,” you can change your free subscription to a $5/monthly, or a $60/yearly, or a “flexible-amount” (i.e., more monthly or yearly) subscription by clicking this button.

  • My columns will appear on the Consent Factory blog and in the usual outlets that kindly republish them, as always. After they have been available for a few days, I’ll post them (or most of them) here on Substack. (I’ve already posted most of my 2020 and 2021 columns, and some of my earlier columns, in the archive.) I hope you’ll continue to read them on the Consent Factory blog, or wherever you prefer to read them, but, if you miss one, you’ll get it as a Substack email a few days after it runs.

That’s all the important stuff … I think. I’m still figuring out how to use Substack, so there may be more developments over time. The main thing is, my columns will still be available to read, free of charge, at the Consent Factory, and elsewhere on the Internet, and I’ll continue to be very grateful for your voluntary support, here on Substack, or Patreon, or via PayPal, or direct bank transfer. That said, I hope you will consider supporting me on Substack, as the company seems to be pretty committed to non-censorship, and to freedom of the press, generally, which is why I decided to move the newsletter here.

As for actual Consent Factory news, well, I published two new columns in February, The (New Normal) War on Domestic Terror and The Vaccine (Dis)Information War, both of which are up at the Consent Factory and here on Substack. These columns have been getting “the treatment” on Facebook and Twitter (i.e., shadow banning, share and reply deboosting, and so on) and I have been hearing from people that the Consent Factory blog is being blocked by certain browsers in various countries.

So it goes these days.

Meanwhile, it looks like the armed troops, and razor-wire fences, and so on, that have been installed around DC to protect democracy from the imaginary hordes of white-supremacist “domestic terrorists” (who are, according to the authorities and corporate media, still planning some sort of “insurrection”) will be remaining there indefinitely. Here in Germany, (again, according to the authorities and corporate media) a large majority of (good) Germans are now in favor or forcing everyone to carry “vaccination passports,” which will allow people to shop, conduct business, attend cultural events, and otherwise participate in daily life. Oh, and … the Biden administration is “defensively” bombing Syria, which, last time I checked, was still, technically, a “sovereign” country, which hadn’t attacked, “stormed,” or otherwise insurrected “democracy,” or the United States of Global Capitalism, or whatever.

So, it looks like I’ll have plenty to cover in my columns for the rest of this year.

In any event, I hope this Substack newsletter reaches you, and isn’t too much of a mess, and that all that stuff I explained above about supporting my work makes sense. I’ll be back next month with more news. There are a couple exciting things brewing. In the meantime, many thanks for reading and supporting my work, and please feel free to spread the word of my new Substack thing if you’re so inclined.

All best wishes from sunny Berlin,